Yuukei Yesterday
Kanji 夕景イエスタデイ
Rōmaji Yūkei Iesutadei
English Yesterday Evening
Song Information
Music and lyrics Shizen no Teki-P
Illustrations and Movie Shidu
Characters Takane Enomoto
Haruka Kokonose
Ayano Tateyama
Shintaro Kisaragi
Marry Kozakura (Briefly)
Kousuke Seto (Briefly)
Sung by IA
Uploaded August 04, 2013
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Album Mekakucity Records
Yesterday's story about a girl who couldn't be honest.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Yesterday Evening (夕景イエスタデイ Yūkei Iesutadei) is the thirteenth song of the series, featured on the last album. It is also known as "The story of glaring eyes". It describes Takane's feelings towards Haruka. As of August 2017, it has surpassed 2 million views on Nico Nico Douga.

Jin's Comment

"This song isn't out yet, but to tell you about it, it's sort of a love song. But this isn't the kind of song that'll clearly say "I love you" or "I like you". Because this is more like a story of recalling the past tragedy, so it's actually quite saddening. The main character of the story will be Enomoto Takane, who later became Ene, and also (?) Konoha and Kenjirou-sensei. You'll have to wait for a while for the song to release. According to the plan, it'll be the 1st PV to meet you guys in the 2nd album."[1]


This song is about a day Haruka and Takane spent together, which revolves around Takane's point of view. As she and Haruka were placed in a special needs class together, she began to harbor feelings for him, but, instead of confessing, put it aside since she "wasn't interested in that."

The more the days went, the more her feelings grew. She decides to confess to Haruka one day, but tries to not to look nervous in front of him while listening to the radio. She then made a careless mistake while getting up, by Haruka seeing that the headphones she always wore were disconnected. Even though he was confused, Takane freaked out while finding trying to find the right words to say to Haruka, but was unsuccessful. "You seem to be in a very good mood today!" he says "Can't you see I'm in a bad mood!?" she exclaimed.

As she was getting nervous about the day ending, she wanted to tell him before her feelings would explode. "God, please, just let me make it!!"


  • The song is mistakenly also known as "Sunset Yesterday", which leads back to unofficial fan-translations, while Jin himself translates the song with "Yesterday Evening".

Lyrics & Translation

注ぐ太陽浴びて 楽しげに
Sosogu taiyou abite tanoshige ni
Hashagu hito no kao o
睨みながらに 横切っていく
Nirami nagara ni yokogitte iku
Tetsuya ake no asa de

腹が立って 憮然な私の目を
Hara ga tatte buzen na watashi no me o
Saketa hito no saki ni
「おはよう」って言って 伸びをする
"Ohayou" tte itte nobi o suru
寝癖立ってる あいつが立ってた
Neguse tatteru aitsu ga tatteta

気がついたら 目が合う様な
Ki ga tsuitara me ga au you na
淡い恋だなんて 興味も湧かないな
Awai koi da nante kyoumi mo wakanai na

だけど なんでだろう
Dakedo nande darou
Kao o mirenai

"Kankei nai yo, datte... aa, hara ga tatsu!"

見つけた太陽 睨みつけて
Mitsuketa taiyou niramitsukete
高鳴った胸に 蓋したって
Takanatta mune ni futashitatte

この感情抑えられないな 気持ち悪くって
Kono kanjou osaerarenai na kimochi waruku tte
なんだろう 変な気持ちだ
Nandarou hen na kimochi da

wow wow wow
Wow wow wow
Taido ga kao ni dechatte
謎に緊張しちゃって 声が裏返った
Nazo ni kinchou shichatte koe ga uragaetta

"Kono joukyou mou wakannai yo! Atama ni kuru!" tte
なんだか 馬鹿な私だ
Nandaka baka na watashi da

Kyoushitsu wa kyou mo heibon de akubi ga deru
Futari kiri no madobe

気にしちゃうんだよ 暇な態度で
Ki ni shichaun da yo hima na taido de
Rajio o nagashite mo

立ち上がった私は 油断していて
Tachiagatta watashi wa yudan shiteite
Rokotsu ni barete shimau

Kiita furi shiteita
Heddofon ga
Zutto doko ni mo tsunagattenai koto

「時が経てば 忘れる様な
"Toki ga tateba wasureru you na
そんなもんでしょ」って どこかで強情で
Sonna mon desho" tte doko ka de goujou de

だけど なんでかな
Dakedo nande ka na
Kuchi ni dasenai
Haratatteita tte, kotoba mo denai

Shinchou ni "taido de tsutaeyou" tte
Kotoba o fuujikonde kyou mo karamawatta
"Kono kanji, tsuzuku no nara waruku mo nai?" tte
なんだか 随分弱気ね
Nandaka zuibun yowaki ne

wow wow wow
Wow wow wow
"Nanka gokigen da ne" tte
"Haratatteru no wakannai no?" tte hoho o tsunetta

鈍感なその態度 気に食わないんだ
Donkan na sono taido ki ni kuwanainda
どうしよう 今日がもう終わっちゃう
Doushiyou kyou ga mou owacchau

もう一回 太陽睨みつけて
Mou ikkai taiyou niramitsukete
"Shizumu no chotto matte yo" tte iki suikonda

Takanatta mune ga kurushikutte
Nandaka toppi na kimochi da

「伝えたいよ」って 走りだした
"Tsutaetai yo" tte hashiridashita
この感情もう解らないよ 爆発しそうだ
Kono kanjou mou wakaranai yo bakuhatsu shisou da

太陽が 沈む前に
Taiyou ga shizumu mae ni
なんとか 伝えたいから
Nantoka tsutaetai kara

どうにかしてよ 神様
Douni ka shite yo kamisama

The excited faces of people
Bathing in the pouring sun
I glare and cut through
A morning after an all-nighter

Past the people who dodged me
Who’s in a bad mood and eyes disappointed
Saying “hello” and doing a stretch
With messy hair, you were standing

When you realize, the eyes meet
A sweet romance, not interested at all

But I wonder why
I can’t see your face

“I don’t have anything to do with it, because…….ugh, so annoying!”

Even if I glare at the sun I found
Even if I put a lid on this thumping heart

Can’t hold this feeling in, it feels disgusting
I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling

wow wow wow
My attitude shows on my face
For some reason I got nervous and my voice squeaked

“I don’t understand this situation! So annoying!”
I’m acting a bit stupid

Today again, the classroom is normal and I yawn
Next to the window, only the two of us

It bothers me, even if I turn on the radio
With a bored attitude

I stood up but wasn't paying attention
And is clearly seen through

That the headphone
I was pretending to listen to
Was connected to nowhere

“If time goes on, I’ll forget, something like that”
I was somewhat stubborn

But I wonder why
I can’t put it into words
Even if I’m in a bad mood, no words come out

Carefully “Lets show with my attitude”
I sealed away my words and once again ran in circles

“This feel, if it’s going to go on, then it’s not so bad”
Feeling a bit cowardly

wow wow wow
“You look in a good mood today”
“Can’t you tell that I’m annoyed?”
I pinched your cheeks

That insensitive attitude, it makes me annoyed
Oh no, today is going to end

Glaring at the sun once again
“Don’t dawn yet!”
I sucked in my breath

The thumping heart hurts a bit
An extraordinary feeling

“I want to tell you” so I started running
This feeling won’t stop, it’s going to explode

Before the sun dawns
I want to tell you somehow

God, please do something