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Yobanashi Deceive
Night Talk Deceive
Yobanashi Deceive - Title.png
Yobanashi Diseibu
Night Talk Deceive
Song Information
Shuuya Kano
Snake of Deceiving Eyes
Tsubomi Kido
Kousuke Seto
Ene (cameo)
February 17th, 2013
Mekakucity Records
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The story of deceiving one's eyes.[note 1]

—Jin's Song Introduction

Yobanashi Deceive (夜咄ディセイブ Yobanashi Diseibu) is the ninth song of the series.


Jin announced Yobanashi Deceive several months before its publication and finished it in January 2013. In an interview he stated that the song goes from blues, over funk, to rock. After being released on 17th February 2013, also the same day the project was started two years ago, it quickly hit 100,000 views in just one night.


Yobanashi Deceive is Kano's theme song, giving insight into his mentality after his experience with the Kagerou Daze and gaining a snake. The music video begins with visual, unsung lines where Kano affirms that lying is his forte and that to him telling the truth is much harder, especially with how unbelievable his truths are. As the lyrics proper begin, Kano offers to tell a "short tale" to an unknown person.

He describes how about ten years ago he met a "monster", the Snake of Deceiving Eyes, which told him to keep on lying. With Deceiving Eyes, he feels like he is able to fool just about anyone and that he became a monster himself. Seeing that his unknown companion is upset, he claims that his story is just another one of his lies.

Following that, Kano describes that, just like Kido and Seto, he had his wish granted. However, the weight of deceiving so much has been taking its toll on his mind, and Kano believes that he can't be "saved" from being more than just a liar. The song ends with him saying goodbye to the unknown person and promising to tell them an even stranger tale next time.

Jin's Comment

Mekakucity Records Booklet

“Ah, my most ugly heart. I hate, hate, hate it, so I can’t help but sneer all the time.”
Not wanting to be hated by everyone, he adjusts to each situation with a smile, taking on the opposite manner as to what he is feeling, calmly speaking without even a thought.
Whether or not it’s a constant habit, everyone does this kind of thing.
“Ah, I’m so dirty. I can’t tell anyone about my real feelings.”
This song is the story of a boy who has coated himself with lies. Using lies, fabrications, and deception, he continues to conceal his true heart.
However, if he himself no longer realizes them, who else could understand his true feelings? Truthfully, he might want someone to take notice. Aloof and strutting through an alleyway, a suspicious melody.
“I think I have been deceived.” Please listen with this in mind.[1]

Lyrics & Translation


ビバップな浮遊感 夜が次第に乱反射して
ツービートで光って たまには愚痴っちゃって良いかな


平凡を装った 僕がずっと悩んでいる事」





「オーマイダーティー! なんて醜態!」
僕は誤摩化す なんて言ったって

僕は今日もまた 徒然、嘲笑う

ビバップ、消えそうな 夜が嫌いそうな少女にも
ツービート、泣きそうな 嘘が嫌いな青少年にも

そう、もう同じ様に ちゃちな「理想」がインプットして
心臓を飲み込んだ それ以来気付いたんだ、僕らは




僕の心を 我が儘を この嘘を 本物を



呆れちゃう様な 僕なんて





“Uso o tsuku no wa tokui nanda”
“Demo, hon'ne wa sukoshi nigate de sa”
“Okashī ne, itsudatte sa”
“Hontō no hanashi ga, ichiban uso kusainda yo”

Bibappuna fuyū-kan yoru ga shidai ni ranhanshashite
Tsūbīto de hikatte tama ni wa guchicchatte ii ka na

„Nē, chotto hanasou ka. Baka na jishō shōshō nan dakedo,
Mō nanka osamaranai. Netabanashi datte tei de hitotsu dō?“

„Jā, chotto shaberou ka. Boku no hibon de ite myō na toko
Heibon o yosōtta boku ga zutto nayande iru koto“

„Jūnen wa tachisō na aru hi “kaibutsu” no koe ga shite
Shinzō o nomikonda “uso o tsuki tsudzukero” tte sa“

„Sore irai, boku wa usotsuki de
Damasenai hito ya mono mo nakunatte

'Kaibutsu' ni narihatechatte sa

...A~a, gomen ne! Nakanaide! Zenbu horahanashi da yo?“

„Ōmaidātī! Nante shūtai!“
Boku wa gomakasu nante ittatte
Kono honshin wa bukimi janai?

Itsuwatte, soppo muite, uso o kasanete
Boku wa kyō mo mata tsuredzure, aza warau

Bibappu, kiesō na yoru ga kirai sō na shōjo ni mo
Tsūbīto, nakisō na uso ga kiraina seishōnen ni mo

Sō, mō onaji yō ni chachi na „risō“ ga inputto shite
Shinzō o nomikonda sore irai kidzuitanda, bokura wa

„Tanjun ni risō kanatta toshite,
Hitoribotchi ja kono yo wa ikiteikenai“

„Sore mo uso?“
„Iyaiya, honshin da yo?“

Kuzuresō na nō ga „No“ de michimichiteiku

„Ōmaidātī! Motto kiite!“
Boku no kokoro o wagamama o kono uso o honmono o

„Samishī yo“ nante itta
Boku wa kawaranai

Niyakesō na hodo, tsunedzune akireteru

„Ōmaidātī! Mō kirai da!“
Hora, kikasete yo
Akirechau yō na boku nante
Mō sukuenai?

'Mondai nai ze' nante itte
Kimi wa kawaranai

„A~a , misu chatta“

Mata bukimi na boku ni, tsunedzune oboreteiku

“A~a, chotto shaberi sugi chatta ne”
“Ma~a, tada no 'horahanashi' dakara sa”
“Sore jā kyō wa kono hen de”
“Tsugi ni aizu ga natta toki wa”
“Motto fushigi na hanashi o suru yo”

(Unofficial Translation)

“Lying is my forte, you know?”
“But I’m not so good at being honest…”
“It’s kinda funny, actually…”
“My truest tales sound the most false!”

A floating, bebop sensation, as the night diffuses my reflection
Shining with the two-beat - I guess I can complain sometimes, huh?
Hey, can I talk for a bit? It’s about some stupid, hurtful habits,
But I can’t keep still anymore - it’s just a short tale; you up for one?

Well, I guess I’ll get talking. There’s something unique, unusual about me;
I’ve disguised it as common, but it’s always troubled me
One day - feels about ten years ago - a “monster” spoke to me,
Gulped down my heart, and said “Keep on lying!”

Since then, I’ve been a true liar,
Nothing and no one I couldn’t fool
I guess I’ve been reduced to a “monster”…
…Hey, sorry! Don’t cry, now! It’s all just a tall tale, okay?

Oh my, dirty! So disgraceful! I falsify it all;
So I say - but doesn’t this truth seem a little uncanny?
I’m deceiving, turn the other way as the lies pile on;
Once again, I sneer at the tedium…

Bebop - could vanish any moment, a girl who seems to hate night;
Two-beat - could cry in a second, a youth who hates lies
Yes, much the same way, they had input their petty “ideals,”
And their hearts were gulped, and afterward, they noticed…

We simply had our wishes granted,
So there’s no way we can live alone in our world
Is that a lie? No way, I’m serious, okay?
My crumbling mind fills with “no”…

Oh my, dirty! Listen closely! Listen to my heart;
To my ego, to these lies, and to my truths…
Go and say it’s lonely, it won’t change me;
I’m always a surpriser, making jaws drop…

Oh my, dirty! How I hate it! Come on, listen to me!
You look surprised, but I can’t be saved, alright?
Just say “Ain’t no problem”? Ah, you never change
“Whoops, I screwed up…”
As always, I’m drowning in my uncanny self…

“Ahh, maybe I went on a little too long…”
“But hey, like I said, it’s just a tall tale.”
“Well, that’s where I’ll stop for today…”
“Next time you hear the signal…”
“I’ll tell you an even stranger tale!”