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Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni
Fireworks in the Summer End
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Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni
Fireworks in the Summer End[1]
Song Information
Unconfirmed; presumably Kousuke Seto and/or Marry Kozakura
Miku Hatsune
Mekakucity Reload
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Remind Blue Goodbye Summer Wars

A story reflected in the eyes.[note 1]

—Jin's Song Introduction

Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni (忘れてしまった夏の終わりに, Lit. "Fireworks in the Summer End") is the eighth track featured on the album Mekakucity Reload.


The song does not have an official music video.
From Jin's childhood experiences, fireworks equate to "summer's end" (an element of which also occurs in the final novel in the Novel Route, Kagerou Daze VIII -summer time reload-). Therefore, the (official) English title of the song "Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni" is "Fireworks in the Summer End".[2]

Jin's Comment

There are people who have changed ‘me’. There are people who have given ‘me’ life. No matter what, I don’t have enough words when those people are before me. Surely, I wouldn’t be able to convey this feeling by repeating ‘thank you’. There are people I can’t go see anymore. There are days I can’t go back to anymore. We, who can’t walk facing backwards, can only head forward. I believe that’s definitely the reason why we’re able to dream about the ‘future’. To you, who continue walking while wishing, ‘one day, once again’, I dedicate this song at the end of a prolonged summer.[3]

Lyrics & Translation

俯くのを止めて 君の目を見つめて
「ごめんね」と 「ありがとう」を

遠回りの先 これが最後の話
閉ざす様に 綴じる様に

月の下 思い出すのは
楽しいこと ばかりだから


息を止めて 見上げたのは
灯る花の 綺麗な色

刹那の日々を 過ごした記憶が

星の海を 飾り立てた
夏の花を 望ていたことを


Utsumuku no o yamete kimi no me o mitsumete
“Gomen ne” to “arigatō” o

Tōmawari no saki kore ga saigo no hanashi
Tozasu yō ni tojiru yō ni
Sayonara o shita

Tsuki no shita omoidasu no wa
Tanoshī koto bakari dakara

Semete, kanashimanaide
O wakare made, te o tsunaide

Iki o tomete miageta no wa
Tomoru hana no kirei na iro

Setsuna no hibi o sugoshita kioku ga
Nigitta te o tsutau

Hoshi no umi o kazaritateta
Natsu no hana o miteita koto o

Kyō no koto o
Mata, hanasetara ureshī

(Unofficial Translation)

No longer hanging my head, I gazed into your eyes
I repeated “sorry” and “thank you” over and over again

In front of a detour, this is the final story
To fasten it together (to plunge into grief), to file it away
I said my goodbyes

Underneath the moon
The thoughts that came to mind were only fun things, so…

At the very least, don’t mourn or regret
Until our farewell, don’t let go of my hand

My breathing stopping, I raised my eyes
The color of the lit up flowers (fireworks) was beautiful

The days of that moment passed by in memories
Following the hand that gripped them

The ocean of stars being beautifully embellished
The summer’s flowers creating a full moon

If the things of today were told again (as a story),
I would be happy [4]