Wannyanpoo Twitter Icon 2019
Kanji わんにゃんぷー
Rōmaji Wannyanpū
English Woofmeowoink
Gender Female
Status December 2011 → Present
Associations Jin, Sidu
URL Twitter, NND, Pixiv, Interview (Jp)

Wannyanpoo (わんにゃんぷー Wannyanpū) is a Japanese illustrator, animator, and mangaka best known for designing Momo Kisaragi and Marry Kozakura, as well as creating music videos for Kuusou Forest, Konoha no Sekai Jijou (with Sidu), Kisaragi Attention, Otsukimi Recital, and Toumei Answer. She first gained notability for her fanmade music video of Kagerou Daze which achieved over 800,000 views. She has not published many works, however, all of the music videos she has gained have over 400,000 views on Niconico. She has not contributed to the series itself since 2013, though she did draw art of her fanmade Kagerou Daze characters in 2015.[1]


Wannyanpoo was one of the millions that liked the song Kagerou Daze when it was popular. As a fan, she created a short MV of the song. Jin really liked it so he requested her to join his team, which back then consisted only of himself and Sidu.


  • Her nickname is put together by three animal sounds, "Wan" meaning "woof", "Nyan" meaning "meow" and "Pu" meaning "oink". Making her name translation be Woofmeowoink.
  • She lives in the Kanagawa Prefecture.[2]
  • She usually takes a month or two to make a music video, due to her animation style.[3]
  • She uses Adobe Flash to make her animations.[4]
  • The official English release of the manga originally spelled her name Wannyanpuu-, but then changed it to Wannyanpoo after volume 9. This is currently how she spells her name in English.[5]




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