Seeing as some people still could need help with editing some pages, and also because I was asked for it, I will start giving you little tutorials on edits now. I'll start with simple codes, but you can always ask me for other codes in the comments c=

Codes in source code

<br />  =  Simple space. You can put in in the source code of pages 
to create spaces between texts. It always creates the same amount of 
space, so pages will end up tidy with always consistent spaces. It 
equals three normal spaces in Visual Coding.

Adding videos to a page:

After clicking "Add a video" on a page you will receive a code (Taking a
recent one as an example.) The code will be called something like this:

[[File:ウツセミデイズ 【カゲロウデイズ 描いてみた】 陽炎目線|thumb|right|344px|Kagerou Days Fanmade by Natsumi Hasebe]]

However, this code only works if you really want to just add one video, 
but not if you want it to be added into a gallery like on the song pages. 
To add the video into a gallery take the previous code and remove "thumb,
right, 344px" and also the brackets around it. So you will end up in 
something called

ウツセミデイズ 【カゲロウデイズ 描いてみた】 陽炎目線 | Kagerou Days Fanmade by Natsumi Hasebe

You just take it as it is and put it between the codes saying <gallery> in
the source code. It then should work in the gallery.

To add templates in source code just put {{TemplateName}} and the 
template will appear. You then can edit it in Visual Mode or go on
with coding in source code, where Visual Code is much more simple 
of course. (Will explain further coding another time). All templates 
are linked in the Template Category.


References are helpful for linking back if you found an information on 
Tumblr, Twitter, in the Manga etc. If you want to add such a link take the 
sentence or the text that contains the information and put a <ref> 
behind it. After this code you type in where you found it, as for 
example "Name's Tumblr" (without quotation marks though). After 
typing where you found it you close the code with </ref> . The code 
will only work though if a page contains the code <references/> 
somewhere on the page. You can look for examples on the character 
pages. If it isn't added on a page yet, you can always put the code
in a section at the end of a page. Make sure everything works by 
pressing preview. The reference you typed earlier will then appear
in this reference section. 


To put something in a scroll box just put {{Scrollbox||content = Contenthere }}

Ask me for other simple codes that confuse you, I'll add other tutorials another time. Hope I can help with those ♥

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