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Kanji 木戸 つぼみ
Rōmaji Kido Tsubomi
Hair color Dark Green
Eye color Black
Gender Female
Species Human
Height 168 cm (5'6")[1]
Weight 44 kg (97 lbs)[1]
Blood type B[1]
Age 17[note 1][2][3]
Birthday January 2nd[1][4]
Occupation Leader of the Mekakushi Dan
Mekakushi Dan Member No.1
Ability Concealing Eyes
Status Current:
Alive[5][6][7] (Mekakucity Actors, Movie)
Past Routes:
Deceased / Inside the Kagerou Daze (Music Route[8], Manga Route[9], Novel Route[10])
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Rin Kido (Older half-sister)
Kenjirou Tateyama (Foster Father)
Ayaka Tateyama (Foster Mother)
Ayano Tateyama (Foster Sister)
Shuuya Kano (Foster Brother)
Kousuke Seto (Foster Brother)
Voice Actors
Japanese Yūko Kaida
First Appearance
Music Mekakushi Code
Manga 01. Jinzou Enemy I
Novel Kagerou Daze -in a daze-
Anime Act 01: Jinzou Enemy

Blindfolding complete.[note 2]

Mekakushi Code

Tsubomi Kido (木戸 つぼみ Kido Tsubomi) / Kido (キド) is the first member of the Mekakushi Dan and currently its leader. She is the biological younger half-sister of Rin Kido.


Kido is frequently mistaken for a boy due to her androgynous appearance. She wears a red jersey jacket with a high zip collar underneath a dark, pale purple-gray hoodie with a headphone design on the hood and an iPod button design on the front, along with volume bars on the pocket. Her jeans are green with white insides, and the left pant leg is rolled up to signify she's in a gang. Her shoes are mint green converse high tops.[11] Kido is also noted to have a very pretty face by Momo [12]and Takane.[13] In Mekakucity Actors her hoodie is the same, though she ties her hair up in a ponytail.[14]
When she lived with her biological family, Kido wore a white blouse with a red ribbon attached, dress shoes, and a frilly black skirt with thigh highs. She can be seen in the same outfit in Episode 9 of Mekakucity Actors. [15] In the orphanage, she wore a high-collared black sweater and shorts.
As an adult, Kido is shown to have short hair and wears a white shirt, a purple cardigan, and black pants.[16]


Kido is childhood friends with Shuuya Kano and Kousuke Seto.[17][18]
Although she is naturally kind, she is one of the most level-headed within the group. She is very short-tempered and has difficulty keeping other members, especially Kano, in line. Of course, while she may appear scary at first glance, due to her dark expression and "glare-like gaze," as stated by Kano,[19] she is very motherly, as stated by Shintaro, who is also impressed by her ability to stay calm around her friends.[20] She is often listening to music through her earphones.
In the past, she was generally uninterested in what activities the Trio would participate in. However, that did not mean that she would not join in on their games from time to time. Her issues with her temper have been around since a relatively young age.[21] Due to her ability, her presence was quite weak until she learned how to control it, often leading to people ignoring her unintentionally, causing her to fear the possibility that she may disappear permanently. With this fact, she would react shy and scared whenever someone would mention not being able to notice her at first. Of course, despite this, she still had a rather arrogant personality.
After Ayano's death, Kido swore to become stronger so she could support everyone. In order to make her "feel" more like a leader, Kano decided that they should start calling each other with their last names since they sound like code names. Not long after this, when was Marry introduced, she began to be referred to as 'Danchou' (Commander) by some members of the Dan.[22]

Eye Ability

  • Concealing Eyes (目を隠す Me o Kakusu): Kido's eye ability allows her to divert perception away from certain people and/or objects within 2 meters of themselves, making them difficult to identify and practically invisible. Conversation while hidden also won't be heard by outsiders. Physical contact, however, breaks the effect, so it isn't useful in very crowded places. Along with this vulnerability, if a person outside the 2-meter bubble is familiar with someone being concealed, her power will not be as strong.

    Her ability also allows her to conceal her own memories.





  • Like the other two from the orphanage, she is referred to by her last name rather than her first name.
  • She refers to herself in first person as "ore," rather than "watashi," which is what most females use in Japanese. Along with this quirk, she refers to people in second person as "omae." As a result, her style of speech is considered masculine. Although, as a child, she used female pronouns.
  • Kido's irritation towards Seto and Kano using keigo[1] (Japanese honorifics, typically used for politeness/respect) stems from when she met her half-sister, Rin, who told her there was no need to be so polite when speaking to her. She made a promise to herself that she would do the same if she ever had any younger siblings. However, she doesn't like using keigo in general, as well, likely also due to her past in general.[23] Kano, in the manga's second alternative Route, notes he would have used keigo for Kido if Kido hadn't asked him not to[24] and Seto tried to use it multiple times as well, despite her request, which would often upset her.[25] Seto would eventually stop using keigo once he understood it upset her; then coming to also call her "Kido", along with Kano. During Junior High school, however, Kano would also call Kido by her first name, "Tsubomi" (without honorifics). This is seen when they meet Takane and Haruka at the school festival.[26]
  • Her hoodie was a gift from Ayaka to be used to hide their eyes when their powers would activate.[27]
  • Her favorite bands and artists are Oasis, RADIOHEAD, and Shugo Tokumaru.[1]
  • Although she does not like flashy clothing, Kano has mentioned that she owns a frilly skirt somewhere.[28]
  • She apparently cooks very well.[20]
  • She is afraid of haunted houses and riding roller coasters[29].
  • She likes cute things, such as small animals.[30][21] However, she hates bugs.[31]
  • Her outfit was based on the lyrics of her song, Mekakushi Code.[32]


  • '"Mekakushi Completion... Do it!"
  • "Not what I hate, but what I like...? Eh... hi-" - (Children Record Booklet)



  1. Chronologically, Kido should be 16, however, Jin and Sidu state she is 17.
  2. 目隠し完了。 Mekakushi kanryō.


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