This page contains a collection of translations and translators of Kagerou Project. This wikia stands in no connection to the featured users.

This page features a collection of people who translate publications of Kagerou Project, as well as direct links to their translations, for those who cannot read Japanese. The page is there to support the individual translators, so if you know a good and active translator or a translation that is not on the list yet, feel free to add them or leave a comment.
This is not a replacement for the real media of Kagerou Project. If you like what you read, consider buying the products of the series to support Shizen no Teki-P, and of course follow the translators blogs for their good work!

Recommended Translators


In a Daze:

A Headphone Actor:

The Children Reason:

The Missing Children:

The Deceiving:

Over The Dimension:

Summer Time Reload

Anthology Comics