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Snake of Retaining Eyes

Act 11 - Retaining 02

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MCA - Retaining Eyes

Kanji 目に焼き付ける蛇
楯山 文乃
Rōmaji Me ni Yakitsukeru Hebi
Tateyama Ayano
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Species Snake
Human (formerly)
Height 155 cm (5'1")[1]
Weight 43 kg (94 lbs)[2]
Blood type B[3]
Age 18
Birthday November 22[4]
Occupation Snake of Retaining Eyes
Founder of the Mekakushi Dan
Mekakushi Dan Member No.0
Ability Favoring Eyes (formerly)
Status Current:
Disappeared[5] (Mekakucity Actors)[6]
Past Routes:
Becomes Snake (Manga Route)[7]
Shintaro's Eye Ability (Novel Route)
Relatives Kenjirou Tateyama (Father)
Ayaka Tateyama (Mother)
Hiyori Asahina (Aunt)
Tsubomi Kido (Foster Sister)
Kousuke Seto (Foster Brother)
Shuuya Kano (Foster Brother)
Voice Actors
Japanese Mai Nakahara
First Appearance
Music Losstime Memory
Manga 25. Shounen Brave II
Novel Kagerou Daze III -the children reason-
Anime Act 01: Jinzou Enemy

The Snake of Retaining Eyes (目に焼き付ける蛇 Me ni Yakitsukeru Hebi), formerly Ayano Tateyama (楯山 文乃 Tateyama Ayano) / Ayano (アヤノ), is a snake created by Marry Kozakura for Shintaro Kisaragi in Manga Route 2[8].

Her purpose was so Shintaro would "never forget this tragedy" and allows him to remember routes he experiences[9]. She observes everything Shintaro does[10], and will occasionally communicate with him.[11][12][13]


The Snake of Retaining Eyes is a girl with long brown hair, with two red clips attached to her left fringe. Her eyes are dark brown, and she wears a white dress and a red scarf until she gives it to Shintaro at the end of Manga Route 2. She appears in her middle school's winter uniform without her scarf in Mekakucity Actors and Losstime Memory.


The daughter of a teacher, Kenjirou, and an archaeologist, Ayaka, Ayano was the founder and first leader of the Mekakushi Dan. Her member number at the time was "0".[14]
After repeatedly witnessing Azami's past in the Kagerou Daze, gaining her eye ability, and sequentially seeing her parents' bodies, she concludes that Marry is the source of her family's suffering and that she must die. This causes Kido, Kano, Seto, and Marry to move out from their family home, and she then lived there on her own.[15]
Unlike in other routes, she did not know Shintaro before he meets the Dan. She acted coldly towards him at first, as she believed he was uninvolved with the Kagerou Daze.

Eye Ability

  • Favoring Eyes: (目をかける Me wo Kakeru) While she was still human, her eye ability allowed her to project her feelings, thoughts, and memories to others.[16] She refers to this ability as "the power of caring".[17] She presumably loses this eye ability after becoming one herself.[18]




  • It's possible that Manga Route 2 is set before Route 1, as a dream sequence of Ayano appears in 18. Kagerou Daze I much like how she appears in Mekakucity Actors.
  • Her favorite character is Noriaki Kakyoin from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.[19]
  • It was confirmed by Jin that Ayano was Mekakushi Dan member No.0, as she was the original founder.
  • In the Children Record Booklet it is stated that Ayano has black hair. However, she has dark brown hair in most medias.[19]
  • She used to wear her hair clips in a cross shape when she was younger, then wore them parallel as she got older.[14] The way her hair clips are placed may be to resemble her mother, Ayaka.
  • The Snake of Retaining Eyes is the first character to appear in the anime and is seen talking to Shintaro.


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