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Snake of Clearing Eyes
Me ga Saeru Hebi
Kuro Konoha
Red (Snake, Manga Black Konoha)
Yellow (Black Konoha)
Sentience Lost / Surrogate life for Hiyori Asahina (Mekakucity Actors[2])
Past Routes:
Trapped in the Kagerou Daze while in Konoha's body (Manga Route 2[3], Novel Route[4])
Turned to stone in Konoha's body (Music Route[5][6])
Voice Actors
Mamoru Miyano
Keiji Fujiwara (As Kenjirou)
First Appearance

Dead and Seek (As Kenjirou, active role)
Children Record (As Kenjirou and Black Konoha, physical appearance)
Outer Science (As Black Konoha, active role)

Kagerou Daze Vol. 4, 16. Headphone Actor III (As Kenjirou, physical appearance)
Kagerou Daze Vol. 4, 17. Headphone Actor IV (As Kenjirou, active role/As Black Konoha, physical appearance)
Kagerou Daze Vol. 4, 18. Kagerou Daze I (As Black Konoha, active role)
Kagerou Daze Vol. 6, 36. Shinigami Record VI (As a snake)
Kagerou Daze Vol. 9, 48. RED (As Hibiya)

Kagerou Daze II -a headphone actor-, Yuukei Yesterday III (As Kenjirou, mentioned)
Kagerou Daze II -a headphone actor-, Headphone Actor IV (As Kenjirou, active role)
Kagerou Daze II -the missing children-, Children Record V (As a snake, mentioned)
Kagerou Daze II -the missing children-, Shinigami Record IV (As a snake, active role
Kagerou Daze VI -over the dimension-, Daze2 (As Black Konoha, mentioned)
Kagerou Daze VII -from the darkness-, Children Record Side -No.1- (2) (As Black Konoha, active role)

Act 07: Konoha no Sekai Jijou (As Kenjirou, physical appearance/As a snake)
Act 08: Losstime Memory (As Black Konoha, physical appearance)
Act 09: Ayano no Koufuku Riron (As Kenjirou, active role)
Act 12: Summer Time Record (As Black Konoha, active role)

That's it! Just like that! Start over again, from the beginning! Relive this never-ending, ultimate nightmare one more time!

—The Snake of Clearing Eyes to Marry , Act 12: Summer Time Record

The Snake of Clearing Eyes (目が冴える蛇 Me ga Saeru Hebi), also known as Black Konoha (黒コノハ Kuro Konoha)[7][8] when possessing Konoha, is one of Azami's snakes and the one who suggested creating the Kagerou Daze to her.[9] Kenjirou becomes its new host (i.e. "master") in most Routes, when it possesses him at night to fulfill his main wish to see his wife again. It is the main antagonist of the story.

It was created by Azami's very first desire and wish to know and understand who she is. Because of this, it serves its master's current biggest wish and has a wide degree of knowledge. When Azami's biggest wish changed from the one that created it, it decided to rebel against her by tricking her into trapping herself into the Kagerou Daze and then forward its plans to force the next Medusa, Azami's granddaughter Marry, to rewind the world.[10]


In its true form, the Snake of Clearing Eyes is, like all of Azami's other snakes, a solid black snake with deep red eyes,[11] a lighter underbelly and a purple tongue.[9]
Possessing Kenjirou does not affect his appearance besides giving him red eyes, the usual effect of using an eye ability. When possessing Konoha, however, it uses his Awakening Eyes to change his appearance. Konoha's white hair and shirt become black, and his yellow headphones, pants, and the arrows on his neckband and boots become gray. His eyes and the circles below his right eye become yellow as well.[11]
In Manga Route 2, he uses Awakening Eyes to once again change his body to make Hiyori unable to find him with Focusing Eyes.[1] In this new form, he has black scales on his face and especially around his eyes, long hair that ends in a braid, a pair of small, black horns, red eyes, and a new outfit. This outfit consists of a black crop top with a high collar over a red and black full-body outfit with Konoha's straps. He has a long, white sash with bloodstains at its ends wrapped around his arms.


The Snake of Clearing Eyes is by far the most intelligent of all of Azami's snakes, as it is capable of reasoning and doing things other than just serving its purpose of fulfilling its master's biggest desire. However, its plans must align with said desire. For Azami, it uses her new wish to be with her family forever to manipulate her into creating the Kagerou Daze, where time doesn't move forward, so that she can be separated from the world that changed her wish.[9][10] When possessing Kenjirou, it uses his wish to reunite with his wife, who is trapped in the Kagerou Daze, for its plan to to create a new Medusa in the real world, which includes pulling the rest of Azami's snakes out of the Kagerou Daze and killing all the snake owners, so she can merge reality and the Daze together.[12] When possessing Hibiya, it feeds on his wish to save Hiyori, whom he thinks is in the Kagerou Daze.
It can be considered evil and malicious. It uses its wide degree of knowledge to amass a large amount of power and money under Kenjirou's name.[13] It is what makes Takane and Haruka become Kenjirou's students, which then allows it to orchestrate their deaths.[9] It also uses Kenjirou to cause Hibiya and Hiyori's deaths. This is all to bring the rest of Azami's snakes from the Kagerou Daze to the real world and to Marry.
While possessing Konoha at the end of every Route, the snake takes on an even crueler character. It murders the Mekakushi Dan with its own hands and weapons and, usually while laughing and sneering.[11][14] It does all this despite claiming to love humans,[15] and it tends to look down on them as well. Sometimes, Konoha tries to take control of his body back, but he is unable to do so for more than a short time.[1][16]
Its true goal is to force Marry to use her Combining Eyes to rewind the world back to its beginning. It detests the world for changing Azami's wish and and finds it unfit for her, which is partially why it had her move to the Kagerou Daze.[10] It also says that by rewinding the world, it preserves its own life, since it keeps memories of past Routes[17] and will stop existing if its owner's wish is completely fulfilled in any Route.[15][17][2]

Eye Ability

  • Clearing Eyes (目が冴える Me ga Saeru): The Snake of Clearing Eyes seems to hold power over "knowledge" itself due to the nature of the wish that created it.[1][12][18][19][20] In the Novel Route, Shintaro refers to it as "a living encyclopedia with a full grasp of everything from the start of civilization up to modern science".[19] With its powers it seems to possess knowledge that no one else, even Azami, knows, such as the true nature of the world[1] and even how to use her snakes in ways she didn't know.[9] The Snake of Clearing Eyes seems to be able to retain memories of past Routes through its power,[17] though its retention of memories is likely not as powerful as the Snake of Retaining Eyes', and, unlike her, it does not share its memories of past Routes to its host(s). Due to its sentience and high intelligence, the Snake of Clearing Eyes is able to directly advise its master Azami on how to fulfill her greatest wish.[21] For its human hosts, it can possess them at will, [12][22] during which it will act on their "wish" while also furthering its own agenda. It can jump from its previous host to Konoha as long as there is prolonged physical touch between the old and new hosts,[11][17][23] even if its host is immobilized by Locking Eyes.[19] It is unknown if it is able to jump to anyone's body besides Konoha's, which is host-less.
  • Awakening Eyes (目を醒ます Me wo Samasu): Because Haruka's body technically has no host as Konoha, the Snake of Clearing Eyes is able to almost perfectly take control of Konoha's body as its new host and subjugate Awakening Eyes when it possesses him[1] outside of the Kagerou Daze.[2] It uses Konoha's superhuman strength along with guns to overpower the Mekakushi Dan. Thanks to its wide degree of knowledge, it even knows how to use Awakening Eyes to rebuild its body molecule-by-molecule to be immune to attacks from other eye abilities, such as a full-on attack from Concealing Eyes, Locking Eyes, and even Combining Eyes.[24][25] Awakening Eyes also allows it to change Konoha's physical characteristics and clothing to its liking.[11][1] When taken into the Kagerou Daze, the Snake of Clearing Eyes is no longer able to possess Konoha due to Haruka being reunited with his body.[17]





  • Despite that they are all different characters, The Snake of Clearing Eyes, Konoha, and Haruka all share the same voice actor, Mamoru Miyano. This is even when the Snake of Clearing Eyes is in his regular form.
  • The Snake of Clearing Eyes, while possessing Konoha, is widely known under the alias "Dark Konoha" or "Kuroha" (A mix between "Kuro", the Japanese word for "Black" and Konoha) by the fans of the series. However, it was eventually confirmed in Animeju's August issue that the official name for the Snake of Clearing Eyes while using Konoha's body is Black Konoha (Kuro Konoha).[26] He was mistakenly believed to be an alternative personality of Konoha for a long time.
  • He is referred to as Outer Science Person (アウターサイエンスの人 Autāsaiensu no Hito) by Sayuki in character art for the KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019.
  • His only official "profile" (as of 2019) is included in the 2014 Mekakucity Actors anime feature for the magazine Spoon. 2Di, Volume 44.
    • In that article, almost all information for him was displayed as various amounts of question marks, such as ???cm for height, ??kg for weight, ? for his blood type, and ?(month) ?(year) for his birthday. Even his name was given in question marks as ???【???】, along with his "Mekakushi Dan No." (number) as ?.
    • This was despite the fact Konoha had a section already in the same issue, though Konoha was also displayed with Haruka's statistics, which is typical for all of Konoha's official profiles.
      • Since then, there's been statements by Jin that indicate that Konoha is a separate character from Haruka. It has since been confirmed in the manga.
  • In Manga Route 2, the Snake of Clearing Eyes' backstory was revealed for the very first time in the chapter "No title"[1]. Though all other chapter titles were of existing song titles, this one does not reflect any existing song as of the manga's ending in February 2018.
    • Towards the end of Manga Route 2, chapter titles that begin with "Additional Memory" and "Imaginary Reload" were first revealed in the same way. Both titles were later used as actual songs names.