A story that steals your eyes.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Shounen Brave
Kanji 少年ブレイヴ
Rōmaji Shōnen Bureibu
English Brave Boy
Song Information
Music and lyrics Shizen no Teki-P
Illustrations and Movie Shidu
Characters Kousuke Seto
Marry Kozakura
Tsubomi Kido
Shuuya Kano (Briefly)
Momo Kisaragi (Briefly)
Sung by IA
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Records

Brave Boy / Shounen Brave (少年ブレイヴ Shōnen Bureibu) is an exclusive song featured on the last album, Mekakucity Records.


Jin announced a PV to be released a bit after the last album was published, but it was cancelled due to heavy spoilers the video would have contained. On the 9th of December, Jin announced on his Twitter that the PV would be included in Mekakucity V's - due to the fact that this PV is intended to be exclusive to Mekakucity V's, a screening of the PV was held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka on the 25th of December. [1]
Shounen Brave tells the story of Seto's past, how he became friends with a street dog, was bullied by other children, and after drowning together with his dog received his eye ability. It again shows scenes of how he wandered into the forest and met Marry, though everything is watched through the eyes of his older self. When he first met his friend, he accidentally read her mind, due to being unable to control his powers properly yet, and saw what happened to himself and the other Mekakushi Dan members in the future of Route XX. Even so, he wants to stay by her side and become her friend, so she does not have to be alone anymore.

Jin's Commentary

"If I, the weakling hated by 'courage' itself,
Can save you, the crybaby,
Then surely, this story won't end as a mere 'fantasy.'"
He has his own weakness that he doesn't even realize he has.
"Becoming timid, cowardly, and unable to talk."
Even something like that may be considered a kind of weakness.
"Even so, I'm just a weakling." Without changing himself, he continues to wait for someone to accept him.
This song is about the story of a boy that reached out for that "courage."
What if he met someone that was a crybaby, who was like a mirror to his weak self?
It may be times like these that people are able to fight against their own weakness for the first time.
I made this song with the image of a colorful world in mind.
I'd like it if you could picture a scene of running through a forest and dashing outside.[2]

Lyrics & Translation

"Ijimenaide yo" tte naite bakkari
furuechau no mo shikata nai no desu
kodoku wo binkan ni osoreteiru
shounen no boku wo yuuki wa kiratta

onaji you ni ame ni nureteiru
koinu ni rikai wo motometeita
jibun katte ni dakiyoseteita
"kimi wa boku wo ijimenai yo ne?" tte itte

"Tomodachi ni narou
Kotoba ja nai tokoro de sa
hanashi ga shitai yo na"
そんな僕に 悲劇が待ってた
sonna boku ni higeki ga matteta
聞こえたんだ 声が盛大に
kikoetanda koe ga seidai ni
閉ざした脳を ノックする
tozashita nou wo NOKKU suru
"Aitsu wa kitanai" "Soitsu wo damasou"
「大嫌い」「死んじゃえよ」 なんて
"Daikirai" "Shinjae you" nante

Omoi no koe ga issei ni
kobande itatte NOKKU suru
言葉にしない心が 突き刺さって
kotoba ni shinai kokoro ga tsukisasatte
mou nakisou

"Kibou wo negatta batsuda" tte
kodoku mou no souon wa
boku ni konna daishou wo

soshite kyou mo koe wa semetateru
流れ込んで 僕を溶かしていく
nagarekonde boku wa tokashiteiku
他人の 心理を盗み取れる
hito no shinri wo nusumitoreru
面妖な僕を 誰もが嫌った
menyou na boku wo dare mo ga kiratta

逃げ出そうと 外へ飛び出せ
nigedasou to soto he tobidase
ここじゃもう 息も出来ないから
koko ja mou iki mo dekinai kara
街の憎悪の 目を避けてさ
machi no zouo no me wo saketesa
僕はそっと 駆け出した 何処かへと
boku wa sotto kagedashita doko ka e to

mayoikomu mori
ikiba no nai shizukesa ni
mata obiechau you na
そんな僕を 誰かが待っていた
sonna boku wo dareka ga matteita

聞こえたんだ 「今日も淡々と 
kikoetanda "kyou mo tantan to
egaita kyou wo matteru no
誰かお願い ここから
dareka onegai koko kara
助け出してよ 寂しいよ」なんて
tasukedashite yo samishii yo" nante

omoi no koe wa shunjun na
kinou no boku no you nanda
"Kokoro ga kowai?"
"Ashita wo kaeru yuuki mo tarinai?"

"Sonna koto nai" to NOKKU shita
monogatari wa sensai de
boku wa sotto shinchou ni
uzukumatta shoujo wa itta
"Kinou mo, kyou mo, ototoi mo
hiroi sekai ga kantan ni kuzurechau
yume wo miteita"

"Kowai yo" nante kanjou mo
"Tsurai yo" nante nakigoe datte
ehon mitai ni, sukuidashite shimaeta nara?

mebaeta kyou no kanjou wo
絞った声で ノックして
shibotta koe de NOKKU shite
kimi ni hanasou
"Sore demo, daijoubu da yo nakanaide yo" tte

Omoi no koe no shinzou wo
tsutsunde warai aeta nara 
Kokoro wo sukuu kokoro wo
boku wa yuuki to yobesou

susumi hajimeta mainichi no
boku wa kyou mo heibon de
ドアの外の声は もう
DOA no soto no koe wa mou

(Unofficial Translation)

I cried, “Please, don’t tease me”
And couldn't help but tremble
I was scared at how easily I felt lonely
Like “courage” itself hated me

There was a puppy, rain-soaked like me
And I begged it to understand me
Embraced it and said
“You won’t bully me, right?”

“Let’s become ‘friends’, without using words
though I really want to say something”
But there was was a tragedy waiting for me.

I heard it, a loud voice that
knocked on my closed-off mind
“They’re so dirty” “Let’s play a trick”
“I hate you” “Just die already”
like that

“The voice of my thoughts”, all at once
refused to comply and knocked
If I can’t talk, my heart will break
I’m going to cry

The noise in the web called
“Punishment for having dreams”
was planted in me
as retribution

Today, too, the voice pulled at me
flowed into me as I melted
I stole the psyches of others
Everyone hated me for being strange

Let’s escape, fly away
here, I can’t even breathe
Avoid the eyes of hatred in the city
I quietly dashed along to somewhere…

In the silence of the wandering forest
with no destination in mind
Again, I was scared
and there was someone waiting for me

I could hear it
“Today, too, I’m waiting for a lightly sketched ‘today’.
Anyone, please, help me, I’m lonely”

“The voice of my thoughts” was of the
hesitant boy I was yesterday
“Are you afraid of ‘hearts’?”
“Do you lack the ‘courage’ to change tomorrow?”

“That’s not true” came the faint knock
of the story that I cautiously
opened up

The crouching girl said
“Yesterday, today, and the day before yesterday
I had a dream that
this wide world was easily crumbled.”

That feeling of “I’m scared”
The teary voice of “It’s hard”
But what if we could be saved
like in a picture book?

The feelings that budded today
knocked with a small voice
I want to tell you
“Even so, it’s alright. Don’t cry, okay?”

If I could embrace and laugh with
The heart of “the voice of my thoughts”
I think that a “heart that rescues hearts”
could be called “courage”

As I start to move forward today, as I do every other day,
I can no longer hear the voice from outside the door. [3]