Shizen no Teki-P
Kanji 自然の敵P (じん)
Rōmaji Shizen no Teki-P (Jin)
English Natural Enemy-P (Jin)
Gender Male
Age 28 (20. October 1990)
Status February 2011 → Present
Genre Rock
Associations Sidu, Wannyanpu
Blog Jin Jin Suruyo (Inactive)
Websites Mekakushi Dan
1st Place (Jin's section) (Inactive)
Universal Music Japan (Jin's section)
URL Twitter, NND, Piapro

Shizen no Teki-P (自然の敵P), also known as Jin (じん), is a producer known for his song series Kagerou Project. He was born on 20th October 1990 in Rishiri Island, Hokkaido. He is also known for making Vocaloid IA's demo song Headphone Actor and is a composer, lyricist, novelist, scriptwriter, and one of the BGM makers for the anime.


Jin was born in Rishiri Island in Hokkaido on October 20th 1990. His first try at music started around the 2nd year of his elementary school life. With an age of 6 he started learning to play the keyboard, seeing his uncle, who was playing the keyboard as well, as an inspiration. His teacher, who was a very kind person, allowed him back then to come over whenever he wanted, even if he didn't have lessons on certain days.
Seeing as the population in his area was still small back then, only 12 students were visiting the whole elementary school. Despite this fact, Jin managed to find 4 other children who were learning music as well. When he then entered high school and moved to a more populated area, he there formed his band for the first time. They started by doing covers of NUMBER GIRL and THE BACK HORN.



  • He lives in Tokyo.[1]
  • He originally intended to name the project the "Mekakucity Project" but by that time, the song Kagerou Days was so popular its name was used instead.[2]
  • He has an official fanclub.[3]
  • When he was a child, he really liked Sugar Babe, a Japanese band active during the early 70's.[4]
  • When he first saw Miku, he thought she was an anime character from an anime called "Hatsune Miku".[4]
  • He likes ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, the pillows and THE BACK HORN, especially THE BACK HORN.[4]
  • He discussed the lyrics for Gunjou Rain with his mother while writing it.[4]
  • He has a new series coming up.[5]
  • The guitar Jin used to play the songs for the final episode of Mekakucity Actors was signed by all voice actors of the series.[citation needed]
  • According to his little sister, Jin is "very similar" to Shintaro, much to Jin's dismay as he finds Shintaro to be a considerably unpleasant character, despite being his creator.[citation needed]
  • Because of artist Sidu's decision to base Shintaro's jersey upon his own, Jin claimed to hate Shintaro at first, due to fears of being mistaken for cosplaying as Shintaro when he had in fact owned the jersey before Shintaro's design was conceived.[citation needed]
  • Because the key of Daze being too high, Jin had to pitch his voice higher to match with the tune. Upon receiving the demo, Sidu claimed that Jin sounded like he had inhaled helium, which was extremely disturbing but amused Sidu greatly.[6]