Shion Kozakura
Shion Booklet
Kanji 小桜 紫苑
Rōmaji Kozakura Shion
Hair color White
Eye color Red
Gender Female
Species 1/2 Gorgon, 1/2 Human[1]
Height 168 cm (5'6")[1]
Weight 150 apples (45 kg) (99 lbs)[1]
Birthday June 18th[1]
Ability Locking Eyes
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Akemi Okamura
First Appearance
Manga 01.1 Gunjou Rain
Anime 10. Imagination Forest

I hope that today will be peaceful as well.

Shion Kozakura (小桜 紫苑 Kozakura Shion) is a 1/2 gorgon. She was the mother of Marry and the daughter of Azami and Tsukihiko. She protected her daughter from humans, but at the cost of her own life.[2]


Shion was a young woman who had the same red eyes and long white hair as Marry, though unlike her, her forehead was not covered by her fringe. She is shown having a red rose at the left side of her hair. She was also seen wearing a red dress with a brown shawl draped around her.[2]


Shion was a loving mother who doted on her daughter Marry. She lived with Marry in the forest and did not allow Marry to go outside, always reminding her not to look into anyone's eyes, or they would be turned into stone. Out of love for Marry, she sacrificed her life to save her daughter from two humans who were threatening to kidnap her to make money out of her. Shion tried to turn both of them into stone, but after managing to turn only one into stone, she was killed by the other, as he hit her on the head with some sort of blunt, wooden object.[2]

Eye Ability

  • Locking Eyes (目を合わせる Me o Awaseru): Shion has an ability which allows her to temporarily stop the movement of whoever meets her gaze. Marry also inherited this power from her. Unlike her daughter, she was able to turn people into stone, but it would cause too much of a strain to her body for her to make use of it.[2]





  •  "Shion" (紫苑) is the Japanese name for the flower Aster Tataricus, which is a sweet purple flower, and in hanakotoba (the Japanese language of flowers) it means "Remembrance".


  • "Perhaps, but father said he will come with us. He said that he will be with us forever. Isn't that what will make you happy, mother?" - Young Shion to Azami (10. Fantasy Forest)
  • "Still... A world where time stands still forever... I wonder what it will feel like there? What do you think, mother?" - Young Shion to Azami (10. Fantasy Forest)


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