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Rin Kido
木戸 凛
Kido Rin
165 cm (5'4")[1]
Deceased / Inside of the Kagerou Daze (Manga Route, Novel Route, Mekakucity Actors)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Tsubomi Kido (Younger Half-Sister)
Voice Actors
Yuki Kaida
First Appearance
30. Kaien Panzermast I (Physical appearance)

Kagerou Daze III -the children reason- (Children Record II) (Mentioned)
Kagerou Daze VII -from the darkness- (Shissou Word II) (Active role)

Act 08: Losstime Memory

...Who cares about whoever gave birth to you? You’re the only sister I have in this world. My favorite.

—Rin to Tsubomi, Kagerou Daze VII -from the darkness-

Rin Kido (木戸 凛 Kido Rin) is the older sister of Tsubomi Kido. After their shared death experience, she was trapped in the Kagerou Daze together with her sister and saved her life by showing her the way out of the Daze.


Rin is a girl with bright red hair and eyes. Her hair is tied back into a sort of pony-tail bun. She has fair skin, with a small birthmark under the right side of her mouth.
She appears briefly in Mekakucity Actors, wearing an outfit consisting of a white button-up shirt tucked into a knee-length, dark green skirt. She wore red tights under her skirt and an unbuttoned black cardigan over her shirt. The cardigan had a large collar that was buttoned together, with two diagonal red stars on the right side, near her chest area.


Having grown up in the Kido manor, Rin is a highly intelligent and iron-willed character. Rarely losing her composure, she comes off as a confident, albeit somewhat cold young woman.
Rin cares deeply for her younger sister, to the point of sacrificing her own life when they were locked in the basement by their father. Although she cared much for proper etiquette, she didn't allow Tsubomi to use keigo[2] when talking to her since they were sisters. After Tsubomi broke down from the pressure of living in the Kido manor, they made a promise to come to each other whenever they were feeling down.[3]
Contrary to her initial impression, she is shown to have a playful side as well. When she noticed Tsubomi's dislike of scary stories, she teased her by telling her a horror story of the manor they lived in, much to Tsubomi's dismay.[4]


  • Her first name, Rin, has several meanings in Japanese such as “dignified”, “cold” and “bitter”.[5]