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Remind Blue
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Rimaindo Burū
Remind Blue
Song Information
Unconfirmed; presumably Shintaro Kisaragi
Miku Hatsune
Mekakucity Reload
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Lost Day Hour Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni

The story that permeates eyes.[note 1]

—Jin's Song Introduction

Remind Blue (リマインドブルー Rimaindo Burū) is the seventh song featured on the album Mekakucity Reload.


This song does not (yet) have an official music video.
Remind Blue has parts of Summertime Record that Jin hadn’t been able to write about. The song Remind Blue was "supposed to be" Shintaro Kisaragi's song, but the lyrics turned out as something that applies to everyone.
(According to Jin, Kousuke Seto has his own Remind Blue, and it might be that Shuuya Kano thinks the same things.)
As a result of Jin's definition of "friends", which is "we think alike even without saying anything", it ended up becoming a song about the whole Mekakushi Dan.

Jin's Comment

There are moments in which I get startled when people say, ‘You’re already an adult, after all’. Even though the environments where we’re born and raised, our talents and our features are different for each of us, at some point in time, we start being treated as ‘adults’ all alike. It’s a frustrating story. Because, before I realized it, I’d ended up growing into an ‘adult’, something that I didn’t want to become. However, one thing catches my attention. Despite my turning into an adult, there isn’t much difference from my childhood days. Today, too, I am thinking of reading manga, gaming and fooling around. I wonder what changed between my ‘child self’ and my ‘adult self’. I’d said there wasn’t much difference, but come to think of it, there’s just one thing. For some reason, I’ve come to reminisce to the ‘past’ awfully often. The protagonist of this song, too, suddenly recalls the past on a certain day upon becoming an adult. ‘Back to the day that was so bright I cried.’ Would you, who also became an ‘adult’, take a short detour along with this song as well?[1]

Lyrics & Translation

滲んだ帰り道 斜陽に凪いだ歩道

遅れない様に 惑わない様に
また流されて 離れていく


浮かんだ八月に 祭囃子の音
瑠璃色に 霞んだ坂道

忘れない様に 零さない様に
頼りない記憶が ずっと瞬いている

今になって 思い出すんだ
君の歌った 「大人が嫌いな歌」を

青い影 笑い声 切なさも全部
夏枯れたままで 心に遺った

淡い未来の色も まだ解らない
あの日から僕らは 大人ぶったままだ

蝉時雨、追い掛け 行き着いた「今日」も
思い思いの色を 探してた「昨日」も

通り過ぎて行くよ 夕焼け空と一緒に

変わらない様に 離さない様に
結んだ手が スッと解けて

終わった八月に 二つ、影の模様
覚束無い記憶に ずっと佇んでいる

潤んだ目も 乾かさないまま
君は笑った 「さよなら」って 寂しそうに

片蔭り 通り雨 言えなかった想いを
つまらない言葉で 心に隠した

西明かりの色が まだ蘇る
空回りの僕らは すれ違ったままだ

苦笑い、繰り返し 知りすぎた「今日」を
思い思いの術で 「明日」に託して

通り過ぎていくのかな 勘違いと一緒に

解夏 噴井の音色
アケビ 線路 炎陽


まだ僕はきっと 大人ぶったままで
掠れない気持ちを 抱えたままで

青嵐の音が 大人しくなって
夕涼みの歌が 懐かしくなった

青い影 笑い声 「さよなら」の季節は
繰り返すうちに 遠い過去になって

届かない処へ 遥か遠のく
残された僕らは 変わらないから

急ぎ足の帰り道も 蜃気楼になって
眩しくって泣いてた あの日に戻って

遠回りをしよう 昨日の僕と一緒に

Nijinda kaerimichi shayō ni naida hodō
Omomuro ni hochō o hayamete

Okurenai yō ni madowanai yō ni
Shisen ni somatte
Mata nagasarete hanareteiku

Mienaku natte iku

Ukanda hachi gatsu ni matsuri bayashi no oto
Ruri iro ni kasunda sakamichi

Wasurenai yō ni kobosanai yō ni
Tayorinai kioku ga zutto mabataiteiru

Ima ni natte omoidasunda
Kimi no utatta “otona ga kiraina uta” o

Aoi kage waraigoe setsunasa mo zenbu
Natsugare tama made kokoro ni nokotta

Awai mirai no iro mo mada wakaranai
Ano hi kara bokura wa otonabutta mama da

Semishigure, oikake ikitsuita “kyō” mo
Omoi omoi no iro o sagashiteta “kinō” mo

Tōrisugiteiku yo yūyake sora to issho ni

Kawaranai yō ni hanasanai yō ni
Musunda te ga sutto tokete

Owatta hachi gatsu ni futatsu, kage no moyō
Obotsukanai kioku ni zutto tatazundeiru

Urunda me mo kawakasanai mama
Kimi wa waratta “sayonara” tte sabishisō ni

Kata kageri tōriame ienakatta omoi o
Tsumaranai kotoba de kokoro ni kakushita

Nishi akari no iro ga mada yomigaeru
Karamawari no bokura wa surechigatta mama da

Nigawarai, kurikaeshi shiri sugita “kyō” o
Omoi omoi no sube de “ashita” ni takushite

Tōrisugiteiku no ka na kanchigai to issho ni

Gege fukai no neiro
Akebi senro enyō

Musekaeru yō na
Iromeiteiku yō na

Mada boku wa kitto otonabutta mama de
Kasurenai kimochi o kakaeta mama de

Aoarashi no oto ga otonashiku natte
Yūsuzumi no uta ga natsukashiku natta

Aoi kage waraigoe “sayonara” no kisetsu wa
Kurikaesu uchi ni tōi kako ni natte

Todokanai tokoro e haruka tōnoku
Nokosareta bokura wa kawaranai kara

Isogiashi no kaerimichi mo shinkirō ni natte
Mabushikutte naiteta ano hi ni modotte

Tōmawari o shiyou kinō no boku to issho ni

(Unofficial Translation)

The hazy path back home,
The still pavement under the setting sun,
My footsteps gradually speed up.

“So that I’m not too late,”
“So that I don’t lead somebody else astray…”
Something flashes before my eyes before drifting away from me

And out of sight once again.

The month of august surfaces,
Along with the sound of festival music.
The road up the hill, blurred in a shade of ultramarine.

“So that I don’t forget,”
“So that it doesn’t overflow and spill…”
My memories, though unreliable, keep on flickering before my eyes.

It’s been so long, but I’m finally remembering now,
That song you used to sing —
The one the adults always hated to hear.

The dark blue shadows, the sound of our laughter,
Even the sorrow we felt back then.
Though withered by heat of summer,
They all remain in my heart still.

Since those days, before we even
Knew of the faint colours of our future,
We’ve been pretending to be adults this whole time.

The “today” we chased after the sound of cicadas to arrive at,
The “yesterday” where we were all searching to obtain our own colours.
We pass both of them by,
Along with the sky dyed in the sunset.

“So that this never changes,”
“So that we don’t ever let go…”
Our joined hands are suddenly separated.

The month of August has now ended,
Though its shadow seems to have doubled.
And still, I continue to linger in my uncertain memories.

Without wiping your teary eyes,
You laughed, and said in a sorrowful voice —
“I guess this is goodbye.”

The shadows cast by the summer sun, the passing rain showers.
Those feelings I wanted to say but couldn’t.
I swapped them with boring words,
And locked them in my heart.

The colour of the light setting in the west is revived once more,
No matter how hard we try,
We brush past each other again, still unable to meet.

“Today” we put on the same tired smile, because we now know too much.
We’ve all entrusted our everything into our own “tomorrows.”
I wonder if we’ll pass them both by,
Along with all our misunderstandings.

The sound of the end of summer,
A roadway covered in vines, and the heat-haze.
As if it’s suffocating, as if it’s beginning to waver…
We’re still pretending to be adults, I’m sure of it —
Still holding onto these feelings that remain untouched.

The roar of the wind goes quiet…
As the melody of the evening cool becomes nostalgic to me…

The dark blue shadows, the sound of our laughter.
As the season of goodbyes
Loops again and again,
It becomes a part of the distant past.

As they grow further and further away,
To a place we cannot reach —
Left behind here, we will never change.

The path home that I was hurrying down is now just an illusion,
So let’s return to that day, when everything was so bright we cried.
Why don’t we take a detour?
Along with the me of “yesterday.”[2]


  • When the song was first revealed, it was speculated (before Jin's later confirmation) to potentially be a male singer due to the potential use of the Japanese pronoun "boku" (僕), which can be used by males. Users of "boku" included Hibiya Amamiya, Kousuke Seto, Shuuya Kano, Haruka Kokonose, and Konoha.[3]
    • In comparison, Shintaro Kisaragi himself actually uses "ore" (オレ).[4] This led to some confusion on if it was even Shintaro's own song to begin with.
  • The song was also speculated to be Kousuke Seto's due to a line translating roughly to "a roadway covered in vines".
    • However, Jin would later confirm it relates to and is about, or can be considered about, all of the Dan.
  • In the same line as "a roadway covered in vines", the "heat-haze" ("kagerou") is also mentioned. ("The sound of the end of summer, a roadway covered in vines, and the heat-haze. As if it's suffocating, as if it’s beginning to waver...")[5]
  • It was voted as the #29 Kagerou Project song in the KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019.[6]




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