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November 3rd, 2016
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Mekakucity M's Kagerou Daze -in a day's-: Music Collection

A story about a change of eye color.[note 1]

—Jin's Song Introduction

RED is the opening theme for Kagerou Daze -in a day's- performed by GOUACHE, a band Jin is in. The music video is a compilation video directed by Toushi Atsunori. The song was released as a single on November 4th, 2016.


During the second Q&A segment of the Yuukei Roadshow in Tokyo event, Jin was asked what the song introductions for days, daze and RED were. While he was undecided on days and daze since they were only intended as the theme songs for Mekakucity Actors, he described RED as a "A story that changes eye color" or "A story about a change of eye color." He stated further, "There’s image of two friends - one who likes playing and one who prefers to study. The song about awareness that the other one has became an adult, as if color of his/her eyes has changed: 'with those eyes of yours, dyed in a colour I’ve never seen before.'”[1][2]

Lyrics & Translation

夕焼けが燦々 空に散って行った
滲み出す雲に 言葉が出なくなるのは何故?

遠回りの近道と 廃り 果てた線路
湿った手を掴んだまま 速足で進む

互い違いの畦道が 水みたいに揺らいで
蝉の音を暈したまま 立ち尽くしていた

夏が昨日を 通り越して行く
草の匂い 俄雨の温度 混ざり合ったら

僕らが今日まで 知らない日々は
数えきれない 鱗雲の奥で 確かに呼んでいる

泥に塗れた 僕の手を拒む様に

だんだん目が回って 夕暮れが燦々


疾っくに遠く離れた 君はただ



燃ゆる日の秘密を 鮮やかに綴じ込めて
忘れよう 色褪せぬように もどかしさと一緒に

遠回りの帰り道に 通り風が吹いて
一人ぼっちのサイレンが 響いては消える

変わり果てた蝉達の 叶わなかった想いを
終わった夏の正体を 僕たちは知らない

西日の奥から 太陽の影が這っていく
暮れ泥んでいく今日が もう少しで終わるから

だんだん目が回って 夕映えが燦々


約束は さんざっぱらに舞って
疾っくに遠く離れた 君はもう

僕も同じ色に染まって 忘れよう


Dandan me ga mawatte
Yūyake ga sansan sora ni chitte itta
Nijimidasu kumo ni kotoba ga denaku naru no wa naze?

Tōmawari no chikamichi to sutari hateta senro
Shimetta te o tsukan da mama hayaashi de susumu

Tagaichigai no azemichi ga mizu mitai ni yurai de
Semi no ne o bokashita mama tachitsukushiteita

Natsu ga kinō o tōrikoshiteiku
Kusa no nioi ni waka no ondo mazari attara

Bokura ga kyō made shiranai hibi wa
Kazoe kirenai uroko kumo no oku de tashika ni yonde iru

Doro ni mamire ta boku no te o kobamu yō ni
“Muzukashī” tte hanikanda
Kimi to boku to ja chigau kara

Dandan me ga mawatte yūgure ga sansan
Sora ni chitte itta

Omoidasu hodo ni kotoba ga denaku naru no wa naze?

Michidzure ni sansei nara waratte
Tokku ni tōku hanareta kimi wa tada

Mita koto no nai iro ni somatta hitomi de
A~a, mabataki no hitotsu mo shinai mama

Otona nanka ni wa wakaranai iro o miteiru

A~a, toke ochiteiku
Moyuru hi no himitsu o azayaka ni tojikomete
Wasure yō iroasenu yō ni modokashisa to issho ni
Omoide shite shimawanai yō ni

Tōmawari no kaerimichi ni tōrifū ga fuite
Hitoribocchi no sairen ga hibiite wa kieru

Kawarihateta semitachi no kanawanakatta omoi o
Owatta natsu no shōtai o bokutachi wa shiranai

Nishibi no oku kara taiyō no kage ga hatteiku
Kure nazundeiku kyō ga mōsukoshi de owarukara

Dandan me ga mawatte yūbae ga sansan
Me ni nijinde itta

Tōzendatta no ni namida ga ochite iku no wa naze?

Yakusoku wa sanzappara ni matte
Tokku ni tōku hanareta kimi wa mō

Boku mo onaji iro ni somatte wasureyou
A~a “sayonara” no hitotsu mo shinai mama
Otona nanka ni wa wakaranai iro o miteita

Kyō no hi no koto mo

(Unofficial Translation)

One by one, our eyes will turn
To the red sunset’s glow as it scatters through the sky
The clouds seep, but
Why won't the words come out?

Detours and shortcuts
A route where the waste will come to end
Clutching sweaty palms,
We march forward in hasty steps

The path between rice fields wavers like water
As the sound of cicadas grew fuzzy, we stood frozen

We travel beyond the summer of yesterday
The intertwined smell of grass,
And temperature of a rain shower

Countless unknown days
Within the cirrocumulus clouds,
We were surely calling out-

As if to reject my mud-coated hand,
“It’s too difficult,” you shyly said
Well, you and I are different after all

One by one, our eyes will turn
To the red sunset’s glow as it scatters through the sky
As the memories are recalled
Why won't the words come out?

I laugh as my companions give approval,
The ones I was parted from so long ago, so far away
You looked on with eyes
Dyed a color never seen before

Aah, without even a single blink
I watched that color
The one that grown ups will never understand

Aa, I'm going to melt down

(Burn those days of secrets)
I shut it in vividly
(I will forget it all)
So that color won't fade away
(With frustration)
I won't remember in the end

We detour during the treck back home
The passing of the whistling wind
A lonely siren resounds only to vanish

The cicadas changed completely
Desires that did not come true
As summer’s true colors ended,
We had no clue

The intensity of the setting sun as its shadows creep
Today we will go to the end
Just a little bit longer until it's over

One by one, our eyes will turn
To the red sunset’s glow as it blurs
It was only natural, and yet
Why are the tears falling?

The terrible promise is spinning
I wave my hands, yet you had already gone far away
Now I am stained the same color
Let's forget

Aa, such a lonely goodbye
One that grown-ups would never understand
And I watched the color
Today as well[3]


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