Outer Science
Outer Science - Title.png
Kanji アウターサイエンス
Rōmaji Autā Saiensu
English Outer Science
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Illustrations and Movie Sidu
Characters Main:
Marry Kozakura
Snake of Clearing Eyes
Tsubomi Kido
Kousuke Seto
Shuuya Kano
Momo Kisaragi
Shintaro Kisaragi
Hibiya Amamiya
Hiyori Asahina
Kenjirou Tateyama
Ayano Tateyama
Haruka Kokonose
Ayaka Tateyama
Shion Kozakura
Sung by IA
Uploaded August 31, 2013
NND Link Niconico Broadcast
YT Link YouTube Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Records

The story of the eyes saying as much as the mouth.[note 1]

—Jin's Song Introduction

Outer Science (アウターサイエンス Autā Saiensu) is the fourteenth song of the series, featured on the album Mekakucity Records.


Outer Science features the end of the Music Route. The Snake of Clearing Eyes's original plan to reunite all the new snakes with a new Medusa in the real world has failed because Ayano had entered the Kagerou Daze, claimed the Snake of Favoring Eyes and remained there. The Snake of Clearing Eyes has posssessed Konoha, resulting in Kenjirou's death and changing Konoha's appearance into a black, gray, and yellow color scheme. He begins his new plan to kill those who received a snake to force Marry Kozakura to rewind the world.
The snake, in Konoha's body, mocks its former master, Azami, who is trapped in the Kagerou Daze and powerless without her snakes. She watches the Mekakushi Dan's Tragedy begin and calls it a "loathsome tale". Centuries ago, the Snake of Clearing Eyes had tricked Azami into creating the Kagerou Daze, which "swallows dead hearts" and "gouges out eyes".
The Snake of Clearing Eyes welcomes Marry to the birth of the Tragedy. Marry cries that she does not want this, but the Snake of Clearing Eyes tells her to accept her fate to become a new "monster" and the next "master".
Once more, the snake ridicules Azami for how the story of her life went and that how she carelessly fell into love. He laughs out loud, calling her foolish.
The snake addresses Marry again by rhetorically asking her if she has the Snake of Combining Eyes, also known as the "Queen Snake", which was given to her long ago by her grandmother, Azami, to save her life. The Snake of Combining Eyes makes her absorb the snakes of those that died and, with enough snakes, allows her to alter the Kagerou Daze and the world itself. He calls her the "Queen of this Tragedy" and bows to her mockingly.
The snake, in Konoha's body, approaches the Mekakushi Dan. Kido, Kano, Seto and Momo stand protectively in front of Marry, but the Snake of Clearing Eyes easily overpowers and kills them with force and guns, and he also kills Hibiya by pushing him towards an oncoming truck. He sits above Kenjirou's lifeless body and grins at Marry, the last survivor. Not wanting to live in a world without her friends, Marry gives in to the snake's deliberate provocations and wishes with the power of Combining Eyes to rewind the world. The Snake of Clearing Eyes, knowing that this will happen over and over again, proclaims that he will continue sneering.

Jin's Comment

Mekakucity Records Booklet

“This story isn't fictional.
And that’s why all of your ‘tragedies’ 
Are so stupid that it makes me yawn.”
Just like how when children are told by adults, “That’s so immature,”
There are times when people are looked down on from above.
Even if children view it as something grand and magnificent, 
To the adults, it seems lacking and worthless.
However, imagine that there is an existence that looks down at those adults in the same way.
This is the song of a monster that overlooks everything. 
People’s lives, hearts, meetings, memories, deaths—
He looks down on it all, as if they are “stupid” events in a book.
What if that existence started influencing someone’s everyday life to merely kill time?
Please enjoy this helplessly unfolding tragedy.[1]

Lyrics & Translation

Chiisaku mijime ni ikita seimei ga
Shinde wa DOA o tataku deshou
Chiisa na aruji wa mikaneru
"Iya na hanashi da"

Ookiku hirogaru nodo to doutai wa
Shinda kokoro o tokasu you ni
Yukkuri inochi o nomikomi

Me o kurinuku

ねえ 君も祈っちゃったんでしょう
Nee, kimi mo inocchattan deshou
Boku ni niramareta toki ni sa
Sonna hisouseishin ga
Daikoubutsu da

ようこそ 我が胎内へ
Youkoso waga tainai e
Ai to ego e no shuuchakuten
Kimi mo sugu ni umarekawareru
Kaibutsu mitai de suteki na koto deshou?

「ああ 神様なんで」って
"Aa, kamisama nande" tte
"Mou iya da yo" to naitatte
受け入れろよ これは運命だ
Ukeirero yo, kore wa sadame da
Tsugi no tsugi no tsugi no nushi ni kenmei shiyou

Shinwa mo inochi mo hito no unmei mo
Ukkari koi ni ochiru no mo
Hissori hebi wa waraidasu
"Baka na koto da"

Aa, nandai nandai mou tamaranai ne
くすんだ心を 舐るのは
Kusunda kokoro o neburu no wa
Chiisana inochi ni toritsuki
Me o umekomu

ああ 君に宿っちゃったんでしょう
Aa, kimi ni yadocchattan deshou
Me o awaseru nouryoku de sa
Kimi ga kono higeki no
'Jou'ou' nanda

Oukashiro yo seimei yo
Ai to ego no gasshousai
揺れる日々も 崩れ始める
Yureru hibi mo kuzurehajimeru
"Hajime no higeki" e ashinamiawasete

"Kaeshite" to nageitatte
"Mou iya da yo" to naitatte
知る事かよ それが運命だ
Shiru koto ka yo, sore ga sadame da
Hidoku moroku chachi na hibi wa shoumei darou

Nante baka na seimei wa
Nando demo aragatte
同じ話(日々)へ 逆流(戻り)始める
Onaji hibi e modorihajimeru
無謀に 不様に
Mubou ni buzama ni
泣いて 哭いて 啼いて 綯いて
Naite naite naite naite

ああ 不様な生命よ
Aa, buzama na seimei yo
"Nande?" da no to iu mae ni
求めすぎた  罪に傅け
Motomesugita tsumi ni kashizuke
Utsuro na kiseki ga hajiketekuzurete

「もう なんだか良いや」って
"Mou nandaka ii ya" tte
Nando mo tada naitatte
Owari sura mo jiki ni usureru

Tsugi no tsugi no tsugi ni kuru
Tsugi no tsugi no hi o
Tsugi no tsugi no tsugi mo choushou shiyou

A life lived puny and miserably;
Once dead, should it not knock at the door?
The little master watches attentively;
"What loathsome tales."

A large-reaching throat and body,
As if dissolving a dead heart,
Slowly gulp down life,
Gouging out eyes...

Say, you wished for it too, didn't you?
In that moment I glared at you...
Such tragic souls
Are my favorite meal...

Welcome to my womb,
Love and ego's final destination
You too will soon be born anew;
Is it not fantastic, to be like a monster?

"Oh, god, why?", hm?
"I don't want it," you cry
Merely accept it - this is fate!
The next, next, next master, I eagerly await...

Myths, lives, the destinies of people,
Even carelessly falling in love...
The quiet snake laughs loud:
"Such foolish things."

Ahh, I just can't seem to get enough
Of tasting their darkened hearts;
Possessing their little lives,
Embedding in their eyes...

Ahh, it dwells in you, does it not?
The ability (fate) of meeting (unifying) eyes...
Indeed, in this tragedy,
You are the "queen"...

Lives, give praise;
As love and ego press hands together,
The shaking days begin to crumble,
And toward the initial tragedy, they pace together...

"Give it back," you lament
"I've had enough," you wail
You think I care? That is fate!
This terrible, brittle, puny story is the real thing!

How idiotic are your lives...
Time and time again, you resist,
Beginning to revert to the same old story,
Recklessly, uncouthly,
Crying, weeping, howling, writhing...

Ahh, what unsightly lives!
Before you even ask "Why?"
You demand too much - serve for your crime!
A hollow miracle snaps and crumbles...

"I, I don't even care anymore";
Again and again, you just sit and cry
As even the end immediately fades,

The next, the next, the next to come,
At the next, and the next day,
And the next, and the next, I'll still sneer...[2]


  • It was voted as the #5 Kagerou Project song in the KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019.[3]
  • The music video depicts the world rewinding by showing these events: Momo and Seto standing protectively in front of Marry (likely before the Snake of Clearing Eyes's attack), high schoolers Takane and Shintaro arguing while Haruka and Ayano stand behind them, a younger Hiyori smiling and showing Hibiya a crayfish, Ayaka scolding a dozing Kenjirou, Shion reading Marry a book, Azami walking with Tsukihiko and a toddler-aged Shion, and lastly a slumbering Azami, who has yet to open her eyes for the first time.
    • This segment reveals that whenever Marry rewinds, it is to the world's beginning with Azami.
    • This segment also reveals that Hibiya and Hiyori were friends earlier in their childhoods.
  • While Shintaro and Ene are seen in the visuals of the music video, they are not shown in the scene when the Snake of Clearing Eyes kills the Mekakushi Dan. This is because the Music Route depicts the events of Route XX, where Shintaro kills Ene and himself.[4]
  • In the scene where the the Snake of Clearing Eyes kills the Mekakushi Dan, only Hibiya and Kenjirou are colored with their character colors (cyan and brown). Notably, they, besides Konoha, are the only characters who have been possessed by the Snake of Clearing Eyes.




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