A story that brightens the eyes.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Otsukimi Recital
Kanji オツキミリサイタル
Rōmaji Otsukimi Risaitaru
English Moon-Viewing Recital
Song Information
Music and lyrics Shizen no Teki-P
Illustrations and Movie Wannyanpu
Characters Momo Kisaragi
Hibiya Amamiya
Hiyori Asahina
Tsubomi Kido
Shintaro Kisaragi
Kousuke Seto (Briefly)
Sung by IA
Uploaded July 02, 2013
NND Link Nico Nico Broadcast
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Records

Moon-Viewing Recital (オツキミリサイタル Otsukimi risaitaru) is the twelfth song of the series. It is featured on the album Mekakucity Records.


After posted by Jin, this video quickly became the 1st in the Nico Nico Douga ranking.
The scenes take place after the events described in Kagerou Days. Hibiya, who is depressed after losing his friend and crush Hiyori, is trying to live with the fact, but is unable to do so. Momo tries her best to cheer him up by showing him stuff in life that are worth to move on for. By doing this he slowly lightens up, but as soon as Momo steps on a cat's tail, Hibiya is haunted by the memories of Hiyori, who liked to pet cats as well, falling back into depression.
After several attempts to cheer Hibiya up with food and fun, they eventually end up in the park together. Walking by a playground he once again remembers Hiyori's death by getting pierced by falling iron poles and can no longer hold back his tears, crying out that he misses her. Desperate as she is, Momo grabs the boy and activates her power to show up him he is not alone, encouraging him to accept his eye power and past and no longer hold onto his grief.
As she later wakes up on Kido's lap, having passed out from exhaustion, she notices Hibiya shouting at the moon while his eyes turn red that he will give his happiness another chance. Seeing Momo that happy over his emotional change, he holds out his hand to hold hers, but hesitates. Seeing this Momo grabs his hand and pulls him along with her, all while being watched by her brother Shintaro.

Lyrics & Translation

"Mou, dou yatta tte muda kamo na"
泣きそうな顔 見ていた
Nakisou na kao miteita
"Akiramenai de yo" mitai na
言葉じゃ 全然足りない!
Kotoba ja zenzen tarinai

"Soshitara motto genki o dasanakya,
Ashita mo kuranjau!" tte
Kimi wo tsure dashiteku
Muriyari kanaa

Hizashi ni buruu ni naru
君のこと やっぱ正直心配だ
Kimi no koto yappa shoujiki shinpai da
Hitomi ga urunde iku.
"Yowamushi na boku ni wa, dame da yo kitto..."

Dakedo shinjiru, kimi dakara.
Massugu mae o muite?
Honto ni dame na toki wa, kimi no kokoro o sasaete ageru.

"Isso" nante akiramecha
Zettai dame dakara

Nee, issho ni susumou?
"Hitoribocchi" o kowashichaou, hora!

"Dou natte iru n da ka wakaranai"
Kimi wa mada nakisou da

溜め息ばっかで 目を瞑っちゃ
Tameiki bakka de me o subuccha
Hora, zettai zetsumei!

"Motto ganbaranakya omoi mo
Kinou ni kiechau!" tte

Machi o kakedashite iku
Muriyari da ne

夕暮れ ブルーになる
Yuugure buruu ni naru
Hizashi ga tozashite iku
Sono isshun de

Tachimachi nage ita kao

音もなく 涙が零れて消えた
Oto mo naku namida ga koborete kieta

Hidoku chiisa na kono sekai ga
Ookiku kiba o muite
"Issho ni itakatta na" to
Kimi no kokoro o utsumukaseru

Chiisa na kotoba ja
Mou zenzen todokanakute mo

Chikara ni naritai

"Tasuketai n da yo. Kanaete yo, nee!"

"Shinjiru, kimi dakara."
Honki no koe dashite
"Zettai dame nanka janai!
Kimi ga nozome ba, mata deaeru!"

Ooki na shinkokyuu de
遠くのお月様に 弱気な君が
Tooku no otsukisama ni yowakina kimi ga
"Yatte yaru sa!" to

...Sukoshi kakkoii ka na. Maa.

“No matter what I do, it’s probably useless”
I was watching a face about to cry

Words like “Don’t give up”
Is definitely not enough!

“Then you gotta cheer up more
Or tomorrow is going to daze too!”

I pull you out
A bit forceful?

To the sunlight, feeling blue
Truthfully, I’m worried about you

The eyes become watery
“I’m such a coward, it’s done for….”

But I believe, because it’s you
Look straight forward
When it’s really done for, I’ll support your heart

Giving up saying “I’d rather”
That’s not an option

Lets go together, yeah?
Come on, lets break “alone”!

“I don’t understand what’s going on”
You still look like you’re going to cry

Closing your eyes with only sighs
This is not good!

“You gotta try harder
Or feeling will disappear to tomorrow!”

Running through the city
Definitely forceful

Evening, feeling blue
The sunlight starts to go away
At that moment

Immediately a mournful face

Without a sound, a tear dropped and disappeared

This horribly small world
Bares its huge fangs
Makes your heart look down and say
“I wanted to be with you”

Even if small words
Won’t reach you at all

I want to be your help

“I want to help you. Come on, make it come true!”

“I believe, because it’s you”
Shout out your true voice
“It’s definitely not done for!
If you wish for it, you can meet again!”

With a deep breath
To the moon far away, the cowardly you
“I’ll do it!”

….well, that was a bit cool