My Funny Weekend
My funny weekend
Kanji マイファニーウィークエンド
Rōmaji Mai Fanī Wīkuendo
English My Funny Weekend
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Sung by Hatsune Miku
Album Mekakucity Reload

My Funny Weekend (マイファニーウィークエンド Mai Fanī Wīkuendo) is the fourth song featured on the album Mekakucity Reload.


The song follows Hiyori during a weekend. She talks about wanting more happiness and excitement in her life. The song does not currently have an official MV.
The cheerful verses like the one that goes, "move forward" were said by Hiyori.[1]

Jin's Comment

There are times when I accidentally become concerned with people’s complexions and end up saying things that I hadn’t even thought about. This is a most unpleasant topic, but I find myself thinking, ‘I don’t wanna be hated’. As a result, my feelings and way of thinking become blurry, so at the end of the day, I often wind up suffering with a, ‘Just how did things turn out like this…?’ 'Thoughtfulness’ is something quite difficult for some reason. On the other hand, it seems that people who can persist with themselves at any given moment exist in this world. The protagonist of this song is also one of those people who push forward their own path. No, even amongst them, she might be a girl of exceptionally extreme style. 'Being greedy is just fine.’ Those are truly dazzling words. I would like even you, who are modest, to listen to them as well.[2]


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期待はずれのウィークエンド あくび出ちゃうわ
Kitai hazure no uiikendo akubi dechau wa
刺激的な毎日が 好きなの
Shigeki-teki na mainichi ga sukinano
思いつくままに 予定狂わせて
Omoitsuku mama ni yotei kuruwasete
実際問題 ちょっと大胆なくらいが 正解ね
Jissai mondai chotto daitanna kurai ga seikai ne

子供じみた誘いじゃ 飽きて来ちゃうの
Kodomo-jimita sasoi ja akite kichaun no
人と違う 景色が見たいのよ
Hito to chigau keshiki ga mitai no yo
着の身着のままで したいことをしちゃうのは
Kinomikino mama de shitai koto o shichau no wa
Touzen no kenri desho?

だけど、こんな蒸し暑い日は 映画でも観て
Dakedo, konna mushiatsui hi wa eiga demo mite
苦しむより 楽しんだもん勝ちだわ
Kurushimu yori tanoshinda mon kachida wa
ずっと調子こいている 太陽もきっと敵わない
Zutto choushi koiteiru taiyou mo kitto kanawanai
私だけが 主人公の道の先へ
Watashi dake ga shuujinko no michi no saki e

“shiawase” o motto!
「ワクワク」をずっと!欲張るくらいが ちょうど良いわ
“wakuwaku” o zutto! Yokubaru kurai ga choudo ii wa
Toriaezu kyou wa
Eakon no ondo ni-juu-do ni shite
Aisu tabemasho


Yosomi shinai de! Akisasenai de!
水着は ナンセンス!
Mizugi wa nansensu!
泳げないし つまんないわ!
Oyogenaishi tsumannai wa!
人混みなんて 問題外よ!
Hitogomi nante mondai-gai yo!
浮き足立っちゃう そんな未来へ 連れてって!
Uki ashidacchau sonna mirai e tsuretette!

Senchimento na abanchuuru
映えた サヴィル・ロウ
Haeta sabiru rou
大人向けの恋が 知りたいのよ
Otona muke no koi ga shiritai no yo

冷めた夏の午後 街に繰り出せど
Sameta natsu no gogo machi ni kuridase do
「年齢制限」ばっか どいつもこいつも 心外ね!
“Nenrei seigen” bakka doitsu mo koitsu mo shingai ne!

「子供らしく」だなんて 反吐が出ちゃうわ
“Kodomo rashiku” da nante hedo ga dechau wa
ずっと「自分らしく」 生きたいなら
Zutto “jibun rashiku” ikitai nara

まずは「威勢良く」 そして「諦め悪く」で
Mazu wa “isei yoku” soshite “akirame waruku” de

跳梁跋扈 いざ行こう!
Chouryou batsuko iza ikou!

ほら、邪魔邪魔 退いて!
Hora, jama jama doite!

Live & append rough
Live & append rough
悲しんでる 暇はないの
Kanashinderu hima wa nai no
Live & append rough
Live & append rough
落ち込むとか ダメじゃない?
Ochikomu to ka dame janai?
嬉しい時 笑えるのが
Ureshii toki waraeru no ga
Live & append rough
Live & append rough
それが ベストでしょ?
Sore ga besuto de sho?

あぁ、明日はもっと 今日よりずっと
Aaa, ashita wa motto kyou yori zutto
素晴らしい日に 決まってるわ
Subarashii hi ni kimatteru wa
終わりになって また始まって
Owari ni natte mata hajimatte
続いてくから 飽きないの
Tsuduiteku kara akinai no

Saa “kirameki” o motto!
“doki doki” o zutto!
欲しがらなくっちゃ 勿体無いわ
Hoshi gara nakucha mottainai wa

自分で選んで 泣いて笑って
Jibun de erande naite waratte
楽しめるなんて 最高ね!
Tanoshimeru nante saiko ne!

“shiawase” o motto!
“wakuwaku” o zutto!

欲張るくらいが ちょうど良いわ
Yokubaru kurai ga choudo ii wa
Toriaezu kyou wa
Otsukimi demo shitai kibun nano
Esukooto shite yo

Yudan shinai de! Aki sasenai de!

浴衣は ナンセンス!
Yukata wa nansensu!
躓いちゃうし 歩けないわ!
Tsumazuichau shi arukenai wa!
浮き足立って 飛び込んじゃえば
Ukiashidatte tobikon jaeba
明日が どんな雨降りだって 大丈夫よ
Ashita ga donna ame furidatte daijoubu yo

Kitto, ii hi da wa

(Unofficial Translation)

On this letdown of a weekend, I let out a yawn.
I want something more stimulating than this!
Then out of nowhere, I have an idea that throws all my other plans out of the window!
It’s best to solve this kind of situation with boldness, right?

Asking for it like a kid has gotten dull, but still,
I want to see some kind of rare scenery!
Wearing what I like and doing what I want,
that’s just how it should be, right?

Yet, I ended up watching a movie indoors instead of melting in the heat.
Well, it’s better to have fun rather than suffer!
And if I keep up this energy, even the sun couldn’t compare to my brightness!
I’m going down this path, one where I’m the lead role!

Let’s go ahead!
I want more happiness!
I want more excitement!
It’s completely fine if I’m greedy!
For today, let’s turn the ac to 20° and eat some ice cream!
Let’s come on!

Don’t get distracted, don’t get discouraged!
Hey, hey, hey!
Wearing a nonsensical swimsuit I can’t even swim in!
How boring!
Crowds aren’t a problem, it’s fine!
Hey, hey, hey!
Take me away to a restless future!

Just imagining a sentimental love affair, in the radiant savile row…
I want a mature, refined type of romance, too!
On a cool summer noon, I wander around town, but there’s age restrictions everywhere! How ridiculous!
Just the word “childish” makes me wanna barf!
If I were to define “Hiyori-like”, it’d definitely be with the words “lively” and “persistent”!

Now, time to run wild! You’d better make way for me, got that?

Live & append rough
There’s no time to feel down!
Live & append rough
Being upset just isn’t any good, y’know!
Live & append rough
Smiling when you’re happy…
Live & append rough
…isn’t that the best?

Aah, I just know tomorrow’s gonna be an even greater day than today!
There’s always a new beginning after every end.
It’ll continue, I could never get bored!
Now! I want more twinkling! I want more heart-pounding thrills!
If you don’t say what you want clearly, then it’s just a waste!
Cry and laugh all you want,
But have fun too!

I want more happiness! I want more excitement!
It’s completely fine if I’m greedy!
Today I feel like going moon-viewing, so be my escort, ok?

Let’s come on!
Don’t be unprepared! Don’t lose interest!

Hey, hey, hey!
Wearing a nonsensical yukata I can’t walk without tripping in!
How difficult!
I’m so thrilled, I feel like soaring to the sky!
No matter if it rains tomorrow, it’ll be alright!

It’s gonna be a great day, I’m certain![3]


  • The reason why there wasn't a Hiyori song from the start is that, according to Jin, "If I had included her, everyone's worries would have been relatively... Hiyori-sama" (in a seemingly joking matter).[4]
  • During a Q&A session at Jin's Yuukei Roadshow event, someone asked Jin, "I want to know the reason why you made My Funny Weekend." Jin responded, "I had wanted to use Hiyori, but I couldn't until now. Hiyori is strong, so if I had used her before, she would make everyone else's worries dim. It feels like Hiyori made me write the parts that go, 'being greedier is just fine'. I'm not the one who came up with them."[5]
  • It's the song that feels the most "final episode"-like to Jin.[6]
  • It was voted as the #28 Kagerou Project song in the KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019.[7]




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