Having grown up with an inferiority complex about her genius brother, she always felt stuck in his shadow and was unable to have confidence in herself, wishing for "people to pay more attention to her."
When she was in elementary school, Momo won a contest for drawing a cover for a famous author's book cover. The news of this spread, and later that day a sponsor came to her house, who offered her a job as an idol. Her mother rejected, saying Momo was too young to make decisions about her future. The man left, and the matter was forgotten until Momo would be in middle school.
She visited the beach with her father where she got caught by the waves and drowned, resulting in her death. She came into contact with the Heat Haze and got possessed by the snake with the "Drawing Eyes" ability, thus acquiring the power to draw an abnormal amount of attention to herself.
By the time Momo went to middle school, she had advanced her talent in drawing and had several art shows. At this time, however, her father was gone from the beach incident, and her mother was in poor health from overworking. Wanting to help her mother, Momo decided to call the sponsor in order to become an idol. Her first job was to talk on stage before a senior performer's performance. Momo became a hit after that, receiving an abnormal amount of support and job requests afterwards. That was when she realized she was “abnormal”.