Mekakushi Code / Mekakushi Chord
Blindfold Code / Blindfold Chord
Mekakushi Code
Kanji メカクシコード
Rōmaji Mekakushi Kōdo
English Blindfold Code
Blindfold Chord
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Illustrations and Movie Sidu (Illustration)
Chuuta (Encoding)
Characters Tsubomi Kido
Sung by Hatsune Miku
Uploaded May 29, 2011
NND Link Niconico Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Actors
Mekakucity Days

A song of hiding your eyes.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Mekakushi Code or Mekakushi Chord[1] (メカクシコード Mekakushi Kōdo) is the second song of the series.


The song tells the story of a group of people, of which Tsubomi Kido is the leader, called the Mekakushi Dan. Anyone can join the group, even in the middle of missions; there is no limit to the number of members, nor is there a particular requirement to join. However, one only gets to enter the hideout of the gang with a password. The group completes missions, some of which are dangerous, and recruits new members.


  • Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Jin
  • Mix & Mastering: Studio Moko
  • Illustration: Sidu
  • Encoding: Chuuta

Lyrics & Translation

Kibou no kieta sekai wa futori sugite chotto mo tobenai.
Izen boku ni machigai wo inpooto suru.

Zubon no suso nobi kitte iPod no koodo ga yureru
Iyafon wo ate gatte
Tori aezu wa fuudo kabutte okeba mondainai ya.
"Mekakushi kanryou."
Itsumo doori mienai genjou.
Hijou-tou akaku hikareba mata shuuru na keshiki ni naru.

Angai kyou ga konakute mo, roo-fai na fuukei o tsurete
Shougai fuan-shou na kimi to asu e saki ni ikesou kamo ne.
"Saa saa, nankanai mono ka." to
Yure-gimi ni biito o kizameba
Sou sou warui mon jaa nai sa
Maa, akinai uchi wa.

Kyoeishin wo nomi konde
Futatsu-me no shadanki wo migi e.
Kitai ni mune ga tsumatte
Kuchimoto ga chotto niya-ttoshi shisou da.

Gurubii ni nari kitte
Hashirigimi ni riido surukedo
Gazen kuuki ni najinde
Dare ni mo kizukareteinai no nara
Danzen orai

"Ninmu zokkou."
Ato nijuppun.
Suniika musubi naoshite
"Hora, aizuda. Kuuru ni ikou."

Joushou-chuu no taion nara, hai pasu de ikki ni tobashite
En'en hidai-chuu no machi wo nishi e, kita e, kimi no soba e.
"Oioi, chotto oobaa daro?"
Kinpatsu no hiiru ga waraeba,
Zan'nen, wakaranaidarou ne.
隠し切れない 君じゃ。
Kakushi kirenai kimi ja.

Boshuu ninzuu museigen.
Muron, tochuu sanka mo kangei.
Boshuu youkou mujouken.
Fukusou wa jiyuu.

Jishou ubu na kimi datte
Ai kotoba hasande soku kanyu.
Soryaa sou sa boku nante
Niji ota komyusho hikinito.
Daga mondainai ze?

"Kibun saikou"
Fureru piiki
Yamanai keishou
Neon ga fui ni ochireba
Saa, fuudo wo nuide misete.

Angai kyou ga konakute mo, roo-fai na fuukei wo tsurete
Shougai fuan-shou na kimi to asu e saki ni ikesou kamo ne.
"Saa saa, don'na mon'na no sa" to
Akai me kosutte miwataseba
Nan dai, tsuman'naku mo nai na.
Jaa, samenai uchi ni

Itadaite shimaou ka.

(Unofficial Translation)

This world from which hope has vanished has become too fat to fly.
Even so, mistakes are imported into me.
The hem of my pant leg is stretched to the limit, and my iPod cord sways
Putting my earphones in, if I put my hood up first there shouldn’t be any problem.

“Blindfolding complete.” As usual, we can’t be seen.
When the red emergency lights come on, they make the landscape surreal.

Even if today unexpectedly didn’t come, bringing along lo-fi scenery,
I think I could head for tomorrow early with you and your lifelong anxiety disorder.
If you say “Come on, there’s nothing to it, is there?” and pound out a trembling beat
That’s not so bad, is it? Well, so long as you don’t get tired of it.

Swallowing my pride, I turn right at the second railroad crossing.
Anticipation fills my chest and I find myself smirking a little.
Though I get into a groove and take the lead at a run
If I can quickly adapt to the situation and no one notices me, it’s completely all right

“Continue the mission.” Twenty more minutes. We can’t pull out now, right?
Retying my sneaker, I say, “Hey, there’s the signal. Let’s make this cool.”

If my body temperature is rising, I can get rid of the heat all at once with a high-pass filter[note 1]
And go to the west, to the north, to you, through the city that keeps getting larger.
When the blond heel laughs “Hey, hey, aren’t you going overboard?”
It’s too bad, I guess you wouldn’t understand, since you can’t completely hide yourself.

There’s no limit on membership numbers. You can even join mid-mission.
There are no conditions for joining. There’s no dress code.
Even you, who say you’re naive, can join instantly if you give the password.
Oh, right, I should say, I’m a 2D otaku hiki-NEET with a communication disorder.
But that’s not a problem, okay?

“This feels great!” I’m at my best under pressure[note 2], swinging from low to high; the alarm bells don’t stop
When the neon lights suddenly go down, go on, take your hood off.

Even if today unexpectedly didn’t come, bringing along lo-fi scenery,
I think I could head for tomorrow early with you and your lifelong anxiety disorder.
If we say “Come on, what kind of thing is this?” while rubbing our red eyes and then looking around
At least it’s not boring. Well then, shall we dig in
Before it gets cold?[2]


  • Since the katakana for "Kōdo" can translate to both "code" and "chord", there has been some confusion about the title of this song. The song is most commonly known under the name "Mekakushi Code", although the MV of the song daze, which was released three years after the release of Mekakushi Code includes an image where the name of the song is shown as "Mekakushi Chord", implying that it was either originally meant to be translated to chord or was later renamed.
  • It was believed that the line "ニジオタコミュショーヒキニート" (nijiota komyushou hikiniito) referred to Shintaro, as the line translates to "(I am a) 2D otaku, communication disordered hikiNEET". However, the daze MV shows three screens at about 0:44 with closeups on Kido, with text on these screens reading "terrible geek", "communication disorder", and "NEET stay-at-home", making it clear that the line in question refers to her.
  • The video features Sidu's first work as an artist for the series.
  • It achieved one million views on Niconico on February 24, 2013 and was Jin's seventh song to do so.[3]
  • As of May 2020, it has surpassed 2,3 million views.
  • It was voted as the #20 Kagerou Project song in the KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019.[4]



  1. Translator's note: High-pass filter is a term that is used in both audio and image editing for filters that let higher frequencies through and block or reduce lower frequencies. They are generally used to remove unwanted noise and make the thing the filter is applied to clearer or sharper.
  2. Translator's note: The word used here is “peaky,” a loan word that originally referred to car engines that perform well at high speeds but poorly at lower speeds and has come to also be used to describe people whose performance is similarly all-or-nothing.


  1. Mekakushi Code is used in guides, but Mekakushi Chord is used in daze's MV and in English media translations.
  2. Translation by EJ Translations
  4. KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019 manga

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