This article is about the album. For the upcoming anime, see Mekakucity Reload (anime).

Mekakucity Reload

Mekakucity Reload Cover 2

Mekakucity Reload Cover 1

Mekakucity reload

Mekakucity Reload B

Kanji メカクシティリロード
Rōmaji Mekakushiti Rirōdo
English Blindfold City Reload
Release Date November 7, 2018
Track Number 9
Number of Discs 1 (Standard, Limited Edition A)
2 (Limited Edition B)
Running Time 30:47
Type Album
Label Edword Records
Universal Music Group
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Mekakucity Reload (メカクシティリロード Mekakushiti Rirōdo) is the third Kagerou Project album by Jin and was released November 7, 2018. It was originally announced on August 15, 2017. It has 3 different releases: standard, Limited Edition A that comes with a manga chapter written by Jin and illustrated by Sayuki, and Limited Edition B that comes with 4 acoustic versions of songs from the album performed by Jin.
It was originally planned to be 14 songs, but Jin decided to split it into another album.[1]

Track List

Disk 1

# Song Title Sung by Length
1 エバーユースロードショー (Ever Youth Roadshow) Instrumental 00:30
2 イマジナリーリロード (Imaginary Reload) Hatsune Miku 04:01
3 失想ワアド (Shissou Word) Hatsune Miku 04:53
4 マイファニーウィークエンド (My Funny Weekend) Hatsune Miku 04:28
5 アディショナルメモリー (Additional Memory) Hatsune Miku 04:00
6 ロストデイアワー (Lost Day Hour) Hatsune Miku 04:10
7 リマインドブルー (Remind Blue) Hatsune Miku 04:57
8 忘れてしまった夏の終わりに (Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni) Hatsune Miku 03:30
9 グッバイサマーウォーズ (Goodbye Summer Wars) Instrumental 00:43

Disc 2 (Limited Edition B)

# Song Title Sung by Length
1 Shissou Word (Acoustic) Jin 04:53
2 Lost Day Hour (Acoustic) Jin 04:10
3 Remind Blue (Acoustic) Jin 04:57
4 Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni (Acoustic) Jin 03:30


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