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This article is about the album. For the upcoming anime, see Mekakucity Reload (anime).

Mekakucity Reload
Mekakushiti Rirōdo
Blindfold City Reload
November 7th, 2018
1 (Standard, Limited Edition A)
2 (Limited Edition B)
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Mekakucity Reload (メカクシティリロード Mekakushiti Rirōdo, lit. "Blindfold City Reload") is the third Kagerou Project album by Jin and was released November 7th, 2018. It was originally announced on August 15, 2017. It has three different releases: standard, Limited Edition A that comes with a manga chapter written by Jin and illustrated by Sayuki, and Limited Edition B that comes with four acoustic versions of songs from the album performed by Jin.
It was originally planned to have fourteen tracks, but Jin decided to split it into another album.[1]

Track List

Disk 1

# Song Title Sung by Length
1 エバーユースロードショー (Ever Youth Roadshow) Instrumental (Narration by Mai Nakahara) 00:30
2 イマジナリーリロード (Imaginary Reload) Miku Hatsune 04:01
3 失想ワアド (Shissou Word) Miku Hatsune 04:53
4 マイファニーウィークエンド (My Funny Weekend) Miku Hatsune 04:28
5 アディショナルメモリー (Additional Memory) Miku Hatsune 04:00
6 ロストデイアワー (Lost Day Hour) Miku Hatsune 04:10
7 リマインドブルー (Remind Blue) Miku Hatsune 04:57
8 忘れてしまった夏の終わりに (Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni) Miku Hatsune 03:30
9 グッバイサマーウォーズ (Goodbye Summer Wars) Instrumental (Narration by Mai Nakahara) 00:43

Disc 2 (Limited Edition B)

# Song Title Sung by Length
1 Shissou Word (Acoustic) Jin 04:53
2 Lost Day Hour (Acoustic) Jin 04:10
3 Remind Blue (Acoustic) Jin 04:57
4 Wasurete Shimatta Natsu no Owari ni (Acoustic) Jin 03:30


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