Mekakucity Days
Mekakucity Days HD.jpg
Kanji メカクシティデイズ
Rōmaji Mekakushiti Deizu
English Blindfold City Days
Release Date May 30, 2012
Track Number 13
Number of Discs 2 (CD + DVD)
Running Time 42:49 min
Type Album
Label IA Project[1]
Sony Music Direct
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Mekakucity Actors Children Record

Mekakucity Days (メカクシティデイズ Mekakushiti Deizu, lit. "Blinfold City Days") is the first Kagerou Project album by Jin. The album has 13 tracks on the CD and five MVs on the DVD.
This album is a re-envisioning of Jin's first album, Mekakucity Actors, and is considered the definitive "first album". It features Ene talking in the formerly instrumental only songs.

Track List

# Song Title Sung by Length
01 ロスタイムプロローグ (Losstime Prologue) Instrumental (Ene speaking) 0:49
02 カゲロウデイズ (Kagerou Daze) Hatsune Miku 3:54
03 ヘッドフォンアクター (Headphone Actor) IA 3:37
04 空想フォレスト (Kuusou Forest) IA 4:18
05 エネの電脳紀行 (Ene no Dennou Kikou) IA 4:16
06 デッドアンドシーク (Dead and Seek) IA 3:25
07 人造エネミー (Jinzou Enemy) Hatsune Miku 4:02
08 透明アンサー (Toumei Answer) IA 4:16
09 如月アテンション (Kisaragi Attention) IA 4:04
10 メカクシコード (Mekakushi Code) Hatsune Miku 3:48
11 コノハの世界事情 (Konoha no Sekai Jijou) Hatsune Miku and IA 3:07
12 シニガミレコード (Shinigami Record) IA 2:58
13 カイエンパンザマスト (Kaien Panzermast) Instrumental (Ene speaking) 1:08


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