Marry no Kakuu Sekai
Kanji  マリーの架空世界
Rōmaji Marī no Kakū Sekai
English Marry's Fictional World
Chapter Information
Release date May 29, 2013
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Marry no Kakuu Sekai 01. Jinzou Enemy I

Marry no Kakuu Sekai (マリーの架空世界 Marī no Kakū Sekai) is a chapter included with the limited edition version of Mekakucity Records. It prefaced as "the final chapter to the music series", meaning it depicts the end of the Music Route.


Marry dreams about Black Konoha in the act of killing Seto, after ridding himself of every other Mekakushi Dan member. The helpless girl attempts to use her powers of "combining" against the snake to stop him and turns him into stone, not wanting to live in a world without her friends. Eventually she wakes up from her dream, and finds everyone safe and alive in the Mekakushi Dan hideout.


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