Marry's Fictional World
Kanji マリーの架空世界
Rōmaji Marī no Kakū Sekai
English Marry's Fictional World
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Characters Marry Kozakura
Sung by IA
Album Mekakucity Records

A story that closes the eyes.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Marry no Kakuu Sekai (マリーの架空世界 Marī no Kakū Sekai) is an exclusive song featured on the Mekakucity Records album.


The song tells about Marry's feelings about the events surrounding the never-ending world, called the Kagerou Daze, which allows her deceased friends to return to life by using the powers they received from her grandmother Azami. As she does not want to live alone in a world where her friends, the Mekakushi Dan members, are not with her, she decides to repeatedly use her powers in order to save their lives, but the same fate seems to occur each time the loop repeats, so Marry wishes for a world where someday her friends do not have to die anymore and they can be together for eternity.

Jin's Comment

“I hate saying ‘goodbye.’
I want to live with you again tomorrow,
So that’s why I’ll repeat it, over and over.”
Even the fun times have an ending.
Even when you know that it can’t be helped,
It brings about a very lonely feeling.
And when you part ways with people, that makes you wish all the more,
“I want to turn time back, one more time.”
“If only I could redo it, and we could be together tomorrow.”
This song is the story of a girl that clings to tomorrow,
And repeats it over and over.
“I’m sure that we’ll be able to greet tomorrow together.”
I aimed for a song that’s warm and nostalgic like the sunset.
I’d like you to relax while listening to it.[1]

Lyrics & Translation

同じ声 同じ風景に
Onaji koe onaji fuukei ni
気付けずに 心は弾むのでしょう
kidzukezu ni kokoro wa hazumu no deshou
mata tsugi no onaji mirai mo
atarashiku omoeteshimau no deshou

"Doushita no? Wakaranai yo"
kimi no me wa kataku tojite

夕焼けの色 伝う涙は
yuuyake no iro tsutau namida wa
切に願う 心を赤く染める
setsu ni negau kokoro wo akaku someru

"Ano ne, mata ashita mo tsugi no hi mo
kimi to irareta nara, ureshisugite"

kitto watashi wa, tada kurikaesu
kimi to asu no sora wo nagameru tame

itsuka miteita sekai ni deau tame

(Unofficial Translation)

The same voices, the same scenery
Without you noticing, your spirit leaps forward

Even the following identical future
You’ll believe it to be new

“What’s the matter? I don’t understand”
Your eyes were shut tight

The color of the sunset, the tears flowing down my face
Pray eagerly, and dye my heart red

“You see, if I could be with you again
Tomorrow and the next day, too, then I would be really happy”

But undoubtedly, I will just repeat it all over again
For the sake of gazing at the sky of tomorrow

For the sake of coming across that world that I saw the other day.[2]



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