Lost Day Hour
Lost day hour
Kanji ロストデイアワー
Rōmaji Rosuto Dei Awā
English Lost Day Hour
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Sung by Hatsune Miku
Album Mekakucity Reload

Lost Day Hour (ロストデイアワー Rosuto Dei Awā) is the sixth song featured on the album Mekakucity Reload.


The song does not have an official music video.

Jin's Comment

What in the world does the word ‘friends’ refer to? People whom we play with every day? People whose hobbies and preferences match ours? People who answer, ‘We are’ when we ask, ‘We’re friends, right’? Somehow, none of these come to me straight-up. Still, it’s so odd. I do have someone who crosses my mind in that regard nevertheless. We haven’t seen each other in a while now, but I believe he’s surely my ‘friend’. Please do listen to this song while thinking of your number one ‘friend’.[1]

Lyrics & Translation

「また遊ぼうね」って 手を振って
"Mata asobō ne" tte te wo futte
三々五々に 消えていく
Sansan gogo ni kiete yuku

滲む 小さな影たちを
Nijimu chīsana kage tachi wo
鼻歌まじりに 見送っている
Hanauta majiri ni miokutteiru

夕焼けを肩に 背負いながら
Yūyake wo kata ni seoinagara
僅かに想うのは 君のこと
Wazuka ni omou no wa kimi no koto
最近 何をしてるのかな
Saikin nani wo shiteru no ka na
Sō da, tsugi ni aetara hanasō ka na

Omoeba hontō ni
Tōku, aruite kita na tte

Kangaete mitemo
Michi wa kinō to kawaranai

Mō, otona ni natta no ka
解らないまま 今日も日が落ちる
Wakaranai mama kyō mo hi ga ochiru

希望も、理想も 先伸ばしたまま
Kibō mo, risō mo saki nobashita mama
今日も、夕ご飯のことを 考える
Kyō mo, yūgohan no koto wo kangaeru

電信柱と オレンジの陽に
Denshin bashira to orenji no hi ni
代わる代わるに 染められて
Kawarugawaru ni somerarete

あの日の 無邪気な僕たちと
Ano hi no mujaki na bokutachi to
同じ景色を 見上げている
Onaji keshiki wo miageteiru

夕焼け小焼けを 歌いながら
Yūyake koyake wo utainagara
コンビニ袋を ぶら下げて
Konbini fukuro wo burasagete

繰り返していく 毎日は
Kurikaeshiteiku mainichi wa
どこか かっこ悪くって
Dokoka kakko waruku tte
Waracchau yo nā

Machigatte itemo
時計は 巻き戻らなくって
Tokei wa makimodoranakutte

Ki ga tsuitara mata
時間と 歳を重ねて
Jikan to toshi wo kasanete

Mō, otona ni natta no ni
くだらないことばっかり 思い浮かぶ
Kudaranai koto bakkari omoiukabu

希望も、理想も 見つからないけれど
Kibō mo, risō mo mitsukaranai keredo
Naze ka, kirai janain da

不思議だなぁ 大人になったけど
Fushigi da nā otona ni natta kedo
Kimi wa, ima demo boku no "tomodachi" da to

Shizen ni, futsū ni, sō omoeru no sa
そうだ、久しぶりだねって 電話しよう
Sōda, hisashiburi da ne tte denwa shiyō

今日は 子供みたいに 笑い合お
Kyō wa kodomo mitai ni waraiao

(Unofficial Translation)

Saying “let’s play again, okay?” I waved my hands
They disappear in small groups

I see those blurring small shadows off
While humming a tune

With the evening glow of the sunset on my back,
Vaguely, my thoughts are of you

Recently, I’ve been wondering what I should do
That’s right
And wondering what we’ll talk about next time we meet

Ah, thinking about it,
I’ve walked and come such a long way

Ah, even if I try thinking about it,
The road hasn’t changed at all since yesterday

Geez, have I already become an adult?
While still not understanding, another day comes to a close

Putting my hopes and even ideals on hold,
Today, again, I think about what tonight’s dinner will be

The telephone poles are dyed orange
In visibly alternating patterns

The simple-minded us of that day
Raised our eyes to the same scenery

While singing of the lightly scorching sunset
I carry bags from the convenience store

These repeating day-to-days will someday be uncoolly laughed at, huh?

Ah, even if mistakes are being made,
The clock won’t turn back

Ah, when you realize it,
The time and years will pile on

Sigh, even though I’ve already become an adult
Nothing but stupid things come to mind

Hope and even ideals, even though I can’t find them
Why? For some reason I don’t dislike it

Isn’t it such a strange thing?
That even though I’ve become an adult, you are still my “friend”

Naturally and ordinarily, I think those things
That’s right
“It’s been a while” - let’s say that on the phone

Today, let’s laugh together like kids[2]





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