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Losstime Memory
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Rosutaimu Memorī
Losstime Memory
Lost Time Memory
Song Information
Shintaro Kisaragi
Ayano Tateyama
Snake of Retaining Eyes
Other members of the Mekakushi Dan
Snake of Clearing Eyes
March 30th, 2013
Mekakucity Records
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Otsukimi Recital Ayano no Koufuku Riron

A story of repeating regret.[note 1]

—Jin's Song Introduction

Losstime Memory[1][2] (ロスタイムメモリー Rosutaimu Memorī), alternatively known as Lost Time Memory[3][4], is the tenth song of the series.


Losstime Memory features the Shintaro of two different story routes; One who is able to accept that Ayano has died, and one who is unable to, who is shown during scenes of Route XX.

The MV starts off with Ayano and Shintaro walking down a bridge and him telling her to leave him alone. Ayano, however, refuses to leave his side, so he calls her annoying, then walks ahead of her.

Following, Shintaro is seen in his room, the time and date being August 15, 12:33. He decides to go outside, bringing Ene along with him. Wishing to die already, he clutches his wrist, and steps in front of a door with the numbers 107 on it. The door is opened and in front of him, the other members of the Mekakushi Dan appear. He greets all of them, shortly after hearing Ayano's voice, which suggests to "play" once more.

The events of Route XX begin with Ene stating she is worried. Shintaro starts to wander all about his room and finally drifts to sleep. He dreams about Ayano and him in their middle school years, until he hears Ene's voice asking if that means he cannot even see tomorrow. Promptly, he opens his eyes and turns to strangle Ene, who disappears from his grip, seemingly having died. Shintaro suffers a nervous breakdown and takes out a pair of scissors.

Another scene from Route XX begins to play, proceeding from when the Snake of Clearing Eyes takes over the body of Konoha, therefore turning into 'Black Konoha', in order to kill the Mekakushi Dan and repeat the tragedy they are part of.

Route XX Shintaro sits on his bed and stabs himself with the red scissors, while in the parallel scene, Black Konoha attempts to shoot himself with a gun. However, Shintaro takes the shot, causing himself to die differently in both scenes.

The next scene shows Route XX Shintaro and the other Shintaro lying on the ground, surrounded by white nothingness. Route XX Shintaro sits down, with Azami looking down at him, until the other Shintaro walks past her, much to the medusa's surprise. Route XX Shintaro and him appear to be in an empty classroom, back to back. Ayano stands in front of Route XX Shintaro and apologizes for dying, whereupon she asks if they should say their farewells to each other. Shintaro runs after her, begging her to stay, again expressing that the Shintaro of this route has not yet accepted her death. The other Shintaro walks forward and smiles at a surprised Ayano, who smiles back at him. She then wraps her scarf around her friend, whose eyes turn red, proving he has accepted Ayano and gained an eye ability.

At the end, Route XX Shintaro is seen lying down on his bed, the date and time being August 15, 12:32. This is actually Shintaro waking up in a new route at the end of Manga Route 2.[5]

Lyrics & Translation

数年経っても 影は消えない
感情ばかりが 募って行く
踞って 一人 描いていた

炎天直下 坂道の上
滲んだ 僕らが歩いていた

夏の温度が 目に残っていた


「行かないよ」 なんて言って



理由が無いから 腐って行く

何年経っても 僕は死なない
希望論ばかりを 唱えている
当然今日も 君は居ないのにさ



君を連れ去る前へ」 なんて


カゲボウシ 滲む 姿を思い出して







手を染め、 『一人』を選ぶから

色めいた君の笑顔に しがみついて





夏めく君の笑顔は 変わらなくて

「死んじゃった。ごめんね」 なんて
「『サヨウナラ』しようか」 なんて

寂しいこと言わないで 往かないで

カゲボウシが そんな僕を 見つめていたんだ

Sūnen tatte mo kage wa kienai
Kanjō bakari ga tsunotte iku
Uzukumatte hitori egaiteita

Enten chokka sakamichi no ue
Nijinda bokura ga aruiteita

Natsu no ondo ga me ni nokotteita

“Kamawanaide yo, dokoka e itte kure”
Kimi no te o haratta

“Ikanai yo” nante itte
Kimi wa boku no te o tsukanda

“Urusai na”
Boku wa chotto no saki o
Furikaezu ni aruita

‘Hontō no kokoro wa?’

‘Sōmei’ nanka ja mae wa mukenai
Riyū ga nai kara kusatte iku
Makimodotte kurereba ii no ni na

Nannen tatte mo boku wa shinanai
Kibōron bakari o tonaete iru
Tōzen kyō mo kimi wa inai no ni sa

“Kamawanai, shine yo, shine yo” tte tekubi o
Nigitte, tada norotte

Nani mo dekinai de tada, nōnō to
Jinsei o musabotta

“Natsu ga yume o miseru no nara,
Kimi o tsuresaru mae e” nante

Terekakushi shita hibi ga
Kūki o terashite
Nōri o kogashite iku

Jūhassai ni natta shōnen
Mata dokoka de matte itanda
Kageboushi nijimu sugata o omoidashite

Entenka ni sunda kōtei
Waratte ita kimi ga kyō mo
“Asobou yo” tte itte
Yurayura yureta

“Shinpai desu” to bukiyō na kao
Rinjin nanka ni wa wakan'nai sa
Kanashisō na furi o shinaide kure

Mōrō, kyō mo fushizen de iyou
Kinō no pēsu o mamotte iyou
Kimi no ondo o wasurenai yō ni

Kanawanai yume o negau no nara isso
Kasureta kako o daite

Samenai yume o miyou
Tōzen no yō ni tojikomotte

“Sore jā, asu mo mienai mama desu yo?”

Sorenara sore de ii sa
Tsumaranai hibi o korosu yō ni
Te o some, ‘hitori’ o erabu kara

Jūhassai, kusatta shōnen
Mata kyō mo inottetanda
Iromeita kimi no egao ni shigamitsuite

Entenka ni
“Dō ka isso tsuretette kure yo”
Nante tsubuyaite iki o shizuka ni tometa

Modoranai ano hito ga itakute

“Dare mo furenaide”

“Kikoete imasu ka” to koe ga kieta
Riyū mo nandaka wakatte ita
Natsu no ondo ni te o nobashite ita

Entenka, negatta shōnen
“Ano koro” ni tatte itanda
Natsumeku kimi no egao wa kawaranakute

“Shinjatta. Gomen ne” nante
“’Sayōnara’ shiyou ka” nante

Sabishī koto iwanaide ikanaide

Kageboushi ga son'na boku o mitsumete itanda

(Unofficial Translation)

Years may pass but your shadow won't disappear
and my feelings are only getting stronger.
Crouching all alone I drew a picture

Underneath the scorching sun, on a hilly road,
our blurry figures were walking.
The temperature of the summer remained in my eyes.

"Don't mind me,"
"Just leave me alone already!"
I brushed off your hand.
"No, I won't go"
You exclaimed and
grabbed onto my hand.
"Man, you're so annoying!"
I walked a little bit ahead of you
without ever looking back.
"Your real heart is?"

If I'm 'wise' then, I can't face forward;
I have no reason to so, I'll rot away instead
It would be nice if time could be turned back.
Years may pass but I'll never die
I repeat hopeful words to myself,
even though I know I still won't be able to reach you.

"It doesn't matter,
just die already!" I said as I clutched my wrist, simply cursing it.
Unable to do anything, I merely indulged myself in life.
"If summer can show me dreams, then
let's go to before you were taken away"
The days where I hid my embarrassment
are illuminating upon the atmosphere and
burning my mind.

A boy who had turned 18
waited for her again somewhere,
Remembering the figures of blurring silhouettes.
Underneath the blazing sun in the empty schoolyard
Today too, you also said, while smiling
"Let's play together" as you swayed from side to side

"I'm worried," she said with an uneasy face
Someone like a neighbor wouldn't ever understand, so
please don't pretend to be so sad.
Feeling hazy, let's remain unaffected today too
and keep up yesterday's pace
so that I won't ever forget your temperature

If I'm wishing for a dream that can't come true, then
I'll embrace this blurry past and have a dream which I don't wake up from
and naturally seclude myself from the outside world.
"But that means you can't even see tomorrow?"
I don't really care 'bout that, so it's ok
I stained my hands in order to kill these boring days
I'm choosing "solitude" after all

A rotten boy at 18 today too, prayed again
while clinging on to your colored smile
Underneath the blazing sun
Asking "Somehow, please take me away instead of leaving like this!"
and my murmuring breath was quietly stopped

"Can you hear me?" the voice asked and then disappeared.
The reason somehow became clear
I reached out a hand in the summer warmth...

The young boy prayed under the hot, blazing sun
and stood up in "Those days"
The smile of the summerly you doesn't
ever change.

"I died. I'm sorry"
Lonely phrases
"Shall we say our 'farewells'?" like these
please don't say them;
don't leave me!¨
The silhouettes were watching
this kind of me.