Kisaragi Attention
Kisaragi Attention Title
Kanji 如月アテンション
Rōmaji Kisaragi Atenshon
English Kisaragi Attention
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Illustrations and Movie Wannyanpoo
Characters Main:
Momo Kisaragi
Tsubomi Kido
Kousuke Seto
Shuuya Kano
Marry Kozakura
Shintaro Kisaragi
Sung by IA
Uploaded May 27, 2012
NND Link Niconico Broadcast
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Days

A song where all eyes are on you.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Kisaragi Attention (如月アテンション Kisaragi Atenshon) is the seventh song of the series. It is also called The story of snatching your eyes.


Momo Kisaragi, a young girl who is also a pretty popular idol, is going out for a walk but tries to not gather too much attention today. She dons a hoodie to hide her face from the public and hopes that no one recognizes her. Though she makes her way through back alleys and stays careful, she still gets spotted and her hood blows off as a strong wind comes by, making people notice her immediately. As the crowd starts to take photos she runs away, as she is sick of her idol life by now.
She jumps over a fence and sees several posters of herself, making her nervous. Momo states she would like to tell everyone to not stare at her anymore, but she keeps it to herself and continues to run. Finally feeling safe, she drinks a soda and thinks about when it started that she got so much attention from people. As she can't really remember, and continues her walking, but hides behind a wall as she notices everyone is in panic, making her want to quit her idol job.
The video then shows a short scene of how she signed the contract to become an idol, then switches back to the present. Looking at a poster of herself she wonders if she really deserves all this attention and doesn't understand it at all. She starts to cry and continues to do so until suddenly she notices a girl with green hair in front of her. The girl brings her to the hideout of the Mekakushi Dan where she gets introduced to Kido, Kano, and Marry (later Seto as well). After some trouble with a misunderstanding, they ask her to join the group and she agrees when suddenly Marry trips and spills tea over Momo. She takes it with humor and they become friends.
The next scene skips to a concert of Momo, showing how she looks at a photo of her new friends on her cell phone with a smile. Being encouraged by the help of her friends she faces her idol life with a more positive mindset and accepts her eye power, which she now uses to attract even more attention during her performance. Knowing the other members of the Mekakushi Dan are watching, she takes her hoodie and puts it on her shoulders. The last scene shows how Momo is out again, then also shows her brother Shintaro for a short moment, referencing the following scenes in the manga.

Lyrics & Translation

wow 行き先はどうしよう ちょっと私服じゃマズイかな
wow Ikisaki wa dou shiyou chotto shifuku ja mazui kana
あぁ、何もかも 放り出しちゃった午後
Aa, nanimokamo houridashichatta gogo

wow 背伸びしたヒールじゃ ちょっと踏みだしにくいからさ
wow Senobishita hiiru ja chotto fumidashi nikui kara sa
少しラフにフード付けて バレないように行こう
Sukoshi rafu ni fuudo tsukete barenai you ni ikou

商店街 路地裏へ抜けて
Shoutengai rojiura e nukete
あぁ、なんだか ドキドキしちゃいそうだ
Aa, nandaka dokidoki shichaisou da

ふいに 風が吹いたら フードが脱げて すぐさま観衆目線だ
Fui ni kaze ga fuitara fuudo ga nugete sugusama kanshuu mesen da
「…やっぱ いつも通りの週末になっちゃいそうです」
"...Yappa itsumodoori no shuumatsu ni nacchaisou desu"

散々だなぁ 辞めたいなぁ 満員御礼! なんて言うけど
Sanzan da naa yametai naa maninonrei! Nante iu kedo
その実ブルーなので 困っちゃうよ 目立っちゃうな
Sono jitsu buruu nano de komacchau yo metacchau na
散々だなぁ 逃げたいなぁ 期待しちゃうよ。
Sanzan da naa nigetai naa kitai shichau yo.
「もう私を見ないで!!」 …なんて言葉も ポケットにしまおう。
"Mou watashi o minaide!!" ...Nante kotoba mo poketto ni shimaou.

wow 昔からなんでか ちょっと人目を惹くんだよなぁ
wow Mukashi kara nande ka chotto hitome o hikunda yo naa
Sore mo maa, mou narehajimete shimaisou

wow 聞いたことあるんだ ちょっと思い出せないけど
wow Kiita koto arunda chotto omoidasenai kedo
「あぁもう!いやな体質だなぁ」 そんなこと言えもしないけれど
"Aa mou! Iya na taishitsu da naa" Sonna koto ie mo shinai keredo

Oodoori ga panikku ni kawaru
Mou aidoru nante yamechaitai yo

「こんな事になるとは…」 あの日の馬鹿な私は単純思考で
"Konna koto ni naru to wa..." Ano hi no baka na watashi wa tanjun shikou de
ちょっとステージライトに 夢を描いちゃったんです…
Chotto suteejiraito ni yume o egaichattan desu...

散々だよ 言えないよ 歓声が溢れちゃうけど
Sanzan da yo ienai yo kansei ga afurechau kedo
「これそんな良いですか…?」 つまんないよ 解らないよ
"Kore sonna ii desu ka...?" Tsumannai yo wakaranai yo
散々だなぁ 消えたいなぁ 声にならずに
Sanzan da naa kietai naa koe ni narazu ni
「嫌だ。涙が出ちゃうよ」 そんな言葉で ポケットを埋めた
"Iya da. Namida ga dechau yo" Sonna kotoba de poketto o umeta

…こんなんじゃもういけないね 歓声が聞こえてるでしょ?
...Konnan ja mou ikenai ne kansei ga kikoeteru desho?
夢見てた風景に 気付いたらもう出会っていて
Yume miteta fuukei ni kitsuitara mou deatte ite
「散々」なら変えたいな 一人じゃないよ
"Sanzan" nara kaetai na hitori janai yo
さぁ かっこつけないような言葉で
Saa kakkotsukenai you na kotoba de

あぁ、なんだかいけそうだ! 心臓が弾けちゃうほど
Aa, nandaka ikesou da! Shinzou ga hajikechau hodo
溢れ出しそうなので 奪っちゃうよ!? 奪っちゃうよ!?
Afuredashisou nano de ubacchau yo!? Ubacchau yo!?
伝えたいこと詰め込んだ そんな「夢」から
Tsutaetai koto tsumekonda sonna "yume" kara
もう目を離さないで さぁさぁ、明日も スキップで進もう!!
Mou me o hanasanaide saa saa, ashita mo sukippu de susumou!!

(Unofficial Translation)

Whoa, where should I go? I probably shouldn’t just wear street clothes…
Ah, I’m blowing everything off this afternoon
Whoa, if I wear really high heels it’ll be hard to walk, so
I’ll dress kinda casual and wear a hoodie so I don’t get found out

From the shopping district I slip into the back streets
Ah, somehow this walk is kind of thrilling
But a sudden wind blows my hood off and all at once the crowd’s eyes are on me
“… Oh great, of course, now it’s just my typical weekend”

This is miserable, I want to quit — even though I say “Thank you all for your support!”
Honestly it makes me blue, it bothers me that I stand out so much
This is miserable, I want to run away — To think I got my hopes up.
“Don’t look at me!!” … I want to say, but I’ll keep those words in my pocket

Whoa, for some reason I’ve always drawn people’s gazes
Somehow, though, I’ve started to get used to that
Whoa, I’ve heard something about it, but I can’t quite remember…
“Ugh, jeez, I hate being like this!” But I can’t say that either

The whole street is going into a panic
I wanna quit being an idol, already
“Never thought it would turn out like this…” Back then, just a stupid, innocent thought
Was all it took to get me acting out dreams in the stage lights…

This is miserable, I can’t say it — Even though the crowd is cheering
“Is this really so great…?” I’m tired of it, I don’t get it
This is miserable, I want to disappear, but I can’t say anything
“Oh crap, now I’m crying” — with those words, my pocket was filled up

… This won’t do. They’re all cheering for me, right?
I’ve already found the scene I dreamed of
If it’s “miserable,” then I want to change things — I’m not alone
Now then, without trying to sound cool…

Ah, I think I can do it! My heart is close to overflowing,
About to burst — So am I stealing your hearts? Am I stealing your hearts?
This dream is packed full of everything I want to tell you
So let’s keep our eyes on it and skip forward into tomorrow!![1]



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