Kenjirou Tateyama
Kenjirou normal
Kanji 楯山 研次朗
Rōmaji Tateyama Kenjirō
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Species Human
Height 179 cm (5'10")[1]
Weight 69 kg (152 lbs)[1]
Blood type AB[1]
Birthday September 11[1]
Occupation Teacher
Ability Clearing Eyes[2]
Status Deceased / Inside the Kagerou Daze (Music Route[3], Manga Route[4], Novel Route[5], Mekakucity Actors[6])
Voice Actors
Japanese Keiji Fujiwara
First Appearance
Manga 03. Kisaragi Attention
Anime 02. Kisaragi Attention
Novel Kagerou Daze -in a daze-

That's no good. Was I asleep? No matter how much I sleep, the exhaustion doesn't go away...

Kenjirou Tateyama (楯山研次朗 Tateyama Kenjirō) is the homeroom teacher of Momo, father of Ayano, and husband of Ayaka. He formerly taught Haruka and Takane in a class for physically ill students.


Kenjirou has brown hair, black eyes, and a stubble below his chin. He is always seen wearing black glasses, a white lab coat over his red striped shirt, dark jeans, and dark brown shoes. He also wears a pair of red clips on his shirt.


Kenjirou is a high school teacher and Momo's homeroom teacher. He provides both stern and kind guidance to Momo, who cannot come to school often due to idol activities. Although he lost his family in the past, he still continues to do his best in educating students.
Kenjirou seems to care deeply about his own reputation - especially with the principal of the school that he works at - so much so that he will go as far as sleeping only two hours a night to prepare for a cultural festival in less than a week and do whatever Takane asks of him in order to stay in the principal's good books.
Kenjirou's snake, however, is evil and malicious. Because Kenjirou is its "master", it intends to obey his desire, which is to meet Ayaka again. It can go through drastic extents to reach its goal, such as killing Kenjirou's precious students Takane and Haruka. It is eventually revealed that the snake was doing this to make Marry reverse time and ultimately let it exist longer.

Eye Ability

  • Clearing Eyes (目が冴える Me ga Saeru): Kenjirou's ability allows him to interfere with and stop the use of other eye abilities completely.[2]





  • His favorite stand is "HIE—PHANT GREEN".[1]
  • The clips on this shirt are keepsakes of Ayaka.[citation needed]
  • He has an obvious talent in programming, as he made a 3d multiplayer shooting game for the school festival in one week.[7]
  • He has no eye ability in the manga.