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Kagerou Daze Official Anthology Comic
Kagerō Deizu Kōshiki Ansorojī Komikku -WINTER-
Kagerou Daze Official Anthology Comic -WINTER-
Strike Tanaka
Ruia Shimakage
Uoji Sada
Toshio Satou
Arata Aki
Renmei Ooshima
November 27, 2013
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Kagerou Daze Official Anthology Comic -WINTER- (カゲロウデイズ公式アンソロジーコミック-WINTER- Kagerō Deizu Kōshiki Ansorojī Komikku -WINTER-) is the fourth official manga anthology of the Kagerou Project series. It contains a number of short comics with a winter theme. The cover art is done by ---.


A Valentine's Story by Strike Tanaka

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Dignified Leader by U-temo

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It’s A Fair Winter’s Ordeal by Ruia Shimakage

The Mekakushi Dan eat hotpot. When Momo, Kano, Marry and Kido come back to the Mekakushi Dan hideout with ingredients for hotpot, Shintaro, who is wrapped up in a blanket and keeping warm with his laptop, yells at them to close the door as it is cold. Ene, upon seeing that they were going to eat hotpot, announces that she would also like to try the hotpot.
Marry, Momo, Kano, Kido and Shintaro try Yaminabe the 'Ene-style' way, where they put ingredients they like inside the pot in the dark. Then, they will pick food up from the hotpot using their chopsticks, and they must eat what they pick up. Shintaro and Kido suspect that Kano will put strange things into their hotpot. Shintaro, at first, relies on Ene's camera to detect only the meat Shintaro himself put in to eat, but quickly realises that it is a futile plan when Ene purposely guides him to pick up a piece of slimy food with chocolate on it, the chocolate being put in by Momo, who wanted to make the hotpot especially tasty.
Kido hears Shintaro's scream at having picked up a piece of awful-tasting food. She decides to resort to using her power (here, the author marks this as the first 'waste of power' in the story) to erase the presence of anything she pulled out from the hotpot, and becomes shocked at the number of strange things in the hotpot. When her eyes adjust to the darkness, she sees that it had actually been Kano who had added the strange things, and that he was probably using his power to make it seem as if he was not putting anything strange into the pot (here, the author marks this as the second 'waste of power' in the story). Marry soon finds out what Kano had been doing, and uses her eye power to petrify him in hopes of stopping him from adding more ingredients (here, the author marks this as the third 'waste of power' in the story). However, that plan failed as the ingredients continued to pour into the hotpot as they were not petrified; only Kano was.
The hotpot turns out looking and smelling disgusting, as noted by Momo, and Ene and Kano take pictures of Shintaro's dead body after he ate the piece of food he pulled out. Suddenly, Seto arrives and turns on the lights. He reveals that he had brought mochi to the hideout, and adds it into the hotpot, ignoring Shintaro's warning not to. After finishing the hotpot, all the members who had been present then had wrecked their stomachs, with Shintaro begging Ene to delete the footage of him after eating the hotpot.

Winter! Exams! Studying!!! by Uoji Sada

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Shintaro☆Fever!! by Komesuke

Unfortunately, Shintaro is sick with a case of Influenza. Ene wonders aloud where a Hiki-NEET such as Shintaro would have been able to catch a virus, then saying that it was probably because his resistance to viruses and the like would often get exhausted quickly. She then jokingly states that she would ask Momo to make Shintaro some of her porridge to help him regain his strength, to which he becomes exasperated - Momo's food would poison him instead.
They quickly realize that there is no medicine at home, so Ene browses the web for a cure. She says that one cure would be for Shintaro to stick a leek in his anus. Shintaro immediately shouts at her, saying that he could not even consider doing so. Then, Ene tells him that there was another method - he could hug his PC monitor with Ene on it close. He notes that the PC Monitor is hot, heavy and painful, and asks Ene the point of it. Ene replies, saying that the heat from the PC would reduce his fever's temperature. Hearing the commotion, Momo barges into Shintaro's room concerned, only to see Shintaro breathing heavily in bed holding a woman (Ene) close. She quickly assumes that they were doing something together in private, and excuses herself promptly, noticing mistakenly aloud that they were 'in the middle of something'. Shintaro becomes flustered and sighs in defeat.
Ene, seeing this, is overcome with a wave of guilt, and tells Shintaro that if she were not on the other side of the screen, she would have been able to nurse him properly. She says remorsefully that she has only been a bother to him. Hearing that, Shintaro is touched, and asks Ene to play a lullaby for him as he goes to sleep, which Ene happily agrees to.
Thr chapter ends with Shintaro waking up refreshed from a good sleep, and thanks Ene for being so devoted. However, Ene malfunctions as she had gotten a virus from working all through the night.

Stretching Muffler ∞ by Itokichi

It is a normal winter day at school, and Takane is busy looking for Haruka when she bumps into Ayano. Surprised, she asks what Ayano was doing at the school. It turns out that Kenjirou had left his glasses at home, and she needed to give them to him. Takane then notices aloud that Ayano is always wearing her muffler, and jokingly asks if it is cold in the summer and warm in the winter, to which Ayano asks her if she wants to try it on. Takane notices that it seemed as if the muffler had "stretched" to accommodate both her and Ayano, and becomes disconcerted.
As Ayano and Takane walk around the school, Haruka appears behind them. Takane, annoyed, runs at Haruka asking him where he had been, but is choked by Ayano's muffler. Haruka notes that Ayano's scarf seems warm, and Ayano greets him while the scarf "stretches" again by itself to accommodate him. Takane begins to think something is wrong, even though the muffler was warm - three people were already wearing the muffler, and Ayano and Haruka were wearing it normally. She tells herself that the scarf probably couldn't stretch any longer. At that moment, Ayano sees Shintaro, and the muffler stretches once again, wrapping around Shintaro's neck. Takane, weirded out, wonders to herself if this sort of thing was considered 'cute'. She notes that the item did not even have a pleasant atmosphere anymore - being included in the muffler felt like being a chained prisoner. Ayano then notices her father, Kenjirou, and the muffler stretches once again, ominously.
Haruka wakes Takane up and she realizes that everything had just been a dream. He notes that Takane had been having some sort of nightmare, as she had been tangled up in her headphone cord. Then, Kenjirou walks into the classroom eating mochi. Haruka tells Kenjirou that his glasses are off, and Kenjirou, shocked, says that his identity would collapse. Takane, scared, shouts in question - was her dream really just a dream?

Mekakushi Dan †Winter Battle† by Toshio Satou

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Kotatsu Monster by Osora

It is the coldest day of that year's winter. Momo had just returned to the hideout from buying warm buns when she spots a big hairball-like object on a mat on the floor. She is concerned, but later finds out from Kido that the hairball-like object is actually Marry; she had wrapped herself in her own hair to keep warm. Slightly shocked, Momo tells Marry that she had bought warm buns. Marry asks Momo if she had bought any red-bean buns, to which Momo assures her that she had, but that Marry should return to her human form first.
On the sofa, Konoha is sleeping, and Shintaro is wrapped up in his jersey, much to Momo's exasperation. Shintaro, seeing the buns, asks for a pizza bun. It turns out that the heating in the apartment was out-of-order, and the Dan had no choice but to endure the cold. Then, Ene shows up in a 'Winter Namahage'. Shintaro tells her to read the mood and wear a 'Miniskirt Santa' outfit instead. Ene then tells Shintaro that the costume had been picked by Momo. Shintaro, taking notice of the sleeping Konoha, tells Konoha that if he sleeps, he would die. However, Konoha still does not wake up, and it seems as if he is picking something for Shintaro in his sleep.
Kido offers to make warm milk for the Dan. At this moment, Seto arrives carrying a Kotatsu he got from work. Marry asks what a Kotatsu is, to which Kano says that there is a "Feet-eating Kotatsu Monster" inside the Kotatsu, scaring both her and Kido. Kido reassures Marry, and Marry goes inside the Kotatsu and becomes very relaxed. The rest of the Dan join, and Kido, Kano and Momo ask Shintaro to get some Mandarin oranges. Shintaro is dismayed, but Seto offers to go instead. Suddenly, Momo cries out, asking who had touched her leg, but no one seems to have done so. Then, Kido feels that someone has touched her leg as well, and suspects Kano aloud. Kano, being serious, tells her that he did not do such a thing. Shintaro abruptly exclaims that someone had touched his leg, too. Ene, hearing this, becomes 3D, invested in this occurence.
Kido and Marry can only draw one plausible conclusion - the "Feet-eating Kotatsu Monster". On the count of three, the Dan members present lift up the Kotatsu, and find Konoha under the Kotatsu instead, much to the relief of the Marry and Kido. Just then, Hibiya comes in. The members ask Hibiya to help them move Konoha out from the Kotatsu. Hibiya ignores them, prompty shutting the door, and answering Hiyori's question by telling her that the members were carrying out some sort of ritual.

Dangerous Ability Holders by Arata Aki

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Marry’s Knitting Class by Renmei Ooshima

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Waiting for Spring by Peco

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Not Here! Tsubomi-chan -winter- by Ryuusee

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Christmas Wishes by Wannyanpoo

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