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Kagerou Daze
Heat Haze Daze
Kanji カゲロウデイズ
Rōmaji Kagerō Deizu
English Heat Haze Daze
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Illustrations and Movie Sidu
Characters Main:
Hibiya Amamiya
Hiyori Asahina
Sung by Hatsune Miku
Uploaded September 30, 2011
NND Link Niconico Broadcast
YT Link YouTube Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Actors
Mekakucity Days

A song that will overwhelm your eyes.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Kagerou Daze (カゲロウデイズ Kagerō Deizu) is the third song of the series.


The story behind the song revolves around a boy, Hibiya, and a girl, Hiyori. On August 15th, the two of them are spending time together in a park. Hiyori has a cat on her lap, when all of a sudden the cat runs away and the girl tries to get it back. Hibiya witnesses Hiyori running out into the street to retrieve the black cat and getting hit by a truck. The heat apparently mocks him in his daze, and he blacks out. Following, he wakes up on August 14th and goes to meet Hiyori again, where he tells her about his strange dream that took place in the park they were walking in. Hibiya suggests that they go home together, but just as Hiyori steps in front of him, a pole falls from the sky and pierces through her. The heat once again laughs at him. Before he blacks out, he notices Hiyori seeming to be smiling as she dies.
This process repeats for decades, the same two days happening over and over. Finally, Hibiya decides to take action and pushes Hiyori out of the way of the truck, so that he is killed himself, thinking it would stop the loop from repeating. In the end, it shows Hiyori was also caught in the loop. It turns out that she had been trying to save Hibiya from death as well, so the cycle still continues on.

Lyrics & Translation

Hachi gatsu juu go nichi no gogo juu ni ji han kurai no koto
Tenki ga ii

Byouki ni narisou na hodo mabushii hizashi no naka
することも無いから君と 駄弁 (だべ)っていた
Suru koto mo nai kara kimi to dabetteita

"Demo maa natsu wa kirai kana" neko o nade nagara
Kimi wa futebuteshiku tsubuyaita

Aa, nige dashita neko no ato o oikakete
Tobi konde shimatta no wa aka ni kawatta shingouki

Batto totta TORAKKU ga kimi o hikizutte naki sakebu
Chi shibuki no iro, kimi no kaori to mazari atte muse kaetta
嘘みたいな 陽炎 (かげろう)が「嘘じゃないぞ」って 嗤 (わら)ってる
Uso mitai na kagerou ga "Uso ja nai zo" tte waratteru
夏の水色、かき回すような蝉の 音 (ね)に全て 眩 (くら)んだ
Natsu no mizu-iro, kakimawasu you na semi no ne ni subete kuranda

Me o samashita tokei no hari ga nari hibiku BEDDO de
Ima wa nanji?

Hachi gatsu juu yokka no gozen juu ni ji sugi kurai o sasu
やけに 煩 (うるさ)い蝉の声覚えていた
Yake ni urusai semi no koe oboeteita

Demo saa, sukoshi fushigi da na.
Onaji kouen de kinou mita yume o omoidashita
"Mou kyou wa kaerou ka" michi ni nuketa toki
Mawari no hito wa minna ue o miage kuchi o aketeita

Rakka shite kita tecchuu ga kimi o tsuranuite tsukisasaru
劈 (つんざ)く悲鳴と風鈴の音が木々の隙間で空廻り
Tsunzaku himei to fuurin no oto ga kigi no sukima de karamawari
Waza to rashii kagerou ga "Yume ja nai zo" tte waratteru
Kuramu shikai ni kimi no yokogao, waratteiru you na ki ga shita
Nando sekai ga kurande mo kagerou ga waratte ubai saru.
Kurikaeshite nan juu nen. Mou tokku ni ki ga tsuiteitaro.

Konna yoku aru hanashi nara ketsumatsu wa kitto hitotsu dake.
Kurikaeshita natsu no hi no mukou.

Batto oshinoke tobikonda, shunkan TORAKKU ni buchiataru
Chi shibuki no iro, kimi no hitomi to kishimu karada ni ranhanshashite
Monku arige na kagerou ni "Zamaa miro yo" tte warattara

Jitsu ni yoku aru natsu no hi no koto.
Sonna nanika ga koko de owatta.

Me o samashita hachigatsu juuyokka no BEDDO no ue
Shoujo wa tada

"Mata dame datta yo" to hitori neko o dakikakaeteta

(Unofficial Translation)

On August 15th, 12:30 in the afternoon,
The weather was incredibly nice
And amidst the sickening rays of the dazzling sun
I spoke with you, for I had nothing else to do

"Well, y’know, I kind of hate summer",
You boldly murmured while petting a cat

Ah, you pursued that cat as it ran away from you
And what jumped out was the traffic light that changed to a glaring red

Suddenly, a truck came out of nowhere and struck you as you screamed
Your scent, now mingled with sprayed blood, choked me
In the haze of lies, the haze of heat laughed, "This is all real!"
With that, like a cricket’s sound being disturbed, the light blue of summer darkened away

I woke up upon my bed to the sound of a ticking clock
What time is it now?

On August 14th, sometime past 12 in the morning
I recalled the sound of an awfully annoying cricket

But, y’know, it’s a little strange.
Yesterday, in a dream, I saw us walking in this same exact park
"Why don’t we go home now?"
The second you stepped off the pathway, everyone surrounding us
Turned their heads up to the sky and opened their mouths

From the sky, down dropped an iron pole that pierced your body straight through
The sound of wind-chimes and your ripping screams filled the spaces between the park trees
In this unnatural scene, the shimmering heat laughed, "This is the real thing!"
As my vision blurred away, I glanced at your profile, and thought I saw you smiling

Countless times have had me black out in the laughing heat like this
This cycle has repeated for decades I realized that a long time ago

In this kind of clichéd story, there must only be one ending.
Beyond this repeating summer day, it has to exist.

Suddenly, I pushed you aside and jumped into the street; at that moment, the truck slammed into me
Your eyes and my twisted body were like hazy reflections of the blood that sprayed everywhere
If that praiseful heat haze laughed, “Serves you right!” again

Then this would be what you’d call a normal summer day.
But all of that ended today.

On August 14th, a girl awoke upon her bed
And she said,

"I failed this time, too..." as she cradled a single cat.[1]


  • When the song was first uploaded, it quickly gained views, becoming Jin's most popular song, and in turn the most popular song in the series.
  • It is also Jin's first song to reach Hall of Fame on Niconico.[2]
  • As of November 2019, it has reached over 6,900,000 million views on Niconico and over 11,000,000 million views on YouTube.
  • It also gave the Project its name.
  • Heat Haze is a type of inferior mirage experienced when viewing objects through a layer of heated air.
  • There is another translation of this song, "Kagerou Days"; however, the more common official translation for the song's title is "Kagerou Daze".
  • Wannyanpoo's fan-made MV was so popular, that for a time the extent people were confused with Hiyori's official appearance and Wannyanpoo's fan-made version of her. Wannyanpoo only joined the official producer team after the release of this fan-made video.
  • Incidentally, the never-ending world that Azami created is also known under the name Kagerou Daze.
  • The black cat (in the Novels timeline only) was revealed to be Kano, who used his eye ability to make himself appear as a cat. This is not the same case for Routes that occur outside of the Novels timeline, including the Music timeline. [3]
  • In Wannyanpoo's fan-made MV of the song, the truck says Jin and it features a Headphone Actor and Ene doll at the end of the video.
  • It was voted as the #9 Kagerou Project song in the KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019.[4]


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