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Eye Abilities

Eye Abilities (目の能力 Me no Nōryoku) are powers derived from Azami's snakes, which are the physical manifestations of her wishes. Each snake's set of abilities is based on the wish that created them.[1][2][3] After Azami gave the Snake of Combining Eyes to Marry, the snakes began to leave the Kagerou Daze by joining with deceased humans who entered it and have similar wishes to those that created them.[4][5][6][7] This, in turn, gives these humans a surrogate life to return to the real world with and the snake's Eye Ability.[7][8][9][10] Generally, those with eye abilities initially do not have much control over their Eye Abilities and can only perform its basic function, but they can train themselves to control and further use their powers. When the abilities are activated, the users' eyes turn red and can become similar to those of a snake.[11][12][13][14] In the manga, the abilities are illustrated by a gradient screentone over their users' eyes to counter the monochrome color palette.

List of Eye Abilities

Concealing Eyes (目を隠す Me wo Kakusu)[13][15]

Tsubomi Kido

Kido can use Concealing Eyes to divert attention away from herself, people, and objects within two meters of herself at standard usage, making it seem as if they are invisible and unable to be heard.[3][13][15][16] Physical contact, however, can break the effect.[13][14][17] Furthermore, it is weak against people who are familiar with the person(s) and/or objects that are being concealed, such as Shintaro to his sister, Momo,[13][16] or the Snake of Clearing Eyes to the Mekakushi Dan.[18] When she was younger, she had trouble controlling her ability, and parts of herself would "disappear" when she got upset, particularly when she felt intense sadness.[6][7][19][20] Kido feared that she would ultimately disappear and be lost forever.[3][21][22] She has since practised to control her ability and can even use it to suppress Momo's Drawing Eyes.[3][13][16]
Kido can vary the intensity and preciseness with which she hides herself or others; for example, she can conceal herself even from others already being hidden by her ability[23] and can hide herself completely while only partially suppressing Momo's ability.[13][17] When using her ability at full strength, she can apply it to outside of a two-meter radius, especially when the objects are interconnected, like a building.[24] Kido's ability also allows her to conceal her own memories, though she does this only with Azami's guidance in the Kagerou Daze[6] and she forgot about this specific power.[25] Concealing Eyes can also affect virtual objects, such as Takane's crosshairs and/or the pig enemies in the Headphone Actor game.[26][27][28] When using her eye ability on a chatroom in Mekakucity Talkers, she can make parts of her messages appear deleted on the spot.[29]


Azami could use Concealing Eyes to not only fade herself and others out of notice[30] but also "conceal" someone's senses from themselves. She could do this to such an extent that her target could no longer be capable of recognizing sound, light or even their own heartbeat.[2] In the Novel Route, Kano speculates that, when used alongside a strengthened Combining Eyes, Concealing Eyes could make it impossible for all of humanity to recognize anything in the world.[2] Also in this Route, it is shown that this was the first eye ability to be taken from Azami after she relinquished Combining Eyes.[6]

Marry Kozakura

In both the Novel Route and Manga Route 2, Marry gains the Snake of Concealing Eyes and is able to use its abilities to their full extent with Combining Eyes and Azami's memories. She, just like Kido and her grandmother, uses it to conceal herself and others,[31][32] which she could do even in an unconscious manner.[33] In Manga Route 2, she uses it to conceal her target's senses from everything but herself, making them perceive the world around them as a white void.[34] Later, she uses it to hide a herd of animals, who were preparing to create a landslide to crush the Snake of Clearing Eyes with. The range of her Concealing Eyes in this scene is far larger than Kido's usual two meters.[35]

Stealing Eyes (目を盗む Me wo Nusumu)[36][37]

Kousuke Seto

Seto's ability allows him to read information from his target's mind.[3][21][36][38] He can also understand animals with his eye ability,[12][30][39][40] though they cannot necessarily understand him.[41] When using his ability at full strength, he can read people's true feelings and memories,[36][42][43] even from past Routes.[36] Before he met Marry, Seto would have trouble controlling the time of activation, intensity and radius of his eye ability.[21][44] He sometimes would be able to read the thoughts and emotions of everyone in the entire city, and, even in the present day of the plot, he is still susceptible to occasionally losing control of his ability, such as when he experiences intense psychological distress.[32] One earlier incident caused him to run away to the forest, where he meets Marry for the first time.[30][36][38][43] Since learning how to control his ability, he has expressed disliking to use it on humans and will only do so when necessary.[2][3] He tends to avoid crowded spaces to lower the chances of activating his ability by accident.[7][45] In Mekakucity Actors, he uses Stealing Eyes on Shintaro during the terrorist mall incident to confirm his plan with Kano,[14] and, later, he reads Kano's memories of his past with the Snake of Clearing Eyes and Ayano to understand his situation.[24] In Mekakucity Talkers, he can use this ability to vaguely "read" others' thoughts regarding certain messages in the chatroom.[29]


Azami could use Stealing Eyes to read the minds and thoughts of animals, humans, and even plants.[37][46][47] However, even she did not have full control of this ability and sometimes activated it without intending to.[37][46] In the Anime Route, she uses this ability to read a person's specific memories to find out what happened to her missing husband.[30]

Deceiving Eyes (目を欺く Me wo Azamuku)[4][13]

Shuuya Kano

Kano's ability allows him to change how others perceive him and control how he looks, sounds, and even feels to others.[3][4][13][48] He can only apply Deceiving Eyes onto himself and not onto other people or objects.[13][48] To use Deceiving Eyes to impersonate someone or something else, he needs to know as much as about it as possible, including appearance, sound, and even smell.[19][49] Pain usually nullifies his ability because it is how he is able to identify himself,[49] but that can fail if he is under extreme psychological distress.[50] Kano learned how to control his ability relatively early compared to his other two adopted siblings.[19][21] Kano can make himself seem like an animal, such as a cat, to the point of even simulating the feeling of its fur,[21] but he is unable to truly transform his physical characteristics and has so far failed to be able to make himself perceived as inanimate objects like a plane, sōmen or Australia.[20][40][51] When using his eye ability on a chatroom in Mekakucity Talkers, he can "edit" parts of his messages on the spot.[29]


Azami could use Deceiving Eyes to temporarily change how others perceived her. In the Anime Route, she uses this ability to appear as a giant snake.[30] In the Novel Route, Kano speculates that, when used alongside a strengthened Combining Eyes, Deceiving Eyes could be used to create illusions that extend far beyond their user, with enough reach to affect all people in the world.[2]

Marry Kozakura

Marry gains this ability in both Manga Route 2 and the Novel Route. In the Novel Route, she uses it to hide the changes in her appearance caused by a strengthened Combining Eyes.[43]

Locking Eyes (目を合わせる Me wo Awaseru)[11][13]


Azami's ability allowed her to turn people who look at her eyes into stone. She could do this to multiple targets at once when using it with Drawing Eyes.[30][37][46] Unlike the other eye abilities, this power is not linked to one of Azami's snakes, as both Shion and Marry inherited it.[11][30][52][53]

Shion Kozakura

Shion's ability also allowed her to turn a target into stone. However, using her ability caused much strain to her body, and one use was enough to make her cough blood and collapse.[11][30][52]

Marry Kozakura

Marry's ability is not as complete as her mother's or grandmother's power, as she is not able to turn people into stone, but instead she can temporarily paralyze others when they meet her gaze.[3][11][13][16] Those hit by Locking Eyes seem to remain conscious during the time they stay paralyzed.[54][55] This ability can also affect virtual objects; for example, in the Novel Route, she uses it to freeze her digital enemies and attain a perfect score on the Headphone Actor video game.[32] When using this ability alongside a strengthened Combining Eyes, Marry is able to fully petrify her target without repercussions, just like Azami.[56] In Mekakucity Talkers, she projects Locking Eyes' effect through the group chatroom, which causes everyone's messages to send unfinished as they are temporarily paralyzed in real life.[29]

Combining Eyes (目を合体せる Me wo Awaseru)[8][9]

Marry Kozakura

Marry's Combining Eyes comes from what was originally Azami's "Queen Snake"[6][9][30] and has many powerful abilities. Some of these abilities are automatic; for example, Combining Eyes naturally draws the other snakes and their owners towards Marry, which is what causes the Mekakushi Dan to meet in every Route.[7][57][58] It automatically makes Marry absorb a snake if its owner has died,[2][33][56] although she can also do this to any nearby living snake owner at her own will,[59] and it becomes stronger with each snake absorbed.[57][2] A strengthened Combining Eyes alters her appearance, causing scales to appear on her cheeks and arms, shortening her hair with long, white snake-like projections below it and giving her red eyes with prominent snake-like pupils. Details of this appearance change across different media.[2][8][33][56][59]
Combining Eyes has time and reality-affecting abilities that grow stronger with the more snakes Marry has in her possession. With two snakes, she can open a portal to the Kagerou Daze,[60] although she may still struggle to do so even with more snakes.[61] With around five snakes, she can take control of the Kagerou Daze and change its nature, such as undoing Azami's command to only allow those on the brink of death to enter it,[2][61][62] and with more she can rewind the world back to its beginning.[2][8][34][56][59][63][64] Rewinding the world is the result of Marry's despair over the "Tragedy", which is when the Snake of Clearing Eyes attacks and kills her friends and what makes her desperately wish to have one more chance to see them again.[8][18][30][56][59][62][63][64] This is how she instinctively uses Combining Eyes in Routes where she does not rationally learn how to use its abilities.[8][18][56][59]
As its name suggests, Combining Eyes allows Marry to "combine" and simultaneously use multiple eye abilities.[2][34] In Manga Route 2, Mekakucity Actors, and implied in the Novel Route, Marry learns how to better control its "combining" abilities and how to control the Kagerou Daze through memories that Ayano sends to her with Favoring Eyes.[34][59][65] In Manga Route 2 and the Novel Route, Ayano sends her Azami's memories,[2][66][67] while in Mekakucity Actors it is unclear whether she sends Marry Azami's memories, Shintaro's memories from previous Routes, or both.[59] Marry can directly command and subjugate other snakes that are not in her body, an ability which manifests in the form of black, whip-like bindings.[35] By simply expressing intense emotions in this state, Marry can generate enough pressure to shatter windows and cause explosions,[34][59] and she can float in the air.[59] Combining Eyes also allows her to create new snakes based on her strong emotions and wishes; in Manga Route 2, she uses her wish to "never forget the Tragedy" to turn Ayano into the Snake of Retaining Eyes.[62] It is unknown if this was only possible because Ayano already had a substituted life from the Snake of Favoring Eyes.


Azami used this ability to keep her snakes and their abilities under control and at full force,[6][9][30] allowing her to use them without being overpowered by their instinctive desire to grant wishes. However, if a wish a snake seeks to grant is too strong, Combining Eyes might be unable to control it.[2] She used this power to combine all of her other abilities to create the Kagerou Daze.[9][68][69][70] Combining Eyes was required for Azami to be able of controlling the Kagerou Daze,[9][6][30] but to change its nature she would need at least four other snakes with her.[2] She also required it to be able of using her other abilities in the Daze, and, once she lost it, she could only use Opening Eyes and Favoring Eyes.[6] Unconsciously, the Snake of Combining Eyes was initially used to create the real world around Azami to create a place where she could fulfill her first wish to understand herself.[1]

Drawing Eyes (目を奪う Me wo Ubau)[13][71]

Momo Kisaragi

Momo's ability can draw people's attention to her target regardless of their preferences.[12][22][71][72] Before meeting the Mekakushi Dan, she had difficulty controlling her ability, which she didn't know existed, and almost constantly drew attention to herself. This would cause her problems throughout her childhood, as people would be drawn to her home and find her there, leaving letters and asking for opportunities with her.[12][22][71][72][73] At full strength, it affects up to tens of thousands of people, as seen by her popular status as a new idol.[24][74] Momo can also use Drawing Eyes to make people drawn to things besides herself, such as her art pieces and creations, songs, posters of her, her text messages, and webpages.[29][72][75]
Once she became aware of her ability, she realizes she can also use it to sense where people's attention is drawn to, whether it be on her or on something else.[3][13][76] In the terrorist incident, she uses Drawing Eyes to guide people's attention to Marry's gaze, whose Locking Eyes then temporarily paralyze the terrorists and hostages.[3][13][76] In the Novel Route and Mekakucity Actors, she uses Drawing Eyes to draw huge crowds of people to the Snake of Clearing Eyes' building, causing a massive scene with media coverage.[24][74] In the Music, Novel, and Anime Routes' versions of Otsukimi Recital, she also uses Drawing Eyes to show Hibiya, who is depressed over losing Hiyori to the Kagerou Daze, her determination and belief in him.[24][77][78] The Music and Novel versions of these scenes also show that Momo can use Drawing Eyes to turn on light sources by attracting light itself.[77][78] Her control over her powers eventually strengthens to the point that she is able to regulate the degree of attention drawn to her targets.


Azami could use this ability to such an extent that her targets lost focus of anything besides her entirely, making them drop anything they might be holding and fall to their knees.[30][37][46] She used this ability along with Focusing Eyes to find the "least noticed place in the world" in an attempt to escape from humans for good.[37][46]

Marry Kozakura

Marry gains this ability in the Novel and Manga Routes, which she can use it to draw someone's attention and make them lose complete focus on their surroundings.[34] She can use it even while unconscious.[33]

Opening Eyes (目が覚める Me ga Sameru)[79][80]

Takane Enomoto

Takane's ability allows her to split her consciousness from her body.[80][81][82] She cannot manifest her spirit-self "Ene" in the real world;[82] instead, it becomes a cyber-being that resides in and possesses electronic devices.[79][80][81][83] In this form, Takane can navigate through the internet as if it were an alternate world.[14][79][84][85] She has been shown to be able to hack computer systems,[14][86][87] extract information from them, travel through e-mails, rearrange and delete files, activate alarms,[14][88][87] record voice samples and use them to impersonate others[84][89][90] and track GPS signals.[91] Her activity in electronic devices greatly consumes their battery, and she remains unharmed when they die from losing power.[92] She can use her ability to send chatroom and presumably all digital messages as fast as her own thoughts.[93]
While using this power, her body loses consciousness,[59][94] and, while she does not feel hunger or sleep, her body still requires nourishment, so it can die if not taken care of.[29][95] Takane can die if the device that her spirit-self is currently residing in is destroyed.[18][43] It has been implied that being "deleted" can also kill her,[96][97] but Shintaro has confirmed that she can simply come back as if nothing happened if she is deleted from a device that has an intact connection to the internet.[87] Therefore, the details about killing her by "deletion" are currently unknown.


While she was in the real world, Azami did not need to eat or sleep to survive, likely thanks to this ability.[69][98][99] It is shown in the novels that, when she was unable to move her physical form in the Kagerou Daze, Azami used this ability to manifest her spirit-self and stay "alive" there. This and Favoring Eyes were the only abilities she could use in the Daze after she gave Combining Eyes away.[6] When she gives the Snake of Opening Eyes to Takane, Azami loses her spirit and is left on the brink of "disappearing".[67]

Marry Kozakura

Marry gains this ability in both Manga Route 2 and the Novel Route. In the Manga Route, she uses the ability to project her spirit into an empty Mekakushi Dan hideout and make herself appear standing over a fallen TV screen.[34] Her projected spirit can use her other eye abilities as if she were physically at the scene itself.[66] Unlike Takane, she does not seem to lose consciousness while using Opening Eyes.[66] In the Novel Route, she uses it to turn into a cyber-being like Ene.[43]

Focusing Eyes (目を凝らす Me wo Korasu)[8][100]

Hibiya Amamiya

Hibiya gains the Snake of Focusing Eyes in most Routes and can use its eye ability to perceive objects, locations, and people from any distance and at an aerial view.[59][77][78] If he looks at an object, he can see a vision of its owner, but it will not work if that person is in his direct field of vision.[78] He has been shown to require a lot of effort and concentration to use his ability,[59][78] though this may be because he gains his ability the most recently out of all the Dan members. Using it for prolonged periods of time exhausts him.[94] In the Novel Route, it is shown that, with practice, he can recall all kinds of visual and spatial information about his target as long as he has an image of it in his mind. For example, he obtains entire floor plans of the Snake of Clearing Eyes' hideout, down to the last detail, simply by looking at a picture of Kenjirou.[54] In that same scene, he spots approaching enemies before Shintaro's group can see them in person.[54] Later, he develops Focusing Eyes to work over phone waves, which allows him to use Momo's phone to locate and connect directly to Shintaro's phone in the Kagerou Daze and speak with him and the others there.[101]

Hiyori Asahina

In Manga Route 2, Hiyori gains the Snake of Focusing Eyes[102] and can use its abilities to find anything that she focuses her mind on.[103] However, she is unable to find a specific target if they change their appearance.[103] When the Snake of Clearing Eyes attacks the Mekakushi Dan hideout, she uses Focusing Eyes to watch there from afar and learn its new appearance. Afterwards, she is able to tell whenever it is approaching and even give it an estimated arrival time based on its moving speed and distance from the group.[66]


Azami could use this ability to find things and places from an aerial point of view. She only had to use a description of something to find it. For example, she used Focusing Eyes and Drawing Eyes to find "the least noticed place in the world".[37][46] In the anime, Azami threatens to someone that if they "ran to the ends of the Earth" to hide themselves, she could find them instantly, likely thanks to this ability.[30] She could also use Focusing Eyes to watch the real world from the Kagerou Daze.[9][6][30][104] In all shown Routes, this is the last eye ability that Azami has before it is taken away from her in the present day plot.

Awakening Eyes (目を醒ます Me wo Samasu)[105][106]


Konoha's ability gives him the power to remake his body into one that its true owner, Haruka, finds "ideal". Haruka expected to die young from his hereditary illness[107][108], so his ideal body was initially healthy and supernaturally strong to be able to "make friends" with.[5][83][109][110] However, Haruka rejected his remade body, which looked like his video game avatar Konoha, and his body in turn rejected him because of his "meager spirit", so the Snake of Awakening Eyes assumed control of his body instead, leaving Haruka trapped in the Daze.[5][81][83][105][110]
Konoha has enormous fighting prowess[54][59][84] and is strong enough to break the floor and ceiling above Kenjrou's lab with just his fist in Mekakucity Actors,[59] which requires 0.3 to 1 Ton of force to be accomplished.[111] He can reach over hundreds of meters in the air with a single jump, and also leap horizontally by that much.[92][112][113] He is also very resistant, being able to break inside a building through a window without a single scratch while perfectly shielding Hiyori,[5] and the Snake of Clearing Eyes even expresses surprise that his "indestructible body" can be wounded by a gunshot.[59] In Mekakucity Talkers, Momo claims that Konoha is faster than a bullet train,[114] which is roughly 320 km/hour (199 miles/hour).[115] In the tweets accompanying the Seek at Mekakucity event, Konoha swam from Japan to another country (apparently an European one) in just 40 minutes.[113] In the Novel Route, Konoha is able to heal from a fatal injury with this ability, which appears as multiple black snakes wrapping around his body.[106]

Haruka Kokonose

Despite being deprived of his body while in the Daze, Haruka still maintains a connection with it, which allows him to be aware of everything that Konoha hears and sees.[110] This extends to what Konoha experiences both outside and inside the Kagerou Daze.[116][117] However, whenever the Snake of Clearing Eyes takes over his body, Haruka's connection with it is severed,[117] although the last episode of Mekakucity Actors suggests this severance may not be absolute.[59] In the novels, it is said that Haruka's spirit is too weak to handle a supernaturally strong body like Konoha's,[110] which is possibly why, when he retrieves it in Mekakucity Actors, he remakes his body into one that sometimes requires him to use a wheelchair.[59][118] His newest body also has a new hair color, and he keeps the circles on Konoha's right cheek, though they are black like his birthmark instead of pink.[59][118][119]


Azami could use Awakening Eyes to remake her body at will and be virtually indestructible. When in use, it would appear as a mass of black snakes that completely surrounded her before revealing her new form.[9][30] She could use this ability to heal from several fatal gunshots and presumably other otherwise lethal wounds.[30][37][46] In the Novel Route, she mentions that she drowned many times while trying to cross the sea, implying that Awakening Eyes repeatedly revived her.[120] She first used this ability to create her body from scratch, having changed her form several times before sticking to the humanoid appearance she is known for. She maintained her current form as her primary one despite finding it fragile and inconvenient for locomotion,[46][120] and it is unknown if she could have drastically changed herself from it anymore.

Snake of Clearing Eyes

The Snake of Clearing Eyes forcefully suppresses Konoha's conscience when possessing him,[8][33][59][121] although Konoha can sometimes resist its influence, even if temporarily.[1][97] It uses Awakening Eyes' appearance-altering abilities to change Konoha's color scheme to a black, gray and yellow one upon possession, and it can skillfully use Konoha's superhuman strength and speed.[8][18][59][121] For example, in the manga, it causes a landslide with a single kick,[35] and, in the novels, it causes an explosion with a single step to propel itself towards Marry at a breakneck speed.[2]
Thanks to its wide degree of knowledge, it is able to use Awakening Eyes in ways that Azami and Konoha never have. For example, in the Novel Route, it uses Awakening Eyes to rebuild its body molecule by molecule to gain immunity against Concealing Eyes.[2] A similar feat occurs in Manga Route 2,[66] although it is unknown whether this was done by the same method as the one shown in the Novel Route. Also in Manga Route 2, it rebuilds itself and its appearance to avoid being detected by Focusing Eyes,[1] and later it further rebuilds Konoha's body to become immune to even Combining Eyes' direct commands.[35] It also displays Awakening Eyes' regenerative properties, as it manages to quickly recover after being buried underneath a landslide.[122] Awakening Eyes' power manifests as a black aura, and sometimes in the form of snakes, when the Snake of Clearing Eyes uses it.[1][8][59][121]

Clearing Eyes (目が冴える Me ga Saeru)[106][123]


The Snake of Clearing Eyes seems to hold power over "knowledge" itself.[7][9][82][123] In the Novel Route, Shintaro refers to it as "a living encyclopedia with a full grasp of everything from the start of civilization up to modern science".[82] Manga Route 2 shows that it knows more about Azami's true nature, history and abilities than even Azami herself.[1] Due to its sentience, it can directly advise its owner on how to fulfill their current biggest desire, such as when it tells Azami how to create the Kagerou Daze so that she can stay there forever with her family[9][69][70] or when guiding Kenjirou on how to bring his wife, Ayaka, back from the Daze.[10][24][123] With its human owners, it can take possession of its owner's body at will,[5][7][73][124] though for Kenjirou it only did this past sunset, likely to not cause any suspicion from its host. Its human hosts have no memories of what the Snake of Clearing Eyes does while controlling them.[24][82][125] It can jump from its previous master to Konoha as long as there is prolonged physical touch between them,[8][54][59][125] even if it's under the effect of Locking Eyes.[54] It is unknown if it can take other hosts and fully possess them besides Konoha, who is technically host-less. Jumping to Konoha kills its previous host, as they lose the surrogate life that it provides.[8][54]
The Snake of Clearing Eyes is extremely manipulative and has a wide degree of knowledge; for example, when possessing Kenjirou it was able to amass a great amount of money and power and even change parts of the city with its influence,[7][10] such as creating an entire building and underground laboratory for its scientific experiments.[24][74][81][123] It also hired a large number of men and organizations, including entire police departments, to do its bidding.[24][54] Its influence even extends to the media, which prevented Ayano, Haruka and Takane's deaths from being fully reported on the news.[82] It is also strong willed enough to resist being subjugated by Combining Eyes, thanks both to the strength of Azami's wish of wanting to know who she is[1][2] and by knowing and using Awakening Eyes' full potential.[35] This could be why, when Marry forcefully extracts the snakes residing in the Mekakushi Dan in Mekakucity Actors, the Snakes of Clearing Eyes and Awakening Eyes are not pulled in with the others.[59] The Snake of Clearing Eyes has shown to remember past Routes,[8][59] although whether that is to the extent provided by Retaining Eyes is unknown. To prevent itself from "disappearing" and thus losing sentience and possibly its own existence, the Snake of Clearing Eyes avoids completely fulfilling its owner's biggest desire and instead uses them and their wish for its own plan to rewind the world.[5][59][126]

Favoring Eyes (目をかける Me wo Kakeru)[59][68]

Ayano Tateyama

Ayano's eye ability allows her to instantly project her own (and possibly other people's) emotions, thoughts, and memories onto others,[59][67][127][128] which she refers to as "the power of caring".[59] In the Novel Route, Azami teaches her how to use this ability by sharing her memories with her, which Ayano tells Shintaro about by using the ability on him.[67] It is implied that she uses this knowledge to share Azami's memories with Marry,[65] which allows Azami to temporarily manifest in Marry's body[129] and, later, for Marry to know how to use Combining Eyes with her other eye abilities.[43] Ayano did not have to leave the Kagerou Daze to accomplish this feat,[65][67] which shows that Favoring Eyes possibly has a considerable range of action. In Mekakucity Actors, Shintaro tells her to transfer instructions of how to control the Kagerou Daze, which he recalled with Retaining Eyes, to Marry to teach her how to control the Daze.[59][130]
In Manga Route 2, Ayano first uses this ability to express her hatred towards Marry directly into her mind.[131] In the present day plot, she uses Favoring Eyes to show Hibiya Azami's memories, which she observed in the Kagerou Daze from the Snake of Favoring Eyes itself.[132] Later, at Shintaro's suggestion, she transfers Azami's memories to Marry, which helps her learn how to utilize Combining Eyes with the other abilities she has,[66] and, afterwards, to Kano so that he can impersonate Azami and stall the Snake of Clearing Eyes.[122] She also uses it to ask the forest animals to cause a landslide onto the Snake of Clearing Eyes. This scene also shows that she does not need direct eye contact to send her thoughts to a group of individuals with Favoring Eyes.[35]


Azami created the Snake of Favoring Eyes to be able to convey to her newborn daughter Shion just how much she loves her.[47][59] She called this ability her "heart".[67] In the Novel Route, she explains that this and Opening Eyes were the only abilities she could still use in the Kagerou Daze after she gave the Snake of Combining Eyes away, and she uses it to teach Kido how to use Concealing Eyes to erase her own memories.[6] Later, she uses it on Ayano to share her memories with her before "disappearing".[67] It is implied that Ayano gains Azami's memories through her last use of Favoring Eyes in all Routes.

Retaining Eyes (目に焼き付ける Me ni Yakitsukeru)[24][97]

Shintaro Kisaragi

Shintaro's eye ability allows him to remember everything that he sees as long as the Snake of Retaining Eyes is also watching through his eyes.[133] Shintaro gains this ability after Manga Route 2's ending, when Ayano has Marry trade her own life, which was substituted by the Snake of Favoring Eyes, to become the Snake of Retaining Eyes.[62][128] Unlike the other snake owners, he has this ability since before birth in all subsequent Routes.[70] He sometimes unknowingly uses Retaining Eyes before fully activating it, such as in Mekakucity Actors when it causes him to recall Haruka when he first meets Konoha[134] and in Kagerou Daze -in a day's-, as indicated by his red eyes.
Upon fully activating his ability, he can recall his memories from past Routes and talk to the Snake of Retaining Eyes while conscious.[24] It is implied that, in every Route after Manga Route 2, Retaining Eyes makes him subconsciously remember past Routes and easily recall things, which allows him to obtain perfect scores on tests and arcade games.[135][136][27][28][24] For example, he can know all the answers to an upcoming exam after only observing the required information once.[82][137] That trait might also subconsciously help him to come up with complex plans and predict people's behavior even while under great stress and danger,[14][54][59][67][86][87] although he has shown to be able to do this before obtaining Retaining Eyes.[66]


  • The names of the certain abilities have been inconsistent throughout the series' medias.
    • In Outer Science, there is a line which is written as gattaisaseru (合体させる), but sung and noted as a parenthetical in the lyrics as awaseru (あわせる). These kanji match the way Combining Eyes is usually written in the manga and novels, 合体せる, which is likewise indicated with furigana to be pronounced as awaseru.
    • Both Opening and Awakening are spelled samasu (覚ます and 醒ます) on the official website[138][139] and sameru (覚める and 醒める) in the manga,[9] but in the last novel, they are referred to as sameru and samasu respectively.[2][43] Current Japanese name spellings listed are based off the last novel volume.
  • There are several instances of inconsistent translation of the eye ability names across the official English translations of Kagerou Project media.
    • Concealing Eyes is called both that and 'Hiding Eyes' in the eighth novel.[2][43]
    • Combining Eyes is called 'Locking Eyes' in volumes 8 and 9 of the manga and the eighth novel.[2][9][43][131] It is also called 'Commanding Eyes' in volume 13 of the manga.[35][66][122]
    • Drawing Eyes is called 'Captivating Eyes' in the fourth and seventh novels.[37][54][74]
    • Opening Eyes is called 'Stirring Eyes' in the fourth novel[106] and 'Awakening Eyes' in volumes 12 and 13 of the manga.[34][66] The seventh novel has it referred to as both 'Opening' and 'Awakening'.[6][82]
    • Awakening Eyes is called 'Shaping Eyes' in volume 13 of the manga[35] and 'Focusing Eyes' in the seventh novel.[82]
    • Favoring Eyes is called 'Projecting Eyes' in the seventh novel.[6]
    • Retaining Eyes is called 'Imprinting Eyes' in volume 13 of the manga.[62][133]

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