Eye Abilities

Eye Abilities (目の能力 Me no Nōryoku) are powers derived from Azami's snakes, which are the physical manifestations of her wishes. Each snake's set of abilities is based on the wish that created them. After Azami gave the Snake of Combining Eyes to Marry, the snakes began to leave the Kagerou Daze by joining with deceased humans who entered it and have similar wishes to those that created them. This, in turn, gives these humans a surrogate life to return to the real world with and the snake's Eye Abilities. Generally, those without Combining Eyes initially do not have much control over their Eye Abilities and can only perform its basic function, but they can train themselves to control and further use their powers. When the abilities are activated, the users' eyes turn red and become similar to those of a snake.

List of Eye Abilities

Ability Information User
Concealing Eyes
Me o Kakusu)

Kido's ability can divert attention away from herself, people, and objects within two meters of herself, making it seem as if they are invisible. Physical contact and familiarity with the concealed person(s) and/or objects, however, can break the effect. She has practiced to control her ability and can use it to suppress Momo Kisaragi's own ability.[1] When using her ability at full strength, she can apply it to objects outside of a two-meter radius, especially when the objects are interconnected, like a building.[2] Kido's ability also allows her to conceal her own memories, though she does this with Azami's guidance in the Kagerou Daze.[3]
Tsubomi Kido
Azami's ability not only allows her to fade out of notice, but she can also "conceal" someone's senses from themselves. She can do this to such an extent that the targeted person is no longer capable of recognizing sound, light or even their own heartbeat.[4]Azami
In both the novel route and manga 2 route, Marry gains this ability. She, just like Kido and her grandmother, uses it to conceal herself and others.[5] In the manga, she uses it to conceal her and her target's surroundings, making them appear as if they were standing in a white world of nothingness.[6]Marry Kozakura
Stealing Eyes
Me o Nusumu)

Seto's ability allows him to read information from his target's mind.[7] He can also understand animals with his eye ability, though they cannot necessarily understand him.[8] When using his ability at full strength, he can read people's true feelings and memories.[9]
Kousuke Seto
Azami's ability also allows her to read people's minds. In the anime, she also used this ability to read a person's memories.[10]Azami
Deceiving Eyes
Me o Azamuku)

Kano's ability can change what people around him see and show them something different, but he can only use it on himself, meaning he cannot change the appearances of others.[11] Pain usually nullifies his ability.
Shuuya Kano
Locking Eyes
Me o Awaseru)
Azami's ability allows her to turn people who look at her eyes into stone. She can do this to multiple targets at once with Drawing Eyes.[12] Azami
Shion's ability also allows her to turn a target into stone. However, using her ability causes much strain to her body and physically weakens her.[13]Shion Kozakura
Marry's ability is not as complete as her mother's or grandmother's power as she is not able to turn people into stone, but instead can temporarily paralyze them when they meet her gaze.Marry Kozakura
Combining Eyes
Me o Gattaisareru)
Marry also has the ability to combine the powers of the other snakes, allowing her to absorb them when their owner dies or at her own will. Combining Eyes's abilities grow stronger with the more snakes she has in her possession; around five snakes allow her to control the Kagerou Daze, and with more she can rewind the world back to its beginning. A strengthened Combining Eyes also alters her appearance, causing scales to appear on her cheeks and shortening her hair with long, snake-like projections below it. Combining Eyes naturally causes the other snakes and their owners to be drawn towards it.Marry Kozakura
Azami used this ability to keep her snakes of the ten abilities under control. This allows her to use the full force of her abilities. She can also use this ability to control the Kagerou Daze, but if she wants to change its nature she would need at least half of her abilities.[14]Azami
Drawing Eyes
Me o Ubau)
Momo's ability can draw peoples' attention, regardless of their preferences in tastes or interests.[8] Her ability has shown to have a wide radius of several blocks and can draw in large crowds.[15] She can also sense where people's attention is drawn to, whether it be on her or on something else.[16]Momo Kisaragi
Azami can use this ability to such an extent that her targets can lose focus of anything besides her entirely, making them drop anything they might be holding and fall to their knees.[17] She used this ability along with Focusing Eyes to find the "least noticed place in the world" in an attempt to escape from humans for good.[18] Azami
Marry gains this ability in the novel and manga routes and can use it to draw someone's attention and make them lose complete focus on their surroundings.[6]Marry Kozakura
Opening Eyes
Me o Samasu)

Takane's ability allows her to split her conscious from her body. She cannot manifest her spirit-self "Ene" in the real world[19]; instead, it becomes a cyber-being that resides in and can possess electronic devices.[20] While using this power, her body loses consciousness.[21]
Takane "Ene" Enomoto
Azami, unable to move her physical form in the Kagerou Daze, used this ability to manifest her spirit-self and stay "alive" there. [22]Azami
Marry gained this ability in both Manga Route 2 and the novel route. In the manga route, she uses the ability to project herself over a TV screen.[23] In the novel route, however, she used it to turn into cyber-being like Ene.[24]Marry Kozakura
Focusing Eyes
Me o Korasu)

Hibiya's eye ability allows him to perceive objects, locations, and people that are far away, from an aerial view.[25] If he looks at an object he can see a vision of its owner, but it will not work if that person is in his direct vision.[26] In the novel route, he developed his ability to work over phone waves. This allows him to connect directly to phones in the Kagerou Daze and speak with the people there. [27] His ability has shown to require a lot of concentration, though this may be because he gains his ability the most recently out of all the Dan members.
Hibiya Amamiya
Hiyori can use her ability to find anything that she focuses her mind on, but it doesn't work if she doesn't know the appearance of what she's looking for.[28] Hiyori Asahina (manga only)
Azami's ability is the same as the other two. However, she only has to use a description of something to find it. For example, she used Focusing Eyes and Drawing Eyes to find "the least noticed place in the world".[29] Azami
Awakening Eyes
Me o Samasu)
Konoha's ability gives him the power to remake his body into one that his creator, Haruka, finds "ideal". As Haruka was physically weak and sickly, this meant for him to become healthy and supernaturally strong. However, Haruka rejected the body so his snake assumed control of the body instead, leaving Haruka trapped in the Daze.[30] In the novel route, Konoha is able to heal from a fatal injury with this ability, which appears as multiple black snakes wrapping around his body.[31] Konoha
Azami's ability gives her the power to remake her body at will, surrounding her with a mass of black snakes. She can use this ability to heal from several fatal gunshots and presumably other otherwise lethal wounds.[32]Azami
The snake of the Clearing eyes can forcefully suppress the Snake of Awakening Eyes when possessing Konoha and use its abilities. It generally changes Konoha's color scheme to a black and a yellow one upon possession. In Manga Route 2, he changes his appearance further to avoid being detected by Focusing Eyes.[33] In both the novel and manga routes, he uses Awakening Eyes to rebuild his body molecule by molecule and gain immunity against Concealing Eyes.[34]Snake of Clearing Eyes
Clearing Eyes
Me ga Saeru)

Due to its sentience, the Snake of Clearing Eyes can directly advise its owner on how to fulfill their biggest desire, such as when it tells Azami how to create the Kagerou Daze.[35] With its human owners, it can take possession of its owner's body at will once the sun starts to set.[36] Clearing Eyes has shown to be extremely manipulative, as Kenjirou was able to amass great amount of money and power and even change parts of the city with its influence.
Kenjirou Tateyama
Hiyori Asahina (anime only)
Hibiya Amamiya
Favoring Eyes
Me o Kakeru)

Ayano's eye ability allows her to project her and possibly others' emotions, thoughts, and memories onto others, which she refers to as "the power of caring". In Manga route 2, shes uses this ability to show Hibiya Azami's memories,[37] which she observed in the Daze. In the anime, she transfers Shintaro's memories of past routes to Marry to teach her how to control the Daze. [38]
Ayano Tateyama
Retaining Eyes
Me ni Yakitsukeru)

Shintaro's eye ability allows him to remember everything he sees. Shintaro gains this ability sometime after Manga Route 2, when Ayano has Marry trade her own life to become the Snake of Retaining Eyes.[39] Unlike the other snake owners, he has this ability since before birth in all subsequent routes. Upon fully activating it, he can remember past routes that he has experienced.[40]
Shintaro Kisaragi

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