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The Kagerou Daze (カゲロウデイズ Kagerō Deizu, lit. "Heat Haze Daze"), also known as simply the Kagerou or the Daze, is a never-ending repeating world created by Azami that swallows up anybody who ends up dying on August 15.


The Kagerou Daze is a never-ending world created by Azami, who was convinced by the Snake of Clearing Eyes to make it. Azami originally intended to live in this world with her family due to the fact that humans age much faster than her, she would've outlived her husband Tsukihiko, who was human, and their daughter, Shion. Tsukihiko wanted them to have a traditional wedding, so he went back to his village to get a wedding dress, but he was detained and beaten by the villagers about Azami. While waiting for Tsukihiko to come back, Azami and Shion are attacked by villagers. Azami retaliated by using her abilities and killed all but one, and used Stealing Eyes on him and saw what happened to Tsukihiko, and she decided to enter into the Kagerou Daze alone to not cause any more suffering to him and Shion. This world was revealed to be terrible, and Azami had been tricked by the Snake of Clearing Eyes.[1][2][3][4][5]
As time passed, her daughter, Shion, as well as her granddaughter, Marry, were murdered by humans and Azami ordered the Kagerou Daze to swallow them up, resulting in the Kagerou swallowing anyone dying on August 15th. Wishing for at least her granddaughter to live, Azami gave her the Queen of the Snakes, also known as the "Snake of Combining Eyes", which would serve as a surrogate life for Marry, while Shion remained.[1][6][7][4]
Azami lost her ability to unite the snakes because of this, so she was unable to undo the order she gave to the Kagerou Daze: "Bring in the people who died on August 15 (the day of Shion and Marry's deaths)".[4] To enter the Kagerou Daze, a living creature must die on August 15th. It's possible for one of the snakes to possesses someone swallowed into the Kagerou, acting as a surrogate life and giving them an eye ability, which also makes it possible for them to leave the Kagerou, while others don't and remain inside the Kagerou Daze.[1]
Azami is able to trap the Snake of Clearing Eyes in the Kagerou Daze by regaining control of 5 of her 10 snakes in the novel but is unable to defeat him, resulting in Marry rewinding time again.[8]


Involved Cause of Death Image
Tsubomi Kido
Rin Kido
One day, her father's business went bankrupt. It drove him to set their house on fire, and the entire family was swallowed by the flames. Kido came into contact with the Kagerou Daze, along with her sister, Rin.Act 01 - Kido 01
Kousuke Seto
On a stormy day during his childhood, Seto witnessed some children trying to throw his dog friend into a river. Despite his efforts, the dog was thrown in and Seto jumped into the river in order to save it. They both ended up drowning.Act 01 - Seto 01
Shuuya Kano
Kano's mother
During his childhood, Kano went back to his apartment, after spending some time outside, and found the door unlocked. Thinking that his mother was home, Kano went inside the room, only to find his mother tied up and two men taking her jewelry. Shocked by the event, Kano tried to take the jewelry back, since he knew that his mother had worked hard to get them. However, he was overpowered by the men. When they were about to kill him, his mother took the blow. Shaken, Kano continued to resist the men and was thereupon stabbed.Act 01 - Kano 01
Marry Kozakura
Shion Kozakura
One day while Marry was playing outside against her mother's warnings, she was found by humans and almost kidnapped. Shion found her in time to turn one of the attackers into stone, but before she could use her ability on all of them, it was too late and both of them were killed with some sort of blunt object.Kuusou Forest - Marry 04
Momo Kisaragi
Momo's father
Momo was visiting the beach with her father when she got caught by the waves and drowned, resulting in her death. Her father drowned with her in an attempt to save her.Act 01 - Momo 01
Takane EnomotoDuring high school, she lost her life when someone administered her with a drug. Through a window in the dark, she was able to spot her teacher Kenjirou, who did not only have her body connected to an unusual machine, but also Konoha's, who was placed in a tank of some kind. Before being able to figure out why Haruka's video game character lived, she touched the window by accident and began to disappear.Act 01 - Ene 01
Shintaro KisaragiRoute XX: Instead of meeting the Mekakushi Dan, Shintaro remained at home, grieving over the loss of Ayano. Ene begged him to bring himself out of his sorrow and go outside, but Shintaro refused to listen to her. Eventually, he became angry and annoyed with her, which led him to get rid of her. After this, Shintaro fell into greater despair and committed suicide by slitting his throat with a pair of scissors.Act 11 - Shintaro 02
Hibiya Amamiya
Hiyori Asahina
Hibiya and Hiyori got caught in a traffic accident during summer and were both swallowed into the Kagerou Daze.Act 01 - Hibiya 01
Haruka KokonoseIn his second year of high school, he suffered a sudden stroke and lost his life. In the Kagerou Daze, he met Azami and was presented with a new body - the body of his video game character, Konoha. Haruka denied the body and was forced to stay in the Kagerou Daze as a result, while the Snake of Awakening Eyes possessed the empty body and left for the real world.Act 01 - Konoha 01
Kenjirou Tateyama
Ayaka Tateyama
Ayano Tateyama (Manga Route 2)
Kenjirou researched the Medusa's ability together with his wife, Ayaka, when they were caught in a landslide in the middle of it and lost their lives.Kagerou Daze V -the deceiving- 07
Ayano TateyamaAfter the death of her mother in the landslide, she discovered that the "Legend of the Medusa" is not just a tale, but a real phenomenon, and that her father was possessed by one of the snakes. After figuring out that the snake was following her father's wish to see her mother again and therefore planned to use those who died at August 15 to be possessed by the snakes of Azami, in order to gather around a queen snake and create a new medusa in the real world, Ayano grew increasingly concerned for the safety of her adopted siblings and involved friends from school. In order to stop her father and the snake from reaching their goal, she jumped off the roof of her school and came in contact with the Kagerou Daze, planning to gain an eye ability and stay inside of the Daze, so the snakes could not gather in the real world.Act 11 - Ayano 03


According to Haruka, the Kagerou Daze creates the scenery for its inhabitants. The scenery is a reflection of what is in someone's heart and mind. He also notes that the Kagerou Daze tends to depict people as they picture themselves, no matter how they actually look.


  • Haruka's Daze is an operating room. In the room there are a vast, almost uncountable number of IV drips, strewn all across a pure white space. The IV drips are each linked to a separate bag filled with a colorless liquid. The other ends are all connected to a single bed with white sheets. The smell of a hospital seems to hand around in this room.[9]
  • Ayano's Daze is a wooden school classroom drenched in the light of the sunset. It's filled like any old classroom with things like desks, seats, windows to the side with curtains, etc. On the other side of the windows, one can see a darkened city.[8]
  • Takane's Daze is the ruins of a city.[8]
  • Shintaro's Daze is the road he took to and from high school.[8]



  • The locations where each character is shown for the first time in the anime are the locations of their individual deaths, excluding Marry.[10]
  • Kido named the world.[11]


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