After being invited by Hiyori to go to the city with him, Hibiya delightfully accepted her request, only to be half-forced into staying for an entire summer in the city by her, whom he has unrequited feelings for.
They stayed in Hiyori's older sister Ayaka's husband's home and Hiyori falls for a boy they meet there, Konoha. Hibiya becomes intensely jealous of him.
One day, Hiyori saw a cat and chased after it. Hibiya only followed, but stopped her when he saw something strange about the cat. Hiyori, vexed, taunted him, which made him regret doing so. Hiyori then spotted Konoha standing near them. Anguished, she ran away into the streets. Hibiya tried to stop her because a truck was coming, but he was too late, and was sucked into the Heat Haze with her.


Hibiya gets spotted by Ene being together with Konoha after an accident. He gets taken to a hospital together with him.[1]