Countless black snakes with deep red eyes grow from Azami's head as her hair, which is a typical feature of a gorgon. These snakes, however, are intelligent creatures on their own, the most intelligent one being the Snake of Clearing Eyes, which is the snake that gave Azami the idea of the Heat Haze Daze in a dream she had. As Shion and Marry were murdered by humans and swallowed by the Heat Haze Daze, Azami gave Marry the Queen Snake, which is able to control all the other snakes, so she would be able to make it out again. The loss of their queen enraged the snakes enough to make them overthrow Azami under the lead of the Snake of Clearing Eyes, as she was no longer able to control the Heat Haze Daze without it. Since the Queen Snake now lived in the real world, the snakes planned to possess the bodies of humans who entered the Heat Haze Daze, in order to follow their queen and create a new gorgon in the outside world.[1]

List of Snakes

There are several named snakes in the series, who possessed the bodies of humans:
  • Although the Snake of Locking Eyes has been shown to give Azami the ability to turn people into stone, it did not possess Shion or Marry, as they inherited this ability from Azami. Shion could turn people into stone (although requiring too much energy for her to handle) and Marry can temporarily paralyze anyone who looks into her eyes.

Unique Features

Some of the snakes have shown unique characteristics through the series: