Haruka Kokonose



Kanji 九ノ瀬遥
Rōmaji Kokonose Haruka
Hair color Black
Eye color Gray-Brown
Gender Male
Species Human
Height 182 cm (6'0")[1]
Blood type O[1]
Age 19 Years[1]
Birthday December 24[1]
Occupation Student
Status Alive[2][3] (Mekakucity Actors)
Deceased / Inside the Kagerou Daze (Music Route[4], Manga Route[5], Novel Route[6], Movie)
Voice Actors
Japanese Mamoru Miyano
First Appearance
Manga 10. Yuukei Yesterday
Anime 06. Headphone Actor
Novel Kagerou Daze II -a headphone actor-

Haruka Kokonose (九ノ瀬遥 Kokonose Haruka) is a fellow student of Shintaro, Ayano and Takane, as well as the creator of Konoha.

Following an unintentional wish made by him to be reborn the body of Konoha, which he had designed as his own "ideal body", the Snake of Awakening Eyes took on Konoha's form, forcing Haruka to stay in the Heat Haze while the other would be reborn in his stead.


Haruka is an average looking boy with black hair, which grows down to his ears and is slightly longer at the back. He is shown with grayish brown eyes. Above his right cheek he has a small birth mark. Under his usual long-sleeved, dark green pullover, he wears a white shirt, which only shows through his neckline. His pants are checkered with dark gray and brown, and they slightly cover up his black shoes. In the anime, he has pale skin, which is most likely an indicator of his sickness and weak body.
In the "Summertime Record" PV a combination version of Haruka and Konoha appears. He looks much more like Haruka, with light brown hair, and wears a white shirt and black pants combined with a beige coat. His eyes appear black with some white details and he also has black circles on his right cheek like Konoha used to have.


Haruka did not care much about what people thought; he did not even seem to care when he was in nothing but his underwear in front of Takane. Haruka would often be drawing and not paying attention in class. He was known to have a serious illness that gave him a weak physical body, and as a result he was often sickly.





  • Haruka's sketch book appears to be similar to the Maruman Zuan sketchbooks, though without the writing of sketch book on it.[7]
  • Haruka was the designer of both Konoha and Takane in her "Actor" outfit. Even though these were originally their in-game characters, the designs later became what Takane wore during her time in the Heat Haze.[citation needed]
  • Haruka's mother died from the same disease he had.[8]
  • Haruka's father worked in a research lab and did not spend much time with him.[8]
  • Haruka had a live-in helper.[8]


  • "I thought this was an unreasonable idea! But thanks to you this is going to be really fun! Somehow, I'm sure of it! I'll also do my best!" - (To Takane in Yuukei Yesterday II)
  • "Takane, I may not understand why you're so worried but... it's not like I'll hate you or anything, no matter how much you change. So don't be so down about it!" - (To Takane in Yuukei Yesterday II)