Gunjou Rain
Gunjou Rain
Kanji 群青レイン
Rōmaji Gunjō Rein
English Ultramarine Rain
Song Information
Characters Shion Kozakura
Marry Kozakura
Sung by IA
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album Children Record)

The story of going into one's eyes without any pain.

—Jin's Song Introduction

Ultramarine Rain (群青レイン Gunjō Rein) is an exclusive song, which is featured on the Children Record Single.


Gunjou Rain tells a story of Marry and her mother, Shion. The latter is reading her daughter a storybook as she has troubles falling asleep, until she eventually drowses off. Shion is watching the rain outside and wishes that it could rain forever so it would stop Marry from going outside. While still sleeping, she tells Marry not to get out of the house and look at the world, and that she would not need to "meet their eyes yet". Knowing that there is a world outside that never ends to spin, she knows that Marry would one day make her own experiences and maybe find happiness.
Remembering her own past, she realizes how much she used to hate the world, but had now grown to love every single day. She thinks back of the days where she always waited with her father for her mother to return, altough she never did. As Shion dies, she is sorry that she could not tell Marry how much she loved her and that the world is about to open for her. The end of the song shows Marry on another rainy day, reading a diary her mother wrote for her, starting to cry because of the words of her mother, "I love you".

Jin's Comment

"When it's raining all day, you shouldn't spend it doing nothing at home. In this generation, there are things like TV games and the internet, so there's likely no such thing as free time. However, in the past, naturally there weren't these useful things. Reading books, drawing pictures, talking with family. Compared to this generation, there might have been significantly less enjoyable things. Surely, once the weather becomes nice, you'll want to go out right away. I would definitely do the same.
This song takes place inside of that kind of house, a story about a parent and child that pass the time without going outside. Earnestly waiting for a happiness to visit someday. I'd like this song to be listened to while imagining the very ordinary and small lifestyle of these two."[1]

Lyrics & Translation

「眠れないよ」って泣いてる 君に絵本を読んでた
"Nemurenai yo" tte naiteru kimi ni ehon o yondeta
Amaoto ga nokku shiteite
「明日も読もうね」ってまた 栞を挟んだ時には、
"Ashita mo yomou ne" tte mata shiori o hasanda toki ni wa
Kimi wa mou neiki o tsuita

「外に出たいよ」と言う それを許せないのは
"Soto ni detai yo" to iu sore o yurusenai no wa
"Kirai dakara janai" nante
都合の良いことだね 胸が苦しくなってさ
Tsugou no ii koto da ne mune ga kurushiku natte sa
"Gomen ne" kurikaeshiteta

Mawari hajimeta sekai no koto
Kimi ni mada hanasu koto mo shinai de
"Me o awashicha dame da yo" to shibatta no wa
Itsuka sekai o, sono me de suki ni naru you ni

昨日を嫌った 世界を憎んだ
Kinou o kiratta sekai o nikunda
だけどもう変わった 明日を愛せる
Dakedo mou kawatta ashita o aiseru

君も恋を知って 誰かに出会って
Kimi mo koi o shitte dareka ni deatte
Mirai o tsukuru no kana?
Beddo no ue, ureshisou ni neiki tatete
楽しみだなぁ 涙が出ちゃうくらいに
Tanoshimi da naa namida ga dechau kurai ni

夜は静けさを増す 木々の隙間で何度も
Yoru wa shizukesa o masu kigi no sukima de nando mo
Kokochi ii kaze ga mawatte
明日は晴れるのかな 胸が苦しくなっていく
Ashita wa hareru no kana mune ga kurushiku natteiku
Soto ni dashite agerenai yo

眠れなくなった言い訳 思い出しそうになってた
Nemurenaku natta iiwake omoidashisou ni natteta
Osanai koro no omoide
いつも父と二人で 母の帰りを待ってた
Itsumo chichi to futari de haha no kaeri o matteta
Mou nan-juu-nen mo tatta kedo

Hitori dake de sugoshiteta toki
Watashi mo koi o shitte nigiyaka ni natte
Kimi ga kyou mo sukoyaka na koto de itsumo
Onnaji sekai o kono me de aishite ikeru

月日が巡って 季節を過ごして
Tsukihi ga megutte kisetsu o sugoshite
涙を拭って 君が笑ってる
Namida o nugutte kimi ga waratteru

Sore dake o gyutto dakishimeitetai na
Nante omocchau keredo
Moshi mirai ga konna hibi o nokku shitara
"Daijoubu da yo" tte egao de miokoru kara

突然になったお別れ 好きになった世界に
Totsuzen ni natta o-wakare suki ni natta sekai ni
怯えちゃうようなお別れ 君の悲しそうな顔
Obiechau you na o-wakare kimi no kanashisou na kao
「ごめんね」って言えないな 「愛してる」って言いたいな
"Gomen ne" tte ienai na "aishiteru" tte iitai na
...Mou sekai ga hiraiteru

Amaoto ga nokku shiteiru
Sonna "nikki" o yondeta
Namida ga koboreteiku
Namida ga koboreteiku

(Unofficial Translation)

“I can’t sleep,” you wailed, so I read you a storybook,
As the raindrops knocked on the roof.
When I put in the bookmark, and said I’ll read it again tomorrow,
You were already snoozing away.

You say you want to go out, but the reason I don’t let you
Isn’t because I “hate you” at all.
Yes, it’s about convenience - but it pains me in my chest.
So I’ve said sorry again and again.

There’s a world starting to spin,
And I haven’t even told you about it yet.
But I tell you “don’t make eye contact” so that someday,
You and your eyes can do what you like with the world…

I hated yesterday, I hated the world,
But I’ve changed, and I’ll love tomorrow.
And might you realize love, meet someone,
And make a future of your own?

On your bed, you happily snooze,
And it makes me so happy, I’m on the verge of tears…

There’s more stillness in the night. Through the gaps in the trees,
Pleasant breezes continue to blow.
Will tomorrow be sunny? My chest starts to hurt again.
I can’t let you go outside.

Making excuses for my sleeplessness, I remember something.
A memory from my youth.
Always with my father, I waited for my mother to return,
Though I’d already waited decades.

While I spent my time alone,
I fell in love myself, and things got busy for me.
And you can love this same world today,
With your eyes, and the wonderful things you do…

Days come and go, seasons pass,
I wipe your tears, and you smile.
And for that alone, I want to hold onto you tight.
Or so I find myself thinking…

And if the future is to come knocking one of these days,
I want to send them off with reassurance and a smile.

A sudden farewell to the world I’d grown fond of.
A frightening farewell, one which leaves you so sad.
I couldn’t say I’m sorry. I wanted to say I love you.
...But the world is already opening.

As the raindrops knock on the roof,
You read that diary of mine.
And the tears spilled.
And the tears spilled.


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