Goodbye Summer Wars
Mekakucity Reload Cover 2
Kanji グッバイサマーウォーズ
Rōmaji Gubbai Samā Wōzu
English Goodbye Summer Wars
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Characters Ayano Tateyama
Album Mekakucity Reload

Goodbye Summer Wars (グッバイサマーウォーズ Gubbai Samā Wōzu) is the last track featured on the album Mekakucity Reload.


It features Ayano Tateyama talking.

Jin's Comment

❞Suddenly, and also dramatically, we are chosen as ‘protagonists’. Be it on the road to school that we are so used to taking, or in a park dyed blue, or at the corner of an isolated bedroom sinking in darkness, 'stories’ are handed over to us, and we get to write their continuation. There are certainly people dealing with loneliness out there. And also people who end up breaking down. People who met irreplaceable friends, too. Before we realize it, an all but dazzling color takes place in the 'story’ that we were bestowed with in the past. 'Summer’. What kind of colors are the aftermaths of our fights painted in, I wonder. I would be happy if, one day, I could hear about this color that was reflected in your eyes and about the 'story’ that you encountered.❞[1]

Lyrics & Translation

(To be added.)

(Unofficial Translation)

After the endroll is over,
someone will be seeing a dream today as well.

They will be looking forward to the next story
and envisioning it.

If the summer that ended will continue,
what story should we go with next time?

How will you all be laughing together,
upon having grown into adults?[2]


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