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After jumping from the rooftop, Ayano thought to herself…

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    • So Ayano talks about a revolving lantern (soumatou) which is actually a Japanese idiom. These lanterns are double layered with spinning images on them and have come to be associated with the experience before death where your life flashed before your eyes.

Oh hi every body, I’m back!I had to take a break from the channel because of convention and voice acting stuff but when this song came out, I knew there was no way I could sit still anymore. I actually was writing these lyrics while in Atlanta for AWA and got very little sleep because of it. But I was inspired after meeting so many people who told me they grew up listening to my Kagepro covers, it was really amazing. So in the very little spare time I’ve had, I was able to put this together finally! Sorry for the wait!

More notes: - Omg this video is so full of references to other songs - Toumei Answer: 0:59 - Ayano’s Theory of Happiness: 1:10 - Outer Science: 2:53 - Lost Time Memory: 1:27 - Shidu’s art is as amazing as ever jfc - This song was so high but I admired all the UTAU covers ahh - I tried to add references in my lyrics too as best I could

ORIGINAL CREDITS: ✦ Music, Guitar, Arrange, Tuning: Jin ✦ Video, Illustration: Shidu ✦ Guitar, Arrange: Gussy ✦ Bass: Shirakami Mashiro ✦ Drums: Yumao ✦ Tuning: Sakana ✦ Recording Engineer: Nagie ✦ Original:

COVER CREDITS: ✦ Vocals/Lyrics/Mix/Subs: Juby ✦ Harmony Ref: RenjiTakuma ✦ Translation Ref: 지먼, Archer's Back, Stella Shin, Tsurara Oikawa

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Falling down

Rolling the credits as I hit the ground beneath

Twisted ‘round

Spinning a lantern with a future changing without me

We met the end

Closing the curtain on a daydream fading to nothing

All I could do

Was watch and blur through... empty holes out of view

Again those years run on by

It sings in the sky, fighting the sun setting tonight

“Let’s go home, so we don’t

Lose our way, choosing the wrong road”

Way too scared to grab and hold in my hand

Instead I chose to hold it back

Let me hug him, let me pray

My lantern spins away

Calm in the night but blaze in red or flames

Writing a love I couldn’t say

See it pass me by, decay inside

Rot out the truth alive

And denying all you see, they write this story

“See you again” and all the same

I really didn’t want to say

All of the tears I couldn’t dry

All of my words, were lies were lies

Remaining friends, just you and me

I really didn’t want to be

Although you’re never to hear my thoughts

“Sorry and hey...I loved you a lot”

If I was wrong and so naive

Don’t lemme know, don’t let me see

Billowing tears won’t fade away

Soaking the sky in all the pain

Although I can’t return again

Although I can’t go home, the end

I’m hurting every day I found

When everything turned upside down

Aah, Still I fall, I see it all

My lantern fades and small

Words in the evening glow regretting alone

Dying my heart so very slow

Don’t forget them now, hold on somehow

With no one left around

And denying joy, repeat and write this story

Remaining friends, I couldn’t bare

I didn’t want to leave it there

Billowing tears that never reach

Soaking the sky I couldn’t breach

If this is wrong and so naive

Let me be wrong and so naive

All this time, I only thought:

“Sorry. And hey...I loved you a lot”

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