Ever Youth Roadshow
Mekakucity Reload (digital cover)
Kanji エバーユースロードショー
Rōmaji Ebā Yūsu Rōdoshō
English Ever Youth Roadshow
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Characters Ayano Tateyama
Album Mekakucity Reload

Ever Youth Roadshow (エバーユースロードショー Ebā Yūsu Rōdoshō) is the first track featured on the album Mekakucity Reload.


It features Ayano Tateyama talking.

Jin's Comment

❞To you who used to hate ‘adults’ and you who are no longer ‘children’. Suddenly, and also dramatically, we encounter ‘stories’ by chance. Those are emotional episodes that stem from everyday life, as well as experiences of fear that seem to invite the listener into something extraordinary. In a sense, rumors that paint everything as fictitious and all sorts of ‘stories’ never stop attracting our minds, no matter the era. Amongst the ‘stories’ that this world is filled with, there was one ‘summer story’ about certain boys and girls who were settled as main characters. The tale of their youth is tinted sometimes faint, sometimes vivid. By all means, I would like you who are still a child even now and you who have already become an adult to be dyed in a choking ‘blue’.❞[1]

Lyrics & Translation

(To be added.)

(Unofficial Translation)

Beyond the evening sunset,
there’s a sight that comes to mind even now.

At the sounds of sudden rain,
there are words that I can’t remember.

We have met again like this.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about what we couldn’t at that time,
on that day…

Let’s talk about the end of summer.[2]


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