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Enomoto Takane
Black (Takane)
Blue (Ene)
Brown (Takane)
Blue (Ene)
Cyber Girl (as Ene)
157 cm (5'1") (Takane)[1]
640 pixels (Ene)[2]
2MB[2] (Ene)
Mekakushi Dan Member No.6
Opening Eyes
Alive[4][5] (Mekakucity Actors, Movie)
Past Routes:
Deceased / Inside the Kagerou Daze (Music Route[6], Manga Route[7], Novel Route[8])
Unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Grandmother
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother[9]
Voice Actors
Kana Asumi
Kana Asumi (Official PVs)
First Appearance

Jinzou Enemy (As Ene)
Headphone Actor (As Takane)

Kagerou Daze Vol. 01, 01. Jinzou Enemy I (As Ene)
Kagerou Daze Vol. 02, 09. Headphone Actor I (As Takane, physical appearance)
Kagerou Daze Vol. 03, 10. Yuukei Yesterday I (As Takane, active role)

Kagerou Daze -in a daze- (Jinzou Enemy) (As Ene)
Kagerou Daze II -a headphone actor- (Headphone Actor I) (As Takane)

Act 01: Jinzou Enemy (As Ene)
Act 05: Kaien Panzermast (As Takane, physical appearance)
Act 06: Headphone Actor (As Takane, active role)

Let's talk about not what you like, but what you hate, Master!

Ene (エネ) is a cyber girl who lives in Shintaro's computer and becomes the sixth member of the Mekakushi Dan.

She is secretly his former schoolmate Takane Enomoto (榎本 貴音 Enomoto Takane) who lost her body two years ago. She was the classmate of Haruka, student of Kenjirou, and upperclassman of both Shintaro and Ayano.


In the art used for Jinzou Enemy, Ene has long, teal hair and blue eyes. She wears a zipped up jersey that has blue sleeves, shoulder panels, and collar and white torso panels. She also wears a black pleated skirt with a teal trim. She later wears this same outfit with her updated appearance in Route XX of Losstime Memory.
Ene's eyes are large and light blue. She is always seen with black headphones and light turquoise structures on her cheeks. Her feet are non-existent, and her legs "scatter" at the ankles to resemble pixels. Her light blue hair has loose bangs and spiky layers around her two pigtails, which end with straight edges. In promotional art for the anime and in the short film, her hair has an emphasized turquoise gradient at its ends. In all Routes, Ene wears black thigh highs that have a teal stripe running up each front. Above each thigh high is a teal dot and then another vertical line that continues the one below it.
In most Routes, Ene wears a long, zipped-up dark blue jersey with a thin white stripe going up each oversized sleeve. She also wears a plain black pleated skirt.[10][11]
As Takane, she has narrow brown eyes and black hair that has straight-cut bangs but is otherwise styled similarly to Ene's. Her high school uniform consists of a white, short-sleeved button-up shirt and a pink and black plaid skirt over shorts with black shoes.[12] In the winter, she wears a creamy long-sleeved cardigan over her uniform,[13] which is the same outfit she wears when visiting the Kagerou Daze in Mekakucity Actors.[12] In the Novel Route, she is wearing a hospital gown when she returns to her body and later changes into a new hoodie. Her hair is much longer, too, which is unique to the Novel Route.[14]
During her visit to the Kagerou Daze in most Routes, Takane wears the same outfit as her avatar in the video game of the same name.[12] Her eyes are red instead of brown, and she wears a partially zipped black hoodie has with several yellow stripes adorning the sleeves over a hot-pink shirt and has a yellow cloth around her hips. She also wears a black gas mask that has red lenses, silver headphones, short black leggings and red sneakers. Below her left eye is presumably a small orange-yellow plaster.[15][13]
In Summertime Record and after Mekakucity Actors,[16] Takane wears a jacket that is very similar to Ene's except that its sleeves are shortened or rolled up to just below the elbow. She also seems to be wearing the lower half of her outfit from Headphone Actor with short black leggings, red sneakers and a yellow garment tied somewhat lopsided around her waist.[17]
In the short film, Ene wears a different outfit that consists of a button-up white cardigan that has thin blue accents, very large sleeves and the letters "SPDG" across its torso and blue sweat shorts that have white stripes on its outer seams. Her headphones are also turquoise instead of black.[18]


Ene is an energetic, cheeky and self-proclaimed "Super Pretty Cyber Girl" who started living in Shintaro's computer about a year before the story's plot. She can hack into programs and other devices as long as she has an electrical connection to them. With this, she goes out of her way to annoy Shintaro with daily pranks such as changing his passwords, rearranging his files, and blaring alarms from his speakers. However, she is reflective when her pranks go out of hand, such as when she annoys Shintaro enough to make him accidentally knock soda over his keyboard and mouse.[10][11] She also befriends Shintaro's sister, Momo, whom she only rarely teases.
Before she lost her body and became Ene, Takane's illness would frequently cause her to suddenly fall asleep and still be tired despite sleeping for long periods of time. Because of this, she usually wore a scowl and would get irritated easily. She was Haruka's only classmate with their teacher Kenjirou because of their common chronic and serious illnesses. Around Haruka, she tended to act cool and angry about a lot of things he did, but in reality she enjoyed his company and didn't want to admit it. During her second year of high school, she argued frequently with her underclassman Shintaro[19] and was good friends with Ayano, who was also Shintaro's classmate and Kenjirou's daughter.
She tries to confess her love to Haruka before her untimely death and instead comes in contact to the Kagerou Daze, after which she loses her body, becomes Ene, and explores the cyberspace.[20] After losing her human body and becoming data, she is unaffected by her illness and thus a lot more energy, though she is devastated after learning about Ayano and especially Haruka's deaths.[20] After being lost in cyberspace for about a year, she emailed herself to many random addresses out of desperation and ended up sending herself to Shintaro, whom she instantly recognizes. He didn't recognize her, though, and she decided to stay with him instead and had since kept her word on a previous bet to call him "Master". After befriending both, she becomes much more cheerful and even cheeky.
In the Music Route, Ene fails to affect Shintaro's depression from his friends' deaths and his guilt over Ayano and has a much more subdued personality as a result. She repeatedly asks him to pay attention only to her and to forget the past, but eventually Shintaro is annoyed enough with her to kill her and then, when realizing what he had done, himself.[21][22]

Eye Ability

  • Opening Eyes (目が覚める Me ga Sameru): Ene's eye ability allows her to split her spirit from her body, which then can reside in electronic devices (such as a cellphone) as a cyber-being.[23] While in her cyber-being form, she is unaffected by her body's illnesses and thus is naturally more energetic.[24] Although she can be deleted from a device, she will reappear as long as it is connected to the Internet. It seems that she can be killed if the device she is in is destroyed.[25] She cannot return to her body if she, as Ene, is not physically by it in a nearby device, and she cannot sense where her body is after being separated from it. After being reunited with her body, Takane is still able to send herself to electronic devices as Ene, but doing so causes her body to lose consciousness.[17]





  • As Ene she is described as an "immortal spirit."[26]
  • Her birthday is described as ??? (Unknown).[27][28][29]
    • Jin has stated during his Library Live 2019 that he didn't plan to reveal Takane's birthday for now. [However] he said it is [a] very special day on which something happened.[30][31]
    • During Jin's Book Forest Music Tour 2019, Jin stated there will be something related to Takane's birthday in Jin's next novel.[32][33]
  • Her favorite movies are Godfather 2 and A Clockwork Orange.[2]
  • Before the revelation of Takane Enomoto's name, she was often called by a fan-made name: Actor. This was based off her song itself, Headphone Actor.
  • Her original appearance had a very close resemblance to Hatsune Miku.
  • Ene once broke the fourth wall by acknowledging her existence as a manga character, as she complained about being unable to do anything for the entire chapter.[34]
  • In almost all forms of media, Ene refers herself at least once as "Super Pretty Cyber Girl" (スーパープリティ電脳ガール Sūpā Puriti Dennō Gāru), so much so that this phrase ended up being displayed behind her in the Daze MV.
  • As well as constantly wreaking havoc upon Shintaro's computer, Ene is also shown to have a collection of her master's voice samples.[34]
  • "Ene" is a shortening of Takane's own name, "Takane Enomoto", taking the "E" from "Enomoto" and the "ne" from "Takane". Her full online name was Dancing Flash Ene (閃光の舞姫・エネ Senkō no Maihime Ene). Her username is also shown as Ene_SENKOU in the 2019 gamer themed merchandise.[35]
  • When Takane saw Haruka's designs for the Headphone Actor game, she requested for the final boss "Actor" to be changed in some way because it looked too much like her. The character's color palette coincidentally became similar to that of Ene's, and Takane's avatar took the character's previous appearance instead. Kenjirou and Haruka nicknamed the two versions "Takane No.2" and "Blue Takane" respectively.[36]
  • Her eye power is used as the narration title for "Ene no Dennou Kikou" in the Mekakucity Days crossfade.[37]
  • She, along with Momo and Hibiya, do not formally join the Mekakushi Dan in Manga Route 2.


  • "After we end this, take me to the amusement park!" - (Kagerou Daze Disintegration Book)
  • "Haruka... I love you!" - (Kagerou Daze II -a headphone actor- commercial)
  • "Ah - It's nice meet you...Master." - (Ene's 'first' words to Shintaro.)