Children Record
Children Record Cover
Kanji チルドレンレコード
Rōmaji Chirudoren Rekōdo
English Children Record
Release Date August 15, 2012
Track Number 4
Number of Discs 2 (CD + DVD)
Running Time 16:57
Type Single
Label IA Project[1]
Sony Music Direct
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Children Record (チルドレンレコード Chirudoren Rekōdo) is the first single of Kagerou Project by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P). It contains two new songs and two instrumentals, as well as the opening song of the project with the same name as the album.
On August 15, the DVD single, Children Record, was released. The cover of the DVD includes the eyes of the known Kagerou Project characters. As the day for its release came by, the cover revealed more details. It also shows the eyes of the mysterious character from the Children Record MV, now known as Azami. The center of the cover depicts an Ouroboros.
In the Children Record booklet that came along with the release, Jin announced that an anime adaption is in the works for Kagerou Project.

Track List

# Song Title Sung by Length
01 チルドレンレコード (Children Record) IA 3:05
02 群青レイン (Gunjou Rain) IA 5:26
03 チルドレンレコード (Children Record) Instrumental 3:05
04 群青レイン (Gunjou Rain) Instrumental 5:21

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