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Children Record
Chirudoren Rekōdo
Children Record
Song Information
Sayuki (Illustration)
INPINE (Movie)[1]
Mekakushi Dan
Shion Kozakura
Ayano Tateyama
Takane Enomoto
Kenjirou Tateyama
Haruka Kokonose
Hiyori Asahina
Snake of Clearing Eyes
Mekakushi Dan (including Ayano Tateyama, Haruka Kokonose and Takane Enomoto)
Hiyori Asahina
Snake of Clearing Eyes
Miku Hatsune
July 21st, 2012
April 01st, 2021
Children Record (single)
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Kisaragi Attention (Original)
Additional Memory (Re:boot)
Yobanashi Deceive (Original)
N/A (Re:boot)
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Kaien Panzermast (Original)
Goodbye Summer Wars (Re:boot)
Gunjou Rain (Original)
N/A (Re:boot)

The story of children's faces.[note 1]

—Jin's Song Introduction

Children Record (チルドレンレコード Chirudoren Rekōdo) is the opening theme of the series. It's also called "The story of seeing things with your eyes."


Children Record is the "opening" song of the Kagerou Project. A remake of the song, named Children Record Re:boot, was released on April 1st, 2021.

Jin's Comment

Mekakucity Records Booklet

Before the warmth of our linked hands is chilled by the night, Let the signal ring out once more. From here on, these are our extra innings.”

Being “alone,” Doesn’t mean that “no one is around you,” But rather, it means, “you are not connected to anyone.”

“No one cares about me. I’m alone.”

The moment that several hundreds of people feel this, That is when complete solitude is born.

This song is about those “lonely” children who take each others’ hands and advance towards their future.

Please listen to it with the intention of becoming a member of our “plan".[2]




Lyrics & Translation

白いイヤホンを耳にあて 少しニヤッとして合図する
染み込んだこの温度が ドアをノックした瞬間に 溢れそうになるよ
「まだ視えない?」 目を凝らして臨む争奪戦
あの日躊躇した脳裏から 「今だ、取り戻せ」とコードが鳴り出しそう

酷く理不尽な「構\成」 肯定していちゃ未来は生み出せない

少年少女前を向く 暮れる炎天さえ希望論だって
「ツレモドセ」「ツレモドセ」 三日月が赤く燃え上がる
さぁさぁ、コードを0で刻め 想像力の外側の世界へ

「お先にどうぞ」って舌を出す 余裕ぶった無邪気な目
「ほら出番だ」パスワードで 目を覚ましたじゃじゃ馬は止まらない
もう夜が深くなる 「オコサマ」なら燃える延長戦
逆境ぐあいがクールだろ? 寝れないねまだまだ ほら早く!早く!!

イン・テンポで視線を合わせて ハイタッチでビートが鳴り出せば
考えてちゃ遅いでしょう? ほらノっかってこうぜ
ワンコードで視線を合わせて ぶっ飛んだグルーヴが渦巻けば
冗談じゃない見えるはず そのハイエンドの風景の隙間に

さぁどうだい、この暑さも すれ違いそうだった価値観も
「悪くないかな」 目を開き、手を取り合ったら
案外チープな言葉も 「合い言葉だ」って言い合える。

少年少女、前を向く 揺れる炎天すら希望論だって
思い出し、口に出す 不可思議な出会いと別れを
「ねぇねぇ、突飛な世界のこと 散々だって笑い飛ばせたんだ」


少年少女前を向け 眩む炎天すら希望論だって
「ツカミトレ」「ツカミトレ」と 太陽が赤く燃え上がる
さぁさぁ、コールだ。最後にしよう 最善策はその目を見開いた
オーバーな妄想戦線 感情性のメビウスの先へ

Shiroi iyahon o mimi ni ate sukoshi niyatto shite aizu suru
Shimikonda kono ondo ga doa o nokku shita shunkan ni afuresō ni naru yo
„Mada mienai?“ Me o korashite nozomu sōdatsusen
Ano hi chūcho shita nōri kara „Ima da, torimodose“ to kōdo ga naridashisō

Itoshikute, tsurakute, sekai o kiratta hito no
Hidoku rifujin na „kousei“ kōtei shiteicha mirai wa umidasenai

Shōnen shōjo mae o muku kureru enten sae kibōron datte
„Tsuremodose“ „Tsuremodose“ mikadzuki ga akaku moeagaru
Sa~a sa~a, kōdo o zero de kizame sōzōryoku no sotogawa no sekai e
Ōbāna kūsō sensen e

„Osaki ni dōzo“ tte shita o dasu yoyū butta mujaki na me
„Hora deban da“ pasuwādo de me o samashita jajauma wa tomaranai
Mō yoru ga fukaku naru „okosama“ nara moeru enchōsen
Gyakkyō guai ga kūru daro? Nerenai ne madamada hora hayaku! Hayaku!!

In-tenpo de shisen o awasete hai tacchi de bīto ga naridaseba
Kangaetecha osoi deshou? Hora nokkattekō ze
Wan kōdo de shisen o awasete buttonda gurūvu ga uzumakeba
Jōdan janai mieru hazu sono hai-endo no fūkei no sukima ni

Sa~a dōdai, kono atsusa mo surechigai sō datta kachikan mo
„Warukunai kana“ me o hiraki, te o toriattara
Angai chīpu na kotoba mo „aikotoba da“ tte iiaeru.
Sukoshi dake mae o mukeru

Shōnen shōjo, mae o muku yureru enten sura kibōron datte
Omoidashi, kuchi ni dasu fukashigi na deai to wakare o
„Ne~e Ne~e, toppi na sekai no koto sanzan datte warai tobasetanda“

Aizu ga owaru

Shōnen shōjo mae o muke kuramu enten sura kibōron datte
„Tsukamitore“ „Tsukamitore“ to taiyō ga akaku moeagaru
Sa~a sa~a, kōru da. Saigo ni shiyou saizensaku wa sono me o mihiraita
Ōbā na mōsō sensen kanjōsei no mebiusu no saki e

(Unofficial Translation)

With white earphones in my ears, smirking a little, I give the signal
This heat that soaked into me seemed ready to overflow the moment I knocked on the door
“Can’t you see it yet?” Straining my eyes, I look out at the struggle
That day, a chord saying “Now’s the time to take back what’s yours” rang out in my hesitating mind

If we affirm the terribly irrational “system” made by people who hated this lovely, painful world
There won’t be any future

Boys and girls, face forward! Hope can be found even in this overpowering heat
“Bring it back!” “Bring it back!” The crescent moon is burning red
Come on, write the code with zeroes and let’s go to a world beyond imagination
To the overwrought battlefront of fantasy

“You can go first,” you say, sticking out your tongue, your innocent eyes pretending this is easy
“It’s my turn” — The wild children awakened by that password can’t be stopped
The night is growing late, but to the children, these are blazing extra innings
If the odds are against us, that makes it cool, right? I can’t sleep, not yet — come on, hurry! Hurry!!

If our gazes meet in tempo and the beat rings out with a high-five
It’s too late to think about it, right? Come on, let’s get on board
If our gazes meet with one chord and the groove that blasted off wraps around us
It’s not a joke — you must be able to see it through the gaps in that high-end scenery

Well, what do you think of this heat, or of our values that don’t agree with yours?
“It’s not bad, is it?” If we open our eyes and join hands
Then we can even say of these unexpectedly cheap words, “That’s the password.”
And with that we face forward just a little

Boys and girls, face forward! Hope can be found even in this wavering heat
Remember and speak of these wondrous meetings and partings
“Hey, this erratic world might be cruel, but I’ve laughed it off”

The signal is ending

Boys and girls, face forward! Hope can be found even in this dazzling heat
“Grab it!” “Grab it!” The sun burns red
Come on, that’s the call. Let’s end this — the best plan has opened your eyes
From the overwrought battlefront of imagination to beyond the Mobius strip of emotion[note 2]




  1. 目に物見せる話。 Me ni mono miseru hanashi.
  2. Translator's note: A Mobius strip is a closed loop with only one side. If someone were to travel along a Mobius strip, there would be no exit and no opportunity to cross an edge.