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Maraudermouse1001 Maraudermouse1001 17 April


Otsukimi Recital! Wheeeeee.

Anyway, hello!

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Lloydflof Lloydflof 7 January


Hi, I'm Aza or Flof, lol.

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Sutekinachan Sutekinachan 24 January 2020

hi :P

apparently this wiki is dead (which is super sad) but i decided to join anyways! :D

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Ryurider 76 Ryurider 76 5 October 2019

Parallel Universe

parallel universe, also known as a parallel dimensionalternate universe or alternate reality, is a hypothetical self-contained plane of existence, co-existing with one's own. The sum of all potential parallel universes that constitute reality is often called a “multiverse". While the three terms are generally synonymous and can be used interchangeably in most cases, there is sometimes an additional connotation implied with the term "alternate universe/reality" which implies that the reality is a variant of our own, with some overlap with the similarly-named alternate history. The term "parallel universe" is more general, without implying a relationship, or lack of relationship, with our own universe. A universe where the very laws of n…

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Writting Reaper 24 Writting Reaper 24 21 June 2019

The Snake of the Retaining Eyes

Spoilers to those who haven't read the entire manga

There's something that's been bugging me for a while now and I hope someone can explain it to me. We know that Ayano in manga route 2 got turned into the "Snake of the Retaining Eyes" and we know this snake was given to Shintaro. Aside from being a great twist and contribution to the story, I have a question. What happened to Ayano's own ability, the Snake of the Favoring Eyes?

Like did it disappear when her life was used as a snake or did it never leave? Is a snake possessing another snake? And if it never left does that mean that Shintaro also can use the power of the favouring eyes through the Snake of the Retaining Eyes?

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The Chairman of the Circus The Chairman of the Circus 13 August 2018


Anyone have any AUs they'd like to talk about?

I have a few, like my Forgotten AU, Real Gang AU, Rebound AU... And a few others.

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IRosefeather IRosefeather 24 August 2017

General Updates

This blog post will be used for any general updates made to the wiki

  • [ August 24, 2017 ] All users are now required to log into a wikia account to edit. There has been continued vandalism and disrespectful behavior towards our cherished editor community by anonymous users and we hope this alteration will make these things stop.
  • After discussion of the admin team, we have also decided to remove the comment sections from all articles. Rules regarding commenting are too often disregarded (No spoiler warnings, replies to severely outdated content, birthday wishes, theories, etc) which has given us more work than necessary. We would like to make use of Talk Pages for articles improvement and the Forums and/or Blog Posts for fan discussions. We ask…

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In a Daze In a Daze 7 February 2017

Nirvana Wikia

I am the creator of the Nirvana Wiki, a Wikia for Jin's newest series. Please contribute as I'm about the only one who is right now.

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Kana Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark 30 May 2016

My Review on Mekakucity Actors

Man, it feels like FOREVER since I've been on this Wiki. I've been quite busy with other stuff (working and all) and I've been attached to Neptunia and Yandere Sim. Sorry.

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Lilyhana Lilyhana 1 April 2016

Kagerou Project Plus-Minus Competition

I don't own this game idea, I only wanted to put it on the wiki since I thought it would be fun. The rules are, you have to give a character a vote of +1 and another of -1. If you only give a +1 and no -1, your vote won't count.

When a character reaches +5 votes, they will move onto the next round and you can't vote for them anymore until round 2 starts. However, if a character reaches -5 votes, they will be eliminated from the game and you can't vote for them anymore.

The game will move onto the next round when all characters have votes of +5 and -5.

Also, you can only vote once a day.

You are allowed to vote for the same character as many times as you want unless they reach +5 votes or -5 votes.

Everyone is welcome to vote.

Here is an example …

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Lilyhana Lilyhana 24 January 2016

Next Kagerou Daze novel release?

The last release was last year in March and I'm wondering if they will be making any more? I haven't read over the dimension yet so I don't know if it's the final book or not, but I would like to know if they will be making any more since Kagerou Project, both manga and novels, haven't had an official ending. Does anyone know if this was the last novel?

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KalinaVita KalinaVita 1 November 2014


Making contributions to the wiki that violate the Wiki Rules only to get badges is forbidden and will result in strikes, and in a ban if repeatedly done. The badges have already been disabled before because of people doing this, so do not make us do it again. Thank you.
Edit 02.11.14: It appears some of our newer editors have not read the Wiki Rules yet. We strongly advice you to read through them, as violations can result in strikes or bans. This especially goes for the uploading of Fanart or Images that violate our image policies (Improper file names, improper file sizes).
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CosplaySan CosplaySan 19 August 2014

The Real Summertime Record

The Mekakushi Dan never existed (Aka no Ayano, Takane, Shintaro)

No nothing.

Only Haruka lying ill in some hospital.

He was so lonely that he made imaginary friends, which he imagined every day.

He dreamt about having adventures with these imaginary friends;

Until one day

He chose to dream eternally about those imaginary friends and adventures.

He died happily.

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Kana Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark 10 August 2014

Voice Actor (KagePro) Relationship

Whew! Hey guys! It's been a while since I've made a blog post. I just wanted to say this:

I want to tell you about the fun facts about the voice actors of Mekakucity Actors! The following facts are true, so please watch out for none KagePro related stuff. And here we go:

  • Mai Nakahara (Ayano) and Soichiro Hoshi (Seto) both voiced the main characters from the series Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (also known as When They Cry in America). Nakahara played Rena Ryugu while Hoshi played Keiichi Maebara.
  • Takuma Terashima (Shintaro) and Mamoru Miyano (Konoha) are both members of the Uta no Prince-sama boy group ST☆RISH.
  • Both Terashima and Shinnosuke Tachibana (Kano) are good friends in real life (I think. I don't exactly remember, but I think they are... w…

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Jakalu Jakalu 9 August 2014

MAKE A MEKAKUCITY Height Differences

Just a little post about my observation. At first, I merely glanced at it, but  when I looked closely at the MAKE A MEKAKUCITY Special Event sign they had at the Mekakucity Actors official page, I saw something wrong: 2 of the height differences of the cast was messed up. The most noticeable one was Ayano's and Marry's. From guessing, I'd say it differs around 3 inches. That's just wrong. As most knows, they're around the same height, with Marry being 1 centimeter shorter. The other one is with Hibiya and Marry (again). Hibiya is around 4'6 (with Google Converter sorry) and in the picture, the difference is around 2 inches (guessing). That would make her 4'8...
Just my thoughts. Sorry if this seems stupid to anyone.

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IRosefeather IRosefeather 6 August 2014

Checklists and User Widgets

Hello again, my dear KagePro fans!
Since our wiki has gone down in activity a little with the end of the anime, we thought it would be a nice idea to give you more templates to decorate your user pages with. The first template we coded for you is the template, which gives you the possibility of showing which characters you like and dislike with a neat little widget. This is how it looks like:

How the template works can be read on the template page here!
Soon, we will also code some achievement and user award widgets, which can be put on your user pages. Some will be only given to you by the admins, though (For example: The Senior Member award. This one will be given to those who have been putting lot of work into our wiki for a long time and …

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Rano desu Rano desu 17 July 2014

HaruTaka~ fanfic

I wrote my first fanfic o3o~ And it is a HaruTak :D~!!

WARNING: This HaruTaka is really happy ;) ~!! (I mean it o3o~)

Anyway, enjoy ^w^Rano desu (talk)!!!

Takane, along with other people, was took as a hostage during some robbery. The robbers said they want a 100,000¥, but the people of the market couldn’t give that much since it was a very small market. The robbers warned that they would kill one hostage after an hour if the money didn’t arrive. 

Takane who was sitting in the third line of hostages was shacking. ‘Why did I came? I could’ve went to any other market. Ahhh, damn it!’ She thought, annoyed. 

Half an hour passed and the money didn’t arrive. People around Takane started to whisper “They’ll just leave us?” “Why didn’t they call the po…

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Prrg Prrg 7 June 2014

Kagerou Days and daze PV's

I'm not japanese fluent so I wanted to know what's written on Kagerou Days post sign's (that also appears on daze -full ver.- PV), it's really "Stop"?

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Summer-haze Summer-haze 2 June 2014

New to the wiki

I'm a fan of all the kagerou days pv's and manga- But the anime was kind of a disapointment. I've also wanted to join this wiki for a while, but I still don't understand how to contribute or navigate my way around the website. If you have any advice, could you please tell me? ^-^ Thanks!

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Jakalu Jakalu 31 May 2014


Sad thing --> Twitter Campaign Read User Agreement section for understanding. Use Google Translate if needed. It's in or <その他> sect. d(TωT)b

Good thing is, TABLETS. GOD THINGS, TABLETS ARE. Plus, you get this stuff! --> Tablet Items ( ^▽^) There's no international shipping. (^▽^ )

Won't anyone cry with me? Just kidding. へ(゜∇、°)へ

  • Webpage: My First Tablet - Microsoft ✕ KagePro
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Kana Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark 9 April 2014

Hard Work

Whew! Man, I edited a ton of pages and it was hard work. To be honest, I'm having fun editing. Sure, it's hard work, but it's fun! Thank you~!


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Takane Inuyasha7 Takane Inuyasha7 6 April 2014


So, next week's the premire of Mekakucity Actors. And it's not only that, but next week...

Is my birthday.

Yes, you heard me right: My birthday is on the day Mekakucity Actors airs! So exciting!

Ahem! I also have to go to the Cherry Blossoom Festival at SF and tell the people that Mekakucity Actors is today (But I will only get the Saki keychain). Yes, I speak japanese as well. Take a look at my Twitter account if you don't believe me. So, I hope you wish me a happy birthday. Okay, maybe that last line was very lame-

But, who cares?! Mekakucity Actors is next week. I hope you look forward to it. Chao! :D

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Sumire Tateyama Sumire Tateyama 2 April 2014

MEKAKUCITY V's & Kagerou Daze Vol. 4

I went to JapanTown this morning. I bought volume 4 of the Kagerou Daze manga. I also got MEKAKUCITY V's on DVD.

I loved it. My friends and I saw the music videos, especially Shounen Brave. Have a good Spring Break (Sorry if this blog was too short).

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Korumi3 Korumi3 27 January 2014

Lost Time Memory- Theory

There two routes, one is is Route 1 and the other is Route XX. Route 1's Shintarou wears a red jacket, while Route XX's Shintarou wears a black hoodie jacket. 

In Route 1, Shintarou spoilt his computer by spilling his drink (thanks to Ene) and went out to buy a new one. After, he meets the Mekakushi Dan. In this route, he slowly gets out of his hikikomori habits and becomes a member of the Mekakushi Dan. Here he also gets over his best friend (Ayano's) death, as he form new bonds with the Mekakushi Dan. An incident shown in the song is when Kuroha takes over Konoha's body, and tried shooting himself in the head, in hopes of killing Konoha. But it is interrupted by Shintarou, who takes the shot instead, either killing him or having him half…

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Prrg Prrg 2 January 2014

Portuguese .-.

I as thinking if me and another guys could make a translation of the wiki for portuguese?

I would like really much, but I need permission ^^

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Code7435 Code7435 26 December 2013

Talk: The Trio's Mysterious Background

I just thought of this but in the Children Record there was a part where Kido changed into Kenjiro and I thought that was really weird. Which is why I have come to a theory that Kido might have been working with Kenjiro for all this time.

Next is Kano, At the beginning of Yobanashi Deceive, he said that there was a monster that spoke inside of him that told im to keep deceiving. I don't know but he might be manipulating the whole dan in mysterious ways.

Last but not the least is Seto. In the Shounen Brave PV, there was a part where Mary was crying in front of a grave then turned into her mother I think and then it turned into Seto. Since Seto couldn't control his ability when he was a kid, he accidentally read Mary's thought and found out th…

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5800boy 5800boy 9 October 2013

What is Kagerou Daze

Hello I'm new to this series. (I'm from Thailand sorry about my bad english :(  ) .

I wonder what kagarou daze or heat haze is. In my understanding it's a parallel world ( never-Ending world)  Azami created and in that world she brings everybody who died on 15th August right ?

I'm not really sure about this I just wanna know is my understanding is wrong or not  :/ 

If someone could help me to explain what it is I will be very thankful ;)

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Xion234 Xion234 6 September 2013

having trouble finding the translated novels - -

ive been trying SOOOO hard to find the translated versions of the novels and i can never find them ifanyones found a link could you post it XD itd be a great help

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Xeuz Xeuz 7 August 2013

Kagerou Project Theories

This is only a theory so feel free to be a critic :P 

It is involving Shintarou and Ayano's powers. Isnt eye abilities answers the desires the one whos possesed by a snake of Azami so Ayano's desire is "save everyone's future" so my theory is she has the power to manipulate the future. As Shintarou's desire, he wants to keep clinging on the past so giving him a power to rewing time as seen from the digital clock from the PV cause it keeps turning back to 12:32 after being shot accidentaly by Kuroha.

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Zubeia Zubeia 26 May 2013


Seeing as a lot of new information about KagePro has been revealed the wiki will be revamped in the next days. I'll ask every member kindly to not interrupt in my works as I update certain pages or changing layouts. Of course everyone can still add information and such, but if you see I am working on pages try to be careful with what you're editing.

The wiki will contain major spoilers, please be aware of that! Warnings will be put on every page!

Kiwi ♥

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Shojo-chan cat Shojo-chan cat 18 February 2013


Congratulations Jin! You have sucked me into the world of KagePro once again! This time, he has given us the "wonderful" taste of lies. I just love each and everyone of these characters so much, but when you have them in line for the saddest stories, it has to be Imagination Forest! But none the less, he had to give us something that I have been pondering on all night before I went to sleep.

Anyways, I'm looking at the Spring anime schedule; March in particular. I guess the rumor is false, I cannot find that blasted masterpiece anywhere on the list ;A;.

Also, I planned on updating Chapter 7's summary. I haven't done so yet, because I'm a major procrastinator. Also, I have found useful summaries for the first two books (darn't, whens the thir…

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Jiyori0chan Jiyori0chan 14 February 2013

Permission from Jin

I have trouble getting in contact with Jin to do my Parody of his song series but I'm having trouble getting hold of him. I sent an email a few months ago and I don't think it got through. I went through the IA site. If any one could give me an email or ask permission that would be nice.

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Zubeia Zubeia 29 January 2013


Hello everyone! I'm writing this blog to dearly apologize for the unwanted inactivity on the wiki. I had some trouble keeping up with updates on KagePro beside my personal projects, but I'll be active now again.

Thanks for everyone who uploaded pictures or added information while I was gone ♥

So, another thing is, there are two things that are bothering me right now going around in the fandom. First one is that everyone suddenly now shouts out how it is Kagerou Daze instead of Days. I actually don't understand that, since I see no valid reason why it should be translated differently now. Maybe I missed something while I was gone, but I've neither seen Jin changing the name, nor did the words in the project's name change and they in fact do t…

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Zubeia Zubeia 20 December 2012

Wiki Tutorial

Seeing as some people still could need help with editing some pages, and also because I was asked for it, I will start giving you little tutorials on edits now. I'll start with simple codes, but you can always ask me for other codes in the comments c=

Ask me for other simple codes that confuse you, I'll add other tutorials another time. Hope I can help with those ♥

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Taboo6938 Taboo6938 27 August 2012

My Longwinded Theories

So here's my theories:

Headphone Actor:

The group of scientists(?) plot to destroy the never-ending world that Azami created. Not knowing how to accomplish this they plot to experiment with different things to try and destroy it. The first idea is to blow it up with bombs like in Headphone Actor. Unfortunately Enomoto got to the site where there were going to throw the bomb from too late. Somehow during this Ene tries to get her out of the city before it's blown up. When Enomoto gets to the scientists(?) they blow up the city much to her shock. Ene then apologizes as she was trying to get her past self to stop them. Konose is somehow at the same place trying to stop them as well. After Enomoto gets there the two team up to try and stop furth…

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Lunaluka Lunaluka 25 August 2012

Konoha Kagerou Dream Theory and more

Umm... these are my theories for the Kagerou Project.
Konoha knows Hibiya and Hiyori, right? And according to his song he tries to save him. Hiyori doesn't make it out alive from current knowledge. I have two theories:
  1. Konoha Kagerou Dream Theory: Konoha watched Hiyori die and Hibiya trying to save her. He dreams of a never ending time loop and keeps trying to save them but can't since its a dream. In song song he says his "see through body won't reach them in time". When he says 'see through' it probably means he's not there, yet he keeps trying to save them.
  2. Azami Kagerou Time Loop Theory: Azami used her snakes to create a never ending day time loop since her lover was a human and human lives are short. She waits for him but soon realizes he…

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Abridged 'Loid Abridged 'Loid 24 August 2012

Konoha-Ene KagePro Fan-made Theories :K

Not sure if this I can do this in a blog, but I was in the process of showering when this theory literally bombarded my brain.

So Unamed Black Haired Character That's Possibly Killed by Kenjiro is hinted to be Konoha, right? And Konoha and Ene are both non-human beings but were humans in the past life. I mean, Enomoto Takane is Ene's past self (Actor) and the black haired character is probably Konose Haruka, Konoha's past human self.

As far as my headcanon goes at the moment, Konose died because he knew about the Scientists and their Plans and Kenjiro wanted to shut him up. He was then turned into a cyber-being and watched Enomoto play Headphone Actor over and over again. Since I presume Konose and Enomoto were best-friends or siblings or lov…

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