Ayaka Tateyama
Kanji 楯山 絢香
Rōmaji Tateyama Ayaka
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Archaeologist
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Mako Hyodo
First Appearance
Anime 09. Ayano's Theory of Happiness
Novel Kagerou Daze V -the deceiving-

Ayaka Tateyama (楯山 絢香 Tateyama Ayaka) is the deceased mother of Ayano and the wife of Kenjirou.


Ayaka's fashion contains a black wide collar shirt, a pink hooded sweater layered with a lab coat the same as Kenjirou's, olive leg stockings, and something that could be classified as a yellow skirt. She wears her dark brown hair tied as a ponytail while her bangs are being held in place by a pair of two (later one) red clips. Her eyes are dark brown.

Personality & History

Ayaka had a cheerful and generous personality and cared for every member of her family equally. However, she was also unstoppable when angered, and that was part of what kept the family together. Although bothered by heavy worries about the future, she always managed to hide them behind a smile in order to protect her children. She was interested in the "Legend of Medusa" of the hometown from her childhood.
With the ambition to become a professional archaeologist, she went to university to take a course, where she met Kenjirou, who was in the same class as her. They fell in love, married, and as time went by had a child named Ayano. At some point, she heard of three kids with special abilities who had come to the orphanage. She and Kenjirou eventually fostered Kido, Kano and Seto, and she tried her best to help her husband in understanding their powers. Observing the children's abilities, she grew determined to find a proof for the actual existence of the medusa mentioned in her beloved story. From beginning to end, she kept important information inside of a journal, explaining her worries and attempts to make progress in her research. When stuck on getting more information about the issue, she and her husband decided to try their luck meeting new people on a research mission. However, before being able to find out about the snake's secrets, she died as she and her husband got caught in a landslide.[1][2]
Eventually she is reunited with her husband inside of the Heat Haze and remains inside of it.[3]




  • Ayaka gave one of her hair clips to Ayano as a present.
  • While her body was able to be buried in the novel, it is said to have disappeared in the anime.


  • "I must work under the assumption that the world created by the monster really exists, and consider why it swallows children and gives them powers." (Quote of Ayaka's journal)[2]
  • "But I must put on a happy face when I'm around them. I must put an end to this phenomenon as soon as I possibly can." (Quote of Ayaka's journal)[2]