Additional Memory
Kanji アディショナルメモリー
Rōmaji Adishonaru Memorī
English Additional Memory
Song Information
Music and lyrics Jin
Illustrations and Movie Sidu
Characters Main:
Ayano Tateyama
Shintaro Kisaragi (Silhouette)
Marry Kozakura
Sung by Hatsune Miku
Uploaded September 14, 2018
NND Link Niconico Broadcast
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album Mekakucity Reload

A story left out at the very end.

—Jin's Song Introduction[1]

Additional Memory (アディショナルメモリー Adishonaru Memorī) is the sixteenth main song of the series and is featured on the album Mekakucity Reload.


Ayano has just found out that Snake of Clearing Eyes is planning to sacrifice her and her friends and family to revive their dead mother under their father's wish. Vowing to never let this happen she decides to commit suicide and enter the Kagerou Daze, and prevent the final piece needed to complete the plan, The Snake of Favoring Eyes, from manifesting the real world in hopes of not hurting her friends and family.[2][3]

Ayano is falling with her life flashing before her eyes.[4] She knows sacrificing herself will only bring her misery, but she is at first too afraid to pursue her own happiness. She ponders upon all of her regrets, and how much it pains her to kill her own emotions and deny her own love for Shintaro, but vows to erase this truth, and remove herself from the story.[5]

Ayano is then trapped in the Daze, sitting alone watching events transpiring in the real world. She realizes she can't go home anymore and starts to question whether she made the wrong decision.[6] During the MV, Ayano appears to encounter Marry, kneeling before her in agony. A snake then briefly appears above Ayano.[7]

The world is reset after Marry had reset the timeline, and Ayano finds out that she played right into the snake possessing her father's plan. The Snake of Clearing Eyes can only exist by possessing people and fulfilling their desires, so if Ayano's mother was to revive instead of Kenjirou Tateyama, it would cease to exist. The Snake manipulated events so that this couldn't come to pass, forcing him to reset the timeline to try (and fail) again, thus being able to "live forever" in a repeating time loop.

Finally coming to terms with having failed her original mission and having trapped herself in the Kagerou Daze, Ayano nonetheless vows to fight on by watching all the gruesome events transpiring and write this story. Thus were she ever to escape she could tell all that had happened and help her friends break out of the time loop, but instead has to hope that Clearing Eyes will not come with another plan to reset the time loop once again, and will not try to hurt her friends and family to bring the snakes to the real world.

Jin said during the August 15, 2018 livestream he gave that "Additional Memory" was directly related to the Kagerou Daze (manga). He also stated it's "a song about regret". Jin stated that he "couldn’t mention it on Twitter", but he had wanted to say that "Ayano isn't just a gentle girl". Jin thought he "had to write" this song, and considered it the saddest one. The song goes like, "Ayano has a so-called gentle girl image, but she also bears these kinds of feelings".[8]

In the alternative 2nd Manga Route, this comes more to light than it did in previous installments in the series. There, a major change in events occurs when Ayano is rescued from the landslide, but her parents aren't. In addition, Marry was very briefly brought into the Tateyama family. However, because of the event of the landslide killing Ayano's parents, and Ayano having witnessed everything that occurred in the Daze, Ayano snapped. She came to the conclusion that in order to stop the Kagerou Daze event, she and the others would have to kill Marry.

However, Tsubomi Kido, Shuuya Kano, and Kousuke Seto do not agree with this plan, and Kido even punches Ayano in her upset, mirroring an earlier incident (from when they were children, meeting for the first time, where that same kind of incident had previously been an accident). Except, this time, Kido and the others are furious, shielding Marry from Ayano. They then leave the Tateyama household.[9]

During a talk with Shintaro later on in the second Manga Route, Ayano realizes, in her memory of when the trio of Tsubomi Kido, Shuuya Kano, and Kousuke Seto left the Tateyama household, it is there when she began to think she was going "insane".[10]

Ayano's unrealized love for Shintaro was what kept her going throughout all the time loops, and despite everything that had happened, she, in the end, attempted to stay optimistic and happy.[11]

In the second alternative Manga Route's Additional Memory (chapter), Ayano ends up instead sacrificing herself, via "exchanging" her life, to become Shintaro Kisaragi's Snake of Retaining Eyes. As the Snake of Retaining Eyes, she would then sometimes speak to Shintaro Kisaragi within the Kagerou Daze, guiding him to remembering events he had "forgotten".[12]

Jin's Comment

‘Conveying feelings’ is an action that requires a lot of courage. 'I wonder why I couldn’t convey those words back then, on that day.’ Even if in different forms, doesn’t everybody have 'regrets’ like that lingering in their hearts? However, 'regrets’ are unexpectedly things that might end up gradually becoming diluted amidst a hectic everyday life. 'It’s because my lifestyle is like this.’ 'It’s because this is my definition of happiness.’ We believe in that, and beyond the life that we rush through, at the very last moment, 'all of a sudden’… What spread itself before the eyes of this song’s protagonist was the bright crimson hue of 'regret’. No matter how diluted it may have become, the 'regret’ nested in her heart would not disappear so easily. If you have any 'regrets’ lingering in your heart by any chance, please do not forget these feelings by any means.[13]


  • Words / Music / Guitar:Jin
  • Movie:Sidu
  • Arrangement:Jin / Hideyuki Gushimiyagi
  • Special Thanks:Highspeed Fujimori, Fanyong Ren Xing AS-02
  • Guitar:Hideyuki Gushimiyagi
  • Bass:Shirakami Mashirou
  • Drums:Yuumao
  • Strings:Shika Udai Strings
  • Violin: Sachiko Oki / Mikiko Ise / Miho Shimokawa
  • Viola: Shouko Miki
  • VOCALOID Edit:Jin / Sakana
  • Recording Engineer:Nagie

Lyrics & Translation

浮かんで 転げ落ちて 出会ったエンドロール
Ukande kobore ochite deatta ENDOROORU
歪んで 変わり果てた 未来の走馬灯
Yugande kawari hateta mirai no soumatou
もうお終いね 幕の切れてしまった 白昼夢は
Mou oshimai ne maku no kirete shimatta hakuchuumu ha
ただただ 虚しさ達を暈してみせた
Tada tada munashisa tachi wo bokashite miseta

思い出してしまう 夕焼ける空 滲むメロディー
Omoidashite shimau yuuyakeru sora nijimu MERODII
"Kaerou, michi wo machigawanai youni"
臆病になってギュッと繋いだ手を 宙に向けて
Okubyou ni natte gyutto tsunaida te wo chuu ni mukete

抱いてしまう 願ってしまう
Daite shimau negatte shimau
Zeitaku na soumatou
夕凪の向こうに恋を認めて 緋を灯す
Yuunagi no mukou ni koi wo shitatamete hi wo tomosu
過ぎ去っていく 腐っていく
Sugi satteiku kusatteiku
融かした 本音は
Tokashita honne wa
Sonzai shoumei wo kobande shimatta SUTOORII

「また明日」なんてさ 言いたくなかったな
"Mata ashita" nante sa iitaku nakatta na
拭えない涙も 言葉も 嘘 嘘
Nuguenai namida mo kotoba mo uso uso
友達なんかに なりたくなかったな
Tomodachi nanka ni naritaku nakatta na
Kitto todokanai yo na
ごめんね 大好きだよ
Gomen ne daisuki dayo

これが勘違いなら 知りたくなかったな
Kore ga kanchigai nara shiritaku nakatta na
溢れ出す涙が 空に吸い込まれる
Afuredasu namida ga sora ni suikomareru
もう戻れないのに もう帰れないのに
Mou modorenai no ni mou kaerenai no ni
今更、疼くんだよ 逆さまになったまま
Ima sara, uzukun dayo sakasama ni natta mama

落ちていく 悟っていく
Ochiteiku satotteiku
Chitte itta soumatou
夕映えの向こう 思いを染め上げた 後悔の詩
Yuu mae no mukou omoi wo some ageta koukai no uta
消さないでいて 覚えていて
Kesanai de ite oboete ite
Nokoshita honne wa
「幸せ」 を拒んでしまったストーリー
"Shiawase" wo kobande shimatta SUTOORII

友達なんかで 終わりたくなかったな
Tomodachi nanka de owaritaku nakatta na
届かない涙が 空に吸い込まれる
Todokanai namida ga sora ni suiko mareru
これが勘違いでも これが勘違いでも
Kore ga kanchigai demo kore ga kanchigai demo
Zutto iita katta no
Sayonara, daisuki dayo

(Unofficial Translation)

Floating up, it’s an endroll met when tumbling and falling down
Distorted, it’s a revolving lantern of the future that’s been changed
It’s already over; the curtains closed upon the daydreams
did nothing but blur out the voids

It makes me remember the sunset sky and the spreading melody
“Let’s go home, so we don’t take the wrong path…”
Becoming cowardly as we leave our tightly-held hands in the air

It makes me embrace, it makes me wish
The extravagant revolving lantern
Lighting up the red that confirms my love before the evening calm
Passing by, rotting away
The true feelings that dissolved away
are a story that denies existential proof

“See you tomorrow” or words like that
I didn’t want to say
The tears I can’t wipe off and my words are lies and lies
I didn’t want us to be “just friends” or things like that
These words probably won’t reach you
“I’m sorry, I love you.”

If this was a misunderstanding, I don’t want to take it in
The tears that overflow are soaked into the sky
I can’t return anymore, I can’t go back anymore
Now, it aches, you know — it become all upside down

Falling down, realizing it all
The broken revolving lantern
Beyond the evening glow, I painted my feelings into a poem of regrets

Don’t erase them, remember them
The true feelings left behind
are a story that denies all “happiness”

I didn’t want to end as “just friends”
The tears that won’t reach you dissolve into the sky
I know that this is wrong… I know that this is wrong…
But I’ve always wanted to tell you,
“Goodbye, I love you.”


  • The "revolving lantern" mentioned throughout the song also commonly refers to the "life flashing before one's eyes" phenomena before death.[14]
  • In the scene of the minute 1:00, there is a reference to the first chapter of the sixth volume of the light novel. "Daze 01", where Shintaro at first is in a completely white space, seeing the final credits of a movie, where apparently the same was the protagonist.
  • During the Additional Memory MV's 0:42 time mark, there is the phrase 再演 after the title, right before the first verse. Which literally translates to "another showing (of a play)".[15]
  • Jin initially announced the song as "a dark work composed by putting the unbearable into shape".[16]
  • It was voted as the #7 Kagerou Project song in the KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019.[17]


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