49. Lost Days I
Kanji ロストデイズI
Rōmaji Rosuto Deizu I
Chapter Information
Volume 10
Chapter 49
Release date TBA
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Lost Days I (ロストデイズI Rosuto Deizu I) is the forty-ninth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


Facing the aftermath of Kido's death, Konoha apologizes to Seto for being unable to save Kido from her fate, however the boy turns the blame onto himself. Worried, Konoha inquires about Marry's current condition. While the girl appears to have calmed down, Seto wants to risk no other victim and requests his friend to run away, stating that he is unsure about this form of Marry's and that he fears all wielders of the eye powers share the same fate. He reasons Konoha's chance for survival when fleeing with the immense strength his body is gifted with. Konoha refuses to leave his newly found friends alone and leaves the base to find the remaining members of the Mekakushi-Dan. Once alone, Seto finds himself back at Marry's side, cursing his helplessness.

At the same time, Kano and Hiyori take shelter in an alley, where the boy attempts to call the other members to warn them. Hiyori requests to know why Kano so panicky called Momo, and wishes to know about the unfolding incidents. She is told that she, along with their friends, have become a target of a man who is after their lives. Unable to explain further, Kano wants to find the rest of the group as soon as possible, as suddenly the two notice Ene's sad expression, who had appeared on the phone screen. When asked what is wrong, the cyber girl exclaims that she had "warned her" after a bad feeling, which leads to the conclusion that Momo as well had fallen victim to the killing.

Struck by shock, Hiyori begins to move, only to be held back by Kano, as she wants to go to meet the person responsible for robbing her friends of their lives. Just as she declares to use her eyes to find him, Konoha unites with the small group, relieved to have found them alive and unharmed. He wishes to talk to Hiyori, however is interrupted by Ene calling him by the name "Haruka", to which he responds to with confusion. Filled with sadness over her friend not recognizing her, she asks him if he really could not remember the times when he had called her "his friend."

On a day of the past, Haruka is seen looking out of the window in his hospital bed.


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