37.1 Shinigami Record VII
Kanji シニガミレコードVII
Rōmaji Shinigami Rekōdo
Chapter Information
Volume 08
Chapter 37.1
Release date TBA
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Shinigami Record VII (シニガミレコードVII Shinigami Rekōdo VII) is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga and is split into two chapters.


Facing the snake, Azami questions its identity, to which it responds by introducing itself as her "power", which has gained intelligence. The animal admits having wanted to speak to its master for a long time and proposes the solution for despair filled wish to keep her family alive, by creating a never ending world.

The following morning Azami greets her family and explains her plan of the new world to Tsukihiko, which the man questions before deeming it a good idea. Before entering however, he proposes to have the long awaited formal wedding ceremony with his lover. In order to retrieve the wedding dress he inherited by his mother, he returns to his old house, leaving the two females alone with the promise to shortly return.

His absence does not go unnoticed, as a group of armed men storm the house to kill both Azami and Shion, who are seen as monsters by the villagers. They shoot at the child, however are not successful in killing her, due to her mother throwing her to the ground. When Tsukihiko finally makes his way back, he witnesses his partner inside a raging storm of snakes, in which she is lured once again by the snake, to go through with her plan to create the never ending world.

Betrayed and hurt by humans, Azami escapes into her new world alone, however refuses to believe that her beloved was involved in the assault. The snake declares their newly created world "really perfect", whether filled with despair or not. To Azami, it's nothing but hell and regret for trusting the animal grows. To fulfill its promise to the woman, to live with her family for eternity, it shows the current state of her daughter to her. Shocked, Azami has to realize that Shion and her daughter are again attacked by humans, fueled by the hatred towards their monstrosity. The snake suggests for her to let Shion join her in their world, however at the price of Marry eternally suffering. It then reveals yet another option, to save one of the lost lives by using her "important power". Azami is left with the cruel decision of whom to revive.


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