Shinigami Record VI
Kanji シニガミレコードIV
Rōmaji Shinigami Rekōdo IV
Chapter Information
Volume 07
Chapter 34
Release date TBA
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Shinigami Record IV (シニガミレコードIV Shinigami Rekōdo IV) is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


On her journey for "the most inconspicuous place in this world", Azami crosses the ocean and finds an isolated forest on an island, after being thrown off the boat half way. She stumbles upon a wide clearing, which she deems perfect to become her new home. Needing a shelter, she remembers the houses humans construct to live in, but fears she is nowhere near capable of building one herself. Lost in thought, nightfall comes over her and she realizes she has spent her time thinking with no useful thoughts. She gives up and exclaims that she has no other choice to build a house on her own, as her decision is questioned by a voice, causing her to get startled.

A white haired man appears before her, carrying a smile on his lips and a bag on his shoulder. Azami hisses at him for scaring her and the man explains that he has been watching her for a while, then offers her to help with the planned house. Irritated by his friendly reaction in response to her unfriendly request for him to leave, she ridicules his friendliness, again telling him to leave. Tsukihiko apologizes, only wanting to have a closer look at her, yet assures her he means no harm. In order to gain Azami's trust, he promises her to follow any command she speaks, which the medusa uses to her advantage by ordering him to begin construction on her new house at the clearing. At first, Tsukihiko appears overwhelmed by the request, however finds the enthusiasm to attempt the project, promising her to leave right after. Azami can't understand why he would agree to such a difficult task. When being told that she would watch him, Tsukihiko grows excited, declaring to start tomorrow. He's then growing curious to know her name, yet Azami has to disappoint him as she has yet to receive one. Instead, the stranger introduces himself as Tsukihiko. Azami finds this experiment worth her time and asks the man to promise her not to run from her, wanting to learn to understand him.


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