22. Kagerou Daze V
Kanji カゲロウデイズV
Rōmaji Kageroudeizu V

volume = Volume 05

Chapter Information
Chapter Chapter 22
Release date March 15, 2014
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Kagerou Daze 22. Kagerou Daze V (カゲロウデイズ21. カゲロウデイズV) is the 22nd chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.  


Kano and Konoha are back at the base and report the situation directly to Kido. Kano introduces Konoha to her as their new combatant and member. He asks Konoha about his true identity, but since he is a new ally, he refrains from asking anything else. Kano and Kido continue to talk, as they realize that they are getting closer to discovering the truth of the "Heat Haze".
In the meanwhile Momo and Shintaro bring Hibiya to their house. As they try to keep it a secret from their mother, Hibiya regains consciousness. The situation calms down and the two siblings try to have a talk with Hibiya about what happened to Hiyori, but the boy cannot remember. He can only recall a portion of what happened to the two, but has forgotten Hiyori completely, which makes him cry, under Shintaro's concerned face.
Against the odds, the next day they try to search for her again. In the middle of their search, they meet Kano. Momo recognizes him immediately even though Shintaro does not. As he smirks, Kano explains that he did not come to pick a fight, but instead, he came to invite Momo to a "secret organization" - the Mekakushi Dan.


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