20. Kagerou Daze III
Kanji カゲロウデイズIII
Rōmaji Kageroudeizu III
Chapter Information
Volume N/A
Chapter Chapter 20
Release date January 15, 2014
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Kagerou Daze 20. Kagerou Daze III (カゲロウデイズ20. カゲロウデイズIII) is the 20th chapter of the Kagerou Daze manga.


Leaving home, Shintaro and Momo begin searching for Hibiya and Hiyori, thinking they are in some kind of trouble and leave Ene in Shintaro's room to fool their mother into thinking they are still at home, using Shintaro's recorded voice.
Ene begins sulking about Shintaro leaving her and complains about her staying in the house the whole time they are gone. She eventually gets bored and searches through the net. As she searches through the news about what is happening in the outside world, she stumbles upon an article about a terrorist attack in a nearby mall and a young boy, Konoha, taking down the whole gang all by himself. 
Meanwhile, Shintaro begins to vomit from being too tired and even regrets forcing himself to run to catch up to Momo, and ends up being left behind. He decides to find himself a drink, thinking he would die from thirst and stumbles to a nearby vending machine. Overflowing with joy, Shintaro hurriedly picks his wallet from his pocket, with thoughts in his mind of what is going on and how will Momo find Hiyori. Sudden disappointment shows in Shintaro's face when he finds out that he only has 1-yen coins and cannot afford a drink. Suddenly, Kido appears from nowhere and sees Shintaro suffering from despair from not being able to buy a drink. She soon treats him a drink and is desperately trying to hide her laughter about him saying that he is like an angel without wings. Ene then appears on Shintaro's phone and tells Kido to call the police and letting her misunderstand about Shintaro. Shintaro tells Kido to not misunderstand him for a dangerous person and asks Ene why she is not watching the house like she was told to. The cyber girl replies that she could not take it anymore in there, being all alone. She then realizes that Momo is not with her master and asks where she is. Shintaro explains about Momo finding them without any information about their whereabouts. It catches Kido's attention about them searching for someone "too" and she tells them that she was also coincidentally asked to find the people in the picture that she shown to, which pictures Hibiya and Hiyori.
Running through a residential area, Momo stumbles upon Kano and Konoha carrying the unconscious Hibiya. The chapter ends with Momo hastily asking them who they are while Kano replied to her while swiping his index finger, that they are part of a "secret organization".


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